The letter is L

Susan Kyle to Leo Labounta
M Labounta to Patsy Lacey
Roger Lacey to Carolyn Lacroix
J Lacroix to Elizabeth Laderburg
Robert Ladmirault to M Lafollette
Quin Lafollette to Janet Laidlaw
Lishou Lai to Mike Laird
Norma Laird to J Lake
Jack Lake to Michael Lamar
Robert Lamar to Donna Lambert
Douglas Lambert to Gary Lamb
Greggory Lamb to Ronnie Lamb
Russell Lamb to Terry Lamm
Tommy Lamm to Clyde Lancaster
Connie Lancaster to Scott Landale
Lisa Landa to Don Landis
Matthew Landis to Alisa Lane
Amy Lane to Larry Lane
Laurie Lane to Bruce Lang
C Lang to Charles Langenderfer
E Langenderfer to John Lang
June Lang to Arrow Langston
Carrie Langston to Marilyn Lankford
S Lankford to D Lanteri
Gary Lant to Rosselin Laplant
Pointe La to Graham Laramie
Mike Lara to Rick Largent
Van Largent to Jodi Larocco
Loretta Larocco to Bobbie Larsen
Bonnie Larsen to H Larsen
Imogene Larsen to Reid Larsen
Rickey Larsen to David Larson
Dawn Larson to James Larson
Jamie Larson to Marjorie Larson
Marlin Larson to Susan Larson
T Larson to Gerald Laska
Richard Lasko to Max Latham
Melissa Latham to Todd Lattimer
William Lattimer to Jon Laughlin
Kirby Laughlin to Gayle Laurent
Richard Laurentius to Thomas Lavery
Elaine Laviage to Karen Lawless
Ray Lawless to H Lawrence
Irene Lawrence to Mae Laws
Mandy Laws to L Lawson
Lee Lawson to Andrew Lax
B Lax to Larry Lay
Linda Lay to Wally Lazarkiewicz
Dwight Lazarus to Tiffany Leach
Tom Leach to Jim Leas
Margaret Leas to Scott Leavitt
Shaun Leavitt to Art Lebolo
Eleanor Lebolo to Chadwick Leclair
Charla Leclair to E Leduc
Lucinda Leduc to S Leech
Sharon Leech to Hal Lee
Howard Lee to Kim Lee
Kristin Lee to Pauline Lee
Bill Leeper to Vickie Lee
Warren Lee to Teodoro Legarreta
Juan Legarreto to Gerald Legerski
Gladys Legerski to Jerry Leggett
Gordon Legg to P Lehmann
Orval Lehman to Gib Leibinger
Robert Leibnitz to Jack Leininger
Lynn Leininger to Ernest Leitner
Eunice Leitner to L Lembeck
Diana Lembitz to Roy Lemmon
Jennifer Lemmons to Gene Lenhard
Rick Lenhard to John Lenton
Frank Lentsch to Allison Leon
A Leonard to Terry Leonard
Tesa Leonce to Albert Lepp
Eva Lepper to Kenneth Leseberg
Kevin Leseberg to Paris Leslie
Peter Leslie to Lamar Lester
Laverne Lester to Paula Leuschen
James Leuthard to Handy Levi
Kent Levi to Keith Lewallen
Leslyn Lewallen to Bob Lewis
Bobby Lewis to Dennis Lewis
Denny Lewis to J Lewis
Jack Lewis to Leola Lewis
Leonard Lewis to Pamela Lewis
Patrick Lewis to Tom Lewis
Victor Lewis to A Leyrer
Robert Ley to Michael Lichty
Norma Lichty to Roy Liedtke
L Liedy to Pauline Liggett
Richard Liggett to Henry Likwartz
Stanley Likwartz to Heidi Limmer
Shane Limmer to Deette Lindberg
Fred Lindberg to Lisa Lindemann
Paul Lindeman to Dan Lindley
Gordon Lindley to L Lindsey
Larry Lindsey to Lester Lindwurm
R Lindwurm to Rowland Linford
Scott Linford to Tom Linnan
Barbara Linn to H Linton
James Linton to Phil Lipp
Donald Lipps to Clifford Liskow
L Lisle to Bob Little
D Little to Tia Little
William Little to A Livingston
Allen Livingston to Rudy Llarinas
Don Llc to Gerald Loader
Robert Loader to Ellen Locke
Hazel Locke to Ronald Lockhart
Rose Lockhart to Joseph Locurto
Chris Locy to Nels Lofgren
Mike Lofing to Daniel Logan
David Logan to Robert Logan
Roy Logan to Steve Lohman
Ted Lohman to Pauline Lolley
Marshall Lollier to Andrea Long
Andrew Long to Denice Long
Derek Long to James Long
Janice Long to Melvin Long
Merel Long to Karyn Longstreet
William Longstreet to Cindy Loofboro
Dolores Lookingbill to Anne Lopach
Charlie Lopeman to Erika Lopez
Eva Lopez to Manuel Lopez
Margaret Lopez to James Loran
K Loran to Dennis Lorenzen
Duane Lorenzen to Cornell Loschen
Carol Loschky to C Loudan
Edward Loudan to Bernilda Lovato
Billie Lovato to D Love
Danielle Love to L Loveland
Leanne Loveland to C Loveridge
Jenny Loveridge to Bernice Lowe
Betty Lowe to Mike Lowe
Robert Lowenberg to Doug Lowham
Josephine Lowham to Marcia Lowry
Mike Lowry to Jennifer Lozar
Moserate Lozayo to Bob Lucas
Bonnie Lucas to Shirley Lucas
Steve Lucas to Eulalia Lucero
Flavio Lucero to Jack Lucey
P Lucey to Gary Lucus
Deborah Lucy to J Ludwig
James Ludwig to Armando Lujan
Bill Lujan to Helen Lumley
Claudia Lummis to Amy Lundberg
Beth Lundberg to Garoll Lund
Greg Lund to Nathan Lundquist
Theresa Lundquist to Janis Lunsford
Jon Lunsford to Barney Luskin
Jeremy Lusk to Jon Luth
Al Luthy to Jeffrey Lux
Jerry Lux to John Lyle
K Lyle to Albert Lynch
Allen Lynch to Rick Lynch
Robert Lynch to Ron Lynn
S Lynn to Eileen Lyons
Elizabeth Lyons to B Lytle