West Virginia

The letter is W

Helen Vuiller to Barbara Wacowski
John Wacowski to James Waddell
Jean Waddell to Kristine Waddill
Lena Waddill to Carolyn Wade
Cathy Wade to Emmit Wade
Enos Wade to Jeff Wade
Jeffrey Wade to M Wade
Mable Wade to Roger Wade
Ronald Wade to William Wade
Wilma Wade to Robert Wagenhoffer
Alan Wager to J Waggoner
Jack Waggoner to Curtis Waggy
Danny Waggy to Carmella Wagner
Carolyn Wagner to Donald Wagner
Donna Wagner to Jeanne Wagner
Jeff Wagner to Mary Wagner
Maxine Wagner to Sheryl Wagner
Sonja Wagner to Chester Wagoner
Christina Wagoner to Joseph Wagoner
Joy Wagoner to Samuel Wagoner
Sandra Wagoner to Diane Waid
Dianne Waid to Walter Waite
Winston Waite to Nina Wakim
Phil Wakim to P Waldeck
Patricia Waldeck to Susan Walden
Theresa Walden to Edna Waldron
Elizabeth Waldron to Mark Wales
Marsha Wales to Angela Walker
Angelina Walker to Betty Walker
Beulah Walker to C Walker
Caleb Walker to Christy Walker
Chyan Walker to Daniel Walker
Danny Walker to Derek Walker
Dewey Walker to Eddy Walker
Edith Walker to G Walker
Garfield Walker to Harold Walker
Harriet Walker to Jack Walker
Jackie Walker to Jennifer Walker
Jeremy Walker to Johnny Walker
Jon Walker to Kellie Walker
Kelly Walker to Leonard Walker
Leroy Walker to M Walker
Mabel Walker to Mia Walker
Michael Walker to Oren Walker
Orsel Walker to Ray Walker
Raymond Walker to Roger Walker
Roland Walker to Shawn Walker
Shawna Walker to Thomas Walker
Timothy Walker to Wendell Walker
Wesley Walker to Donald Walkup
Donna Walkup to Ashley Wallace
Austin Wallace to Christine Wallace
Christopher Wallace to Douglas Wallace
Dovie Wallace to Jacque Wallace
Jake Wallace to Kenny Wallace
Kevin Wallace to Mitch Wallace
Monty Wallace to Sally Wallace
Samuel Wallace to Betty Wall
Billy Wall to Elaine Wallen
Elizabeth Wallen to Marianne Waller
Mark Waller to Rodney Wallin
Anita Wallis to Peggy Wall
R Wall to Brenda Walls
Brookie Walls to Dewayne Walls
Dewey Walls to J Walls
Jack Walls to L Walls
Larry Walls to R Walls
Randy Walls to Tilly Walls
Timothy Walls to Ann Walsh
Anna Walsh to Rhona Walsh
Richard Walsh to Janice Walter
Jean Walter to Betty Walters
Bill Walters to Dwayne Walters
E Walters to John Walters
Johnny Walters to Richard Walters
Rick Walters to William Walters
Willie Walters to C Walton
Carl Walton to Hilda Walton
Hoy Walton to Mable Walton
Mae Walton to Sue Walton
Susan Walton to Claudia Wampole
Thomas Wamsely to Gretta Wamsley
H Wamsley to R Wamsley
Ray Wamsley to Donald Wandling
Eddie Wandling to Meilin Wang
Nicole Wang to William Wansley
Katherine Wansor to Alicia Ward
Aline Ward to Bo Ward
Bobby Ward to Claudia Ward
Clayton Ward to Delcie Ward
Delford Ward to Ellen Ward
Kari Wardell to Jimmy Warden
Joe Warden to D Warder
Doug Warder to Gerry Ward
Glen Ward to James Ward
Jamie Ward to Joseph Ward
Josephine Ward to Lillian Ward
Linda Ward to Michael Ward
Michelle Ward to R Ward
Rachel Ward to Roger Ward
Roland Ward to Stephen Ward
Sterling Ward to Watts Ward
Wavelene Ward to Charles Ware
Cheryl Ware to Gayle Ware
Genia Ware to Kristie Ware
L Ware to Richard Ware
Rick Ware to Alberta Warf
Carl Warf to Kellie Waring
W Wariti to Bradley Warner
Brandy Warner to Debbie Warner
Deborah Warner to J Warner
Jack Warner to L Warner
Laco Warner to Ralph Warner
Randy Warner to T Warner
Tammy Warner to Lena Warnick
Lucinda Warnick to Carole Warren
Casey Warren to Joyce Warren
Judith Warren to W Warren
Walt Warren to Christina Warszynski
Bradley Wartella to David Waselchalk
June Waselchalk to Beverly Washington
Billy Washington to J Washington
Jackie Washington to Robin Washington
Rodger Washington to Jonathan Wasko
Carl Wasleske to Robert Wasson
Roger Wasson to Donald Waters
Dora Waters to B Waterworth
Michael Waterworth to Corletta Watkins
Craig Watkins to Helen Watkins
Henry Watkins to Lillie Watkins
Linda Watkins to Ralph Watkins
Randall Watkins to Vicki Watkins
Vickie Watkins to Anita Watson
Ann Watson to Carol Watson
Carolyn Watson to Darwin Watson
David Watson to Estilla Watson
Eugene Watson to I Watson
Irene Watson to John Watson
Johnny Watson to Lesley Watson
Letha Watson to P Watson
Pamela Watson to Ronald Watson
Ronnie Watson to Timothy Watson
Tina Watson to David Watters
Deborah Watters to Abe Watts
Ada Watts to Clay Watts
Cletus Watts to Faye Watts
Flora Watts to Jimmey Watts
Jimmy Watts to Marilyn Watts
Mark Watts to Rodney Watts
Roger Watts to M Watzek
A Waugaman to Christopher Waugh
Clyde Waugh to Gerald Waugh
Glen Waugh to Max Waugh
Maynard Waugh to Thomas Waugh
Tim Waugh to F Waybright
Frank Waybright to Robert Waybright
Rodney Waybright to Franklin Wayman
Gloria Wayman to M Wayne
Mack Wayne to M Wayt
Michael Wayt to Michael Weant
Robert Weant to B Weatherford
Charles Weatherford to Stella Weatherholtz
Steven Weatherholtz to Arthur Weaver
B Weaver to Charles Weaver
Cheryl Weaver to Donna Weaver
Donnard Weaver to Greg Weaver
Gregory Weaver to John Weaver
Johnny Weaver to M Weaver
Madeline Weaver to Paul Weaver
Pauline Weaver to Russell Weaver
Ruth Weaver to Virginia Weaver
W Weaver to Barbara Webb
Barry Webb to Camilla Webb
Carey Webb to David Webb
Dawn Webb to Betty Webber
Brenda Webber to Eugene Webb
Evan Webb to Henry Webb
Herbert Webb to Jeffrey Webb
Jena Webb to Kelli Webb
Ken Webb to M Webb
Mabel Webb to Paul Webb
Paula Webb to Ronald Webb
Ronnie Webb to Terry Webb
Tessie Webb to B Weber
Barbara Weber to Hildegard Weber
Holly Weber to Philip Weber
R Weber to Brett Webster
Buddy Webster to Lowell Webster
Lucinda Webster to Twila Webster
V Webster to C Wedge
Charles Wedge to Charles Weekley
Chris Weekley to Helen Weekley
Homer Weekley to Nelson Weekley
Norman Weekley to George Weekly
Harry Weekly to Jackie Weeks
Jacqueline Weeks to Brent Weese
C Weese to Howard Weese
Israel Weese to Michael Weese
Michele Weese to V Weese
Van Weese to Wilma Wegman
Daniel Wegrzyniak to Phyllis Wehrmann
William Wehrmeyer to James Weiford
Jeffery Weiford to Jennings Weigle
Joby Weigle to Donald Weikle
Dorman Weikle to Ronnie Weikle
Roy Weikle to Jeremy Weimer
John Weimer to Jesse Weinlein
Ashley Weinman to D Weis
Carolyn Weisdack to Deborah Weismiller
Ann Weisner to Patsy Weiss
Paul Weiss to Betty Welch
Bev Welch to Doris Welch
Dorothy Welch to James Welch
Jane Welch to Lucretia Welch
Luther Welch to Sherry Welch
Shirley Welch to O Weldon
Patricia Weldon to Martin Weller
Mary Weller to Janet Well
Albert Wellman to Ellen Wellman
Elmer Wellman to Mark Wellman
Mary Wellman to Susan Wellons
A Wells to Carson Wells
Catherine Wells to Douglas Wells
Dwight Wells to Jack Wells
Jackie Wells to Kathy Wells
Katie Wells to Michael Wells
Mike Wells to Roger Wells
Rollin Wells to W Wells
Walter Wells to Gerald Welsh
Giles Welsh to Alma Welton
Amy Welton to Bruce Wendelken
Edward Wendelken to E Wendling
Elizabeth Wendling to R Wenk
Roger Wenk to Derek Wentz
Diane Wentz to Phyllis Wentz
R Wentz to Christy Werner
D Werner to Floyd Wertz
K Wertz to Jim Wesolowski
John Wesolowski to B West
Barbara West to Marcia Westbrook
Mark Westbrook to Jacquelin Westcott
Kelly Westcott to Doug West
Douglas West to Ethel West
Eugene West to Candace Westfall
Carl Westfall to David Westfall
Deanna Westfall to Gene Westfall
George Westfall to Judith Westfall
Junior Westfall to Michael Westfall
Mildred Westfall to S Westfall
Sally Westfall to Frederick West
Friend West to James West
Jamie West to Kevin West
Kim West to Marjorie West
Mark West to Ada Weston
Anne Weston to Richard West
Rick West to Stephanie West
Stephen West to William West
Willie West to Daniel Wetzel
Daphne Wetzel to R Wetzel
Randy Wetzel to Ronald Whalen
Ryan Whalen to David Whanger
Debra Whanger to Joyce Wharton
June Wharton to Ann Wheatley
Arlene Wheatley to Johnna Wheaton
Julie Wheaton to Candy Wheeler
Carl Wheeler to E Wheeler
Earnest Wheeler to Jim Wheeler
Jimmy Wheeler to Martha Wheeler
Mary Wheeler to Ruth Wheeler
S Wheeler to C Wheelwright
Anita Whelan to Lorraine Whetsell
M Whetsell to David Whetzel
Delmas Whetzel to Lee Whetzel
Lemuel Whetzel to Paul Whidby
D Whidden to Janice Whipkey
Jeffrey Whipkey to Adam Whipp
Beverly Whipp to Flora Whisman
Gary Whisman to Anne Whitacre
Augusta Whitacre to Philip Whitacre
Phyllis Whitacre to Pete Whitaker
Peter Whitaker to Alan White
Albert White to Annaree White
Anne White to Becky White
Belinda White to Bonnie White
Boone White to C White
Callie White to Charles White
Charlie White to Clyde White
Col White to D White
A Whited to David White
Davis White to Delores White
Deloris White to Larry Whited
Leon Whited to Dotty White
Doug White to E White
Eamon White to Ernest White
Esta White to G White
Gail White to Greely White
Greg White to Ellen Whitehair
Elma Whitehair to Sandra Whitehair
Shane Whitehair to K Whitehead
Kathleen Whitehead to Howard White
Hoyt White to Jack White
Jackie White to James White
Jamie White to Jerry White
Jesse White to John White
Johnny White to Kathy White
Katie White to L White
Lana White to Nancy Whiteley
W Whiteley to M White
Mack White to Richard Whiteman
Roberta Whiteman to Marvin White
Mary White to Michael White
Micheal White to Robin Whitener
Ronald Whitener to Pamela White
Pamelia White to R White
Racheal White to Richard White
Rick White to Roger White
Rollo White to S White
Sabrina White to Shirley White
Amy Whiteside to T White
Tabitha White to Timothy White
Tina White to W White
Walker White to William White
Willie White to Kathryn Whiting
Kevin Whiting to Elzie Whitlatch
Evalina Whitlatch to Deanna Whitley
Donald Whitley to Emerson Whitlock
Franklin Whitlock to Cletus Whitlow
Craig Whitlow to Gloria Whitman
Gordon Whitman to Cindy Whitmore
Cynthia Whitmore to John Whitney
Johnny Whitney to Frank Whittaker
Frankie Whittaker to Rose Whittaker
S Whittaker to Carolyn Whitt
Cathy Whitt to Eleanor Whitt
Emma Whitt to Evony Whitt
F Whitt to Brandy Whittington
Brenda Whittington to Gene Whittington
George Whittington to Lawrence Whittington
Leigha Whittington to Ronnie Whittington
Ruth Whittington to Kathy Whitt
Kaylene Whitt to Patty Whitt
Paul Whitt to Charles Whitwam
Donna Whitwam to K Whyte
Kendall Whyte to Roy Wiant
Russell Wiant to Louis Wickas
Becky Wick to John Wickland
Joyce Wickland to Dottie Wickline
Doug Wickline to Linda Wickline
Lisa Wickline to Terry Wickline
Thomas Wickline to J Widener
James Widener to Janie Wiebold
Henry Wiechers to Joan Wiesberg
Tony Wiesberg to Jack Wigal
James Wigal to Debora Wiggins
Diana Wiggins to Russell Wigley
Shirley Wigley to Barbara Wilburn
Bob Wilburn to Richard Wilbur
Ross Wilbur to E Wilcox
Earl Wilcox to R Wilcox
Randall Wilcox to Dennis Wildman
Dorothy Wildman to Betty Wiles
Bill Wiles to Monte Wiles
Nancy Wiles to Bryan Wiley
C Wiley to Harry Wiley
Haskel Wiley to Mary Wiley
Melinda Wiley to Timothy Wiley
Tom Wiley to Eugene Wilfong
Evelyn Wilfong to Mary Wilfong
Mel Wilfong to Beverly Wilharm
Melanie Wilharm to Virginia Wilhelm
Wayne Wilhelm to Robert Wilkerson
Ron Wilkerson to Brad Wilkins
Brent Wilkins to Lyle Wilkins
M Wilkins to David Wilkinson
Deborah Wilkinson to Marillyn Wilkinson
Mark Wilkinson to Steven Wilkins
Susan Wilkins to Esther Willard
Felicia Willard to Goldia Willcoxen
Duane Will to Jerry Willey
Jesse Willey to A Williams
Aaron Williams to Angel Williams
Angela Williams to B Williams
Barbara Williams to Billy Williams
Birdie Williams to Butch Williams
C Williams to Carless Williams
Carlos Williams to Charles Williams
Charlotte Williams to Curley Williams
Curtis Williams to Daniel Williams
Danny Williams to David Williams
Dawn Williams to Don Williams
Donald Williams to Dwight Williams
E Williams to Elva Williams
Elwood Williams to Frank Williams
Frankie Williams to Gary Williams
Gay Williams to H Williams
Hallie Williams to Ira Williams
Irene Williams to Jack Williams
Jackie Williams to James Williams
Jamie Williams to Jenny Williams
Jeoff Williams to Joe Williams
Joel Williams to Joshua Williams
Joy Williams to Keith Williams
Kella Williams to L Williams
Lance Williams to Lewis Williams
Lillian Williams to Luther Williams
Lydia Williams to Margo Williams
Maria Williams to Mary Williams
Marybelle Williams to Mike Williams
Mildred Williams to Olga Williams
Oliver Williams to C Williamson
Carl Williamson to Doug Williamson
Douglas Williamson to Irene Williamson
Ivory Williamson to Kathy Williamson
Keith Williamson to Maurice Williamson
Melanie Williamson to Ronnie Williamson
Rosalie Williamson to William Williamson
Wilmerine Williamson to Perry Williams
Pete Williams to Rashawn Williams
Ray Williams to Robert Williams
Roberta Williams to Roy Williams
Roydice Williams to Samuel Williams
Sandra Williams to Steven Williams
Stubbs Williams to Thomas Williams
Thurman Williams to Virginia Williams
Vivian Williams to Willis Williams
Wilma Williams to A Willis
Adam Willis to D Willis
Darlene Willis to James Willis
Jamie Willis to Edward Willison
James Willison to C Williston
Carol Williston to Beckie Wills
Belle Wills to Henry Wills
Herb Wills to Maxwell Wills
Maynard Wills to Tina Wills
Todd Wills to Kenneth Wilmoth
L Wilmoth to A Wilson
Aaron Wilson to Arthur Wilson
Asa Wilson to Bessie Wilson
Beth Wilson to Brent Wilson
Bret Wilson to Carolyn Wilson
Carrie Wilson to Cindy Wilson
Claire Wilson to D Wilson
Dale Wilson to David Wilson
Dean Wilson to Dorothy Wilson
Dorsel Wilson to Elza Wilson
Elzie Wilson to G Wilson
Gail Wilson to Gretha Wilson
Grover Wilson to Hubert Wilson
Huey Wilson to James Wilson
Jamie Wilson to Jimmie Wilson
Jimmy Wilson to Julie Wilson
Junior Wilson to Kyle Wilson
Kylie Wilson to Leslie Wilson
Lester Wilson to Madeline Wilson
Malcolm Wilson to Matt Wilson
Maurice Wilson to Noel Wilson
Nolan Wilson to Paul Wilson
Paula Wilson to Rebecca Wilson
Regina Wilson to Robert Wilson
Roberta Wilson to Ruth Wilson
Ryan Wilson to Stanley Wilson
Stella Wilson to Terry Wilson
Tess Wilson to W Wilson
Wade Wilson to Alisa Wilt
Allen Wilt to Jack Wilt
Jackie Wilt to E Wiltse
Joe Wiltsey to Donna Wimer
Earlie Wimer to Vernon Wimer
Virgil Wimer to John Wimmer
Johncie Wimmer to Charles Winans
Clinton Winans to Chad Wince
Charles Wince to William Windle
M Windo to Ann Wine
Anna Wine to Michael Winebush
C Wine to Lewis Wine
Brenda Winell to Beth Wines
Beulah Wines to Steven Wine
Susan Wine to James Winfrey
John Winfrey to Bruce Wingfield
Charles Wingfield to Ralph Wingo
Orin Wing to Cheryl Wink
Dale Wink to Thompson Wink
Barbara Winland to B Winnell
Buddy Winnell to Rita Winser
J Winsett to Winshel Winston
Larry Winter-Shamblen to Joanne Winter
Joe Winter to Brian Winters
C Winters to Joyce Winters
Juliann Winters to S Winters
Sally Winters to Ricky Wintz
Robert Wintz to A Wise
Alan Wise to Delbert Wise
Deloris Wise to Jane Wise
Janet Wise to Brenda Wiseman
C Wiseman to Harold Wiseman
Helen Wiseman to Louise Wiseman
Luanne Wiseman to Teddy Wiseman
Thomas Wiseman to Ronald Wise
Ronnie Wise to Patrick Wisman
Robert Wisman to Kermit Witherbee
Bill Witherell to Sue Withers
Susan Withers to D Withrow
Dale Withrow to Gary Withrow
Gearl Withrow to Jo Withrow
Joann Withrow to Mary Withrow
Maudie Withrow to S Withrow
Sam Withrow to Gerald Witsberger
Jean Witsberger to David Witt
Dayton Witt to John Witthuhn
R Wittig to Roberta Witt
Roger Witt to Imogene Wix
Jeanie Wix to Stanley Wodnicki
William Wodnicki to Lexie Woisnet
Robt Woisnet to Glenn Wolcott
Janet Wolcott to Aric Wolfe
Arlene Wolfe to C Wolfe
Calvin Wolfe to D Wolfe
Dale Wolfe to Donna Wolfe
Donnie Wolfe to Franklin Wolfe
Frederick Wolfe to J Wolfe
Jack Wolfe to John Wolfe
Jon Wolfe to L Wolfe
Lance Wolfe to Marie Wolfe
Marilyn Wolfe to P Wolfe
Paige Wolfe to Robert Wolfe
Roberta Wolfe to T Wolfe
Tammy Wolfe to William Wolfe
Willis Wolfe to A Wolford
Albert Wolford to David Wolford
Debra Wolford to Jerry Wolford
Jim Wolford to Richard Wolford
Robert Wolford to Lewis Wolfson
Sidney Wolfson to Patricia Wolverton
Pauline Wolverton to Sonja Womack
Steven Womack to Austin Woodall
B Woodall to Pauline Woodall
R Woodall to J Woodard
Jackson Woodard to Basil Wood
Bear Wood to Marie Woodby
Marion Woodby to Cynthia Wood
D Wood to Karen Wooddell
Kenneth Wooddell to Earnest Wood
Eddie Wood to J Woodford
James Woodford to Greg Wood
Gregory Wood to J Wood
Jack Wood to John Wood
Johnny Wood to L Wood
Lacacia Wood to Mark Wood
Marni Wood to Patricia Wood
Patrick Wood to Robbin Wood
Robert Wood to Kathy Woodruff
Keith Woodruff to Daniel Woodrum
Darrell Woodrum to Lucky Woodrum
Lydia Woodrum to A Woods
Abbi Woods to Carol Woods
Carole Woods to Deborah Woods
Debra Woods to Florence Woods
Floyd Woods to Sidney Wood
J Woods to Joshua Woods
Judith Woods to Lori Woods
Louise Woods to Barbara Woodson
Beverly Woodson to Ramona Woodson
Rebecca Woodson to Robert Woods
Roberta Woods to Thomas Woods
Timothy Woods to Todd Wood
Tom Wood to Joann Woodward
John Woodward to B Woodyard
Becky Woodyard to Bobby Woody
Bonnie Woody to Irene Woody
J Woody to Roy Woody
Ruffner Woody to Johnny Woofter
Larry Woofter to Carl Woolfolk
Clarence Woolfolk to Daniel Woolums
Shelby Woolum to Matthew Woo
Amy Woomer to Clyde Wooten
Crystal Wooten to Kyle Wooten
L Wooten to Teresa Wooten
Thomas Wooten to James Word
L Word to Arthur Workman
Arvil Workman to Brandon Workman
Brenda Workman to Charlotte Workman
Cheryl Workman to Darney Workman
Darrell Workman to Dora Workman
Doreen Workman to Eugene Workman
Eulah Workman to Harold Workman
Harry Workman to James Workman
Jamie Workman to Joyce Workman
Juanita Workman to Larry Workman
Laura Workman to Mark Workman
Marlena Workman to Nettie Workman
Neva Workman to Raymond Workman
Rebecca Workman to Scott Workman
Scottie Workman to V Workman
Valerie Workman to James Worles
Rue Worles to Kim Worley
L Worley to Richard Worner
T Worner to Steven Worrell
T Worrell to Leslie Worthington
Marganne Worthington to Patty Wotring
Randall Wotring to Blaine Wratchford
C Wratchford to Clayton Wray
Danny Wray to A Wright
Aaron Wright to Betty Wright
Beula Wright to Cez Wright
Chalmer Wright to Dan Wright
Daniel Wright to Diane Wright
Dianne Wright to Ergia Wright
Eric Wright to Glen Wright
Glenda Wright to J Wright
Jack Wright to Jenifer Wright
Jennifer Wright to Julie Wright
Justin Wright to Larry Wright
Lavonda Wright to Mark Wright
Marlene Wright to Olston Wright
Opal Wright to Raymond Wright
Reba Wright to Rosetta Wright
Rosie Wright to Stacy Wright
Stella Wright to Victor Wright
Vincent Wright to Audra Wriston
B Wriston to Kenneth Wriston
Kitty Wriston to Timothy Wrixon
B Wrobel to T Wudarsky
Theodore Wudarsky to Wright W
Jonathan Wyand to Susan Wyant
Thelma Wyant to Donna Wyatt
Donnie Wyatt to M Wyatt
Mabel Wyatt to Susie Wyatt
T Wyatt to Susan Wyckoff
Terry Wyckoff to Jack Wygal
Jackie Wygal to Larry Wykle
Lavonna Wykle to C Wyman
Earl Wyman to John Wyndham
Bethel Wyne to Andrea Wyrick
B Wyrick to L Wysong