West Virginia

The letter is L

Victoria Kyle to Armenda Labenne
Candace Labenne to Sam Lacaria
Thelma Lacaria to D Lackey
David Lackey to Amy Lacy
Andrea Lacy to Hattie Lacy
Helen Lacy to Timothy Lacy
Tonya Lacy to J Lafear
John Lafear to Dana Lafferty
Danny Lafferty to K Lafferty
Karen Lafferty to Wesley Lafferty
Willard Lafferty to fon La
Allison Lafon to Stacie Laforme
A Lafrance to Terry Lahman
Victoria Lahman to Thelma Laing
Wanda Laing to Annette Lake
Arnold Lake to Janice Lake
Jason Lake to Rhenata Lake
Richard Lake to Nicholas Lalich
M Lalka to James Lamar
John Lamar to Charles Lamb
Cheri Lamb to Alison Lambert
Allison Lambert to Bill Lambert
Billy Lambert to Chuck Lambert
Cindy Lambert to Denny Lambert
Denver Lambert to Ethel Lambert
Eugene Lambert to H Lambert
Harlan Lambert to Jack Lambert
Jackie Lambert to Joey Lambert
John Lambert to Kimberly Lambert
Kirby Lambert to M Lambert
Madeline Lambert to Ollie Lambert
Opal Lambert to Rob Lambert
Robert Lambert to Savannah Lambert
Scott Lambert to Tina Lambert
Morgan Lambertt to Zena Lambert
Stephen Lambe to John Lamb
Johnie Lamb to Paul Lamb
Peggy Lamb to Wilda Lamb
Willard Lamb to Paul Lamm
Pauline Lamm to Bernard Lamp
Betty Lamp to Phua Lam
Ina Lamp to Matthew Lamp
Max Lamp to April Lancaster
Barbara Lancaster to James Lancaster
Jeff Lancaster to Samuel Lancaster
Sandra Lancaster to Scott Lancianese
Tammy Lancianese to Darrell Landers
Dolores Landers to Michael Landers
Nell Landers to Rickey Landes
Stephen Landes to Damon Landis
Daniel Landis to Marjorie Landis
Martha Landis to Charles Landon
Chet Landon to Aaron Lane
Abby Lane to Carolyn Lane
Carson Lane to Donna Lane
Donnie Lane to Harley Lane
Harold Lane to John Lane
Johnny Lane to Mariko Lane
Marion Lane to Richard Lane
Ricky Lane to Todd Lane
Tom Lane to Tammy Laney
Thomas Laney to Dorothy Lang
Dorthy Lang to Jack Langford
James Langford to Lawrence Lang
J Langler to Carl Langston
Ella Langston to Calvin Lanham
Candace Lanham to Derek Lanham
Dickie Lanham to I Lanham
Ida Lanham to L Lanham
Larry Lanham to Phyllis Lanham
R Lanham to Timmy Lanham
Timothy Lanham to David Lankford
Dovie Lankford to Mike Lansdale
Sharon Lansdale to Cheryl Lantz
Clyde Lantz to Harry Lantz
Helen Lantz to Manerva Lantz
Margaret Lantz to Stephen Lantz
Steven Lantz to Gary Lapelle
John Lapelle to Rex Lapp
Shelly Lapp to Dolores Larch
Donald Larch to Catherine Larck
Clarence Larck to Dale Larew
Daniel Larew to Archie Largent
B Largent to Wayne Largent
William Largent to Leonard Larkins
Steven Larkin to Gary Larrick
J Larrick to Bruce Larson
Cal Larson to Crystal Larue
D Larue to Daryl Larusso
Dorothy Larusso to Betty Lashley
Claiborne Lashley to Thomas Lassak
D Lassan to Rodney Lasure
William Lasure to Betty Latimer
C Latimer to Dale Lattanzi
David Lattanzi to Pearl Lattea
Richard Lattea to Bonnie Lauderback
Katie Lauderback to Andrea Lauffer
Bonnie Lauffer to Esther Laughlin
Eugene Laughlin to Mary Laurent
Richard Laurent to S Lavelle
Frederick Lavell to Richard Lavenski
Ronald Lavenski to Joseph Lavoie
Karen Lavoie to Elaine Law
Ellis Law to Carol Lawhorn
Dalmas Lawhorn to Janice Law
Jennings Law to John Lawman
M Lawman to Bobby Lawrence
Boyce Lawrence to Edward Lawrence
Elizabeth Lawrence to Kalyn Lawrence
Karen Lawrence to Randy Lawrence
Rebecca Lawrence to B Lawrentz
Deo Lawrentz to A Lawson
Aaron Lawson to Carl Lawson
Carla Lawson to Donnie Lawson
Doris Lawson to Ida Lawson
Imogene Lawson to Judith Lawson
Judy Lawson to Michael Lawson
Mike Lawson to Ruby Lawson
Russell Lawson to Wes Lawson
William Lawson to Alda Laxton
Alfred Laxton to David Lay
Donald Layden to Norma Layfield
Page Layfield to D Layman
Daniel Layman to Nettie Layman
Norman Layman to Charles Layne
Christine Layne to K Layne
Karen Layne to Terry Layne
Timothy Layne to Jack Layton
James Layton to Joseph Lazar
Linda Lazar to Conley L
Cross L to Douglas Leach
Dwain Leach to Kurt Leachman
Melody Leachman to Claudia Leadman
D Leadman to Kenneth Leake
Kimberly Leake to Brendan Leary
C Leary to Amy Lease
Arthur Lease to Christine Leasure
Clarence Leasure to William Leasure
Sabrina Leath-Morrison to Patricia Leatherman
Paul Leatherman to Mary Leavitt
P Leavitt to George Lechalk
L Lechalk to Eva Ledbetter
G Ledbetter to Sandra Ledonne
Thomas Ledonne to Albert Lee
Alex Lee to Brian Lee
Clara Leebrick to Christopher Lee
Robert Leech to Donald Lee
Donell Lee to Eric Lee
Erika Lee to Huey Lee
James Leehugh to John Lee
Johnnie Lee to Mitchel Leek
Nancy Leek to Marla Lee
Marsha Lee to Peggy Lee
Elmer Leep to Robert Lee
Roberta Lee to Forrest Leeson
G Leeson to Terri Lee
Terry Lee to Albert Lefevre
B Lefevre to Trina Leffingwello
R Leffingwell to F Leftwich
Gary Leftwich to A Legg
Ada Legg to Chris Legg
Christopher Legg to Emily Legg
Emma Legg to Michael Leggett
Michele Leggett to Gordon Legg
Gradie Legg to Joyce Legg
Juanita Legg to Martha Legg
Marvin Legg to Robert Legg
Robin Legg to William Legg
Wilson Legg to Jeffrey Lehew
Joseph Lehew to R Lehman
Raymond Lehman to Donald Leichliter
Flint Leichliter to Lisle Leighton
M Leighton to J Leist
Jack Leist to Patricia Lekanidis
Robert Lekanidis to Debra Lemaster
Deidre Lemaster to Roy Lemaster
Masters Le to Eric Lemasters
Esther Lemasters to Lynn Lemasters
M Lemasters to Terri Lemasters
Steve Lemaster to Alma Lemley
Amanda Lemley to Eugene Lemley
Faye Lemley to Mike Lemley
N Lemley to Deborah Lemmon
Dianna Lemmon to Dave Lemon
David Lemon to Larry Lemon
Leland Lemon to Faye Lemons
Gary Lemons to Vada Lemon
Veda Lemon to John Lenhart
K Lenhart to Joseph Lentz
Mark Lentz to D Leonard
Dale Leonard to Kelly Leonard
Kenneth Leonard to T Leonard
Thomas Leonard to Victor Leon
W Leon to Reba Leport
Robert Leport to Cliff Leroy
David Leroy to J Lesher
James Lesher to Beatrice Leslie
Benjamin Leslie to Melva Lesondak
Stephen Lesondak to Amy Lester
Andrew Lester to Bonnie Lester
Brad Lester to Chrissy Lester
Christa Lester to Delbert Lester
Delena Lester to Ethel Lester
Eugene Lester to Henry Lester
Herbert Lester to Jeff Lester
Jeffery Lester to Ken Lester
Kendall Lester to M Lester
Mable Lester to Noah Lester
Nora Lester to Ray Lester
Raymond Lester to Sherman Lester
Sherry Lester to Tresa Lester
Tressa Lester to Amanda Letart
April Letart to Kimberly Lett
Lynden Lett to V Levato
H Levay to Joy Levine
L Levine to E Levy
Elizabeth Levy to David Lewia
Charles Lewicki to Angela Lewis
Angie Lewis to Bettie Lewis
Bettina Lewis to C Lewis
Calvin Lewis to Cindi Lewis
Cindy Lewis to Darlene Lewis
Darrel Lewis to Donald Lewis
Donna Lewis to Eric Lewis
Erica Lewis to George Lewis
Georgia Lewis to Howard Lewis
Hugo Lewis to James Lewis
Jana Lewis to John Lewis
Johnetta Lewis to L Lewis
Ladonna Lewis to Lucinda Lewis
Lucy Lewis to Mary Lewis
Matt Lewis to Okey Lewis
Oliver Lewis to R Lewis
Rachael Lewis to Rodney Lewis
Roger Lewis to Shane Lewis
Shanna Lewis to Terry Lewis
Thelma Lewis to W Lewis
Wakitha Lewis to Carrie Leyland
Donald Leyland to Geraldine Licause
Joseph Licause to Roland Lidel
Dening Li to Larry Lieving
Leland Lieving to Clarinda Liggett
David Liggett to Cynthia Light
D Light to Jaime Light
James Light to Everett Lightner
Frank Lightner to Phillip Light
Randall Light to Aldo Lijoi
Bruno Lijoi to Suzanne Likins
William Likins to Jimmie Liller
John Liller to Emma Lilley
Frederick Lilley to Aleshia Lilly
Alex Lilly to Boyd Lilly
Brandi Lilly to Christine Lilly
Christopher Lilly to Dena Lilly
Dennis Lilly to Elsie Lilly
Elvie Lilly to H Lilly
Hannah Lilly to James Lilly
Jamie Lilly to Julia Lilly
Julie Lilly to Leslie Lilly
Lester Lilly to Michael Lilly
Michelle Lilly to Raymond Lilly
Rebecca Lilly to Ruby Lilly
Russell Lilly to Terry Lilly
Theadford Lilly to Zvonna Lilly
Russell Lilo to David Linaburg
Eileen Linaburg to Rhieannon Lincoln
Richard Lincoln to Jeffrey Lindenmuth
P Lindenmuth to R Lind
Richard Lind to Peter Lindsay
Phyllis Lindsay to Jane Lindsey
Jerry Lindsey to Lorenzo Linear
Melva Linear to Carol Lineweaver
O Lineweaver to Doloris Linger
Don Linger to Larry Linger
Lee Linger to Steven Linger
T Linger to Albert Linkenhoker
Billie Linkenhoker to Matthew Link
Michael Link to Margaret Linkous
Mark Linkous to S Linkswiler
T Link to Mona Linn
O Linn to Buffy Linton
C Linton to Stephen Linton
Steve Linton to Daniel Linville
Danny Linville to K Linville
Karen Linville to Robin Linville
Rodney Linville to M Lipford
Mary Lipford to B Lipps
Bill Lipps to Bernard Lipscomb
Betty Lipscomb to Donald Lipscomb
Donna Lipscomb to James Lipscomb
Janet Lipscomb to Melissa Lipscomb
Michael Lipscomb to Steven Lipscomb
Susan Lipscomb to William Lisanti
Don Lisby to W Lister
W Listh to Rodney Liston
Ronald Liston to Steven Litman
Teri Litman to L Litteral
M Litteral to David Little
Delbert Little to C Littlejohn
Charles Littlejohn to Michelle Little
Mike Little to Duane Littleton
Edward Littleton to David Littman
Stephanie Littman to Kenneth Litton
Kermit Litton to Heidi Litzinger
Kenneth Litzinger to Cecil Lively
Charles Lively to James Lively
Jane Lively to Michael Lively
Mike Lively to Wilbert Lively
Willard Lively to Rosanna Livengood
Russell Livengood to C Livingston
Charles Livingston to Barbra Livley
Danny Livorsi to Nancy Llorens
Loy L to Eleanor Lloyd
Elizabeth Lloyd to Marsha Lloyd
Marshall Lloyd to Venson Lloyd
Vernon Lloyd to Ronda Loar
Russel Loar to Charles Lockard
Christina Lockard to Douglas Locke
Gary Locke to Russell Lockett
Sammy Lockett to Delma Lockhart
Dennis Lockhart to Jennings Lockhart
Jeremy Lockhart to Miller Lockhart
Mitchell Lockhart to Thomas Lockhart
Thurman Lockhart to Kim Lockwood
Kimberlee Lockwood to R Loeser
Thomas Loeser to G Loftis
Garland Loftis to Pamela Loftus
Patrick Loftus to K Logan
Kathleen Logan to Gary Loggins
James Loggins to Robert Logsdon
Ronald Logsdon to Lester Logue
Lisa Logue to S Lohr
Sara Lohr to Norma Lomax
Paul Lomax to Martha Londeree
Mary Londeree to Dale Longanetta
Angela Long to Bradley Long
Brenda Long to Charlie Long
Charlotte Long to David Long
Dawn Long to James Longenecker
Kathleen Longenecker to D Longfellow
David Longfellow to Glen Long
Glenn Long to James Long
Jamie Long to Johnny Long
Joseph Long to Letha Long
Lexa Long to Melody Long
Melvin Long to Philip Long
Phillip Long to Robert Long
Roberta Long to Steven Long
Debra Longstreth to Wanda Long
Ward Long to Robert Longwell
Roger Longwell to Donna Looman
Goldie Looman to Darrell Looney
David Looney to Ronald Looney
Roy Looney to Anita Lopez
Anna Lopez to John Lopez
Johnny Lopez to Vincent Lopez
William Lopez to Katherine Lorea
Lisa Lorea to Dorothy Lorenz
Dottie Lorenz to Shawn Lorrain
Broaddus Lorrison to Jesse Losh
Jessica Losh to Yilga Lothes
Harriet Loth to Larry Lott
Yvonne Lottmann to Barry Louden
Bernard Louden to Danny Loudermilk
Date Loudermilk to Ralph Loudermilk
Richard Loudermilk to H Loudin
Harold Loudin to Angela Lough
Archie Lough to Frankie Lough
Frederick Lough to Marjory Lough
Mark Lough to Russell Lough
Allen Loughry to V Lough
Virginia Lough to Howard Louk
J Louk to Jennifer Lousteau
David Louthan to Ernest Love
Eunice Love to Carolyn Lovejoy
Carroll Lovejoy to Gilbert Lovejoy
Gina Lovejoy to Luther Lovejoy
Lydia Lovejoy to Sadako Lovejoy
Sandra Lovejoy to Sandra Lovelace
Tina Lovelace to Naomi Lovell
Pam Lovell to Kyle Lovern
Robert Lovern to William Lovett
Valerie Love to Ray Lovins
Sally Lovins to Anna Lowe
Arnold Lowe to Clarice Lowe
Claude Lowe to Ethel Lowe
Eugene Lowe to Jane Lowe
Janet Lowe to Larry Lowe
Lawrence Lowe to Nick Lowe
Nikki Lowe to Larry Lower
Shirley Lowermilk to Raymond Lowers
Robert Lowers to L Lowery
Laura Lowery to Sherri Lowe
Sherrie Lowe to Daniel Lowman
David Lowman to K Lowry
Kenneth Lowry to Carl Lowther
Carol Lowther to Jamie Lowther
Janey Lowther to Richard Lowther
Ricky Lowther to Betty Loy
Billy Loy to Sarah Loyd
Sean Loyd to Rebecca Loy
Reta Loy to Deborah Luber
N Luberger to Angela Lucas
Anna Lucas to Bud Lucas
C Lucas to Dana Lucas
Daniel Lucas to Edward Lucas
Elfriede Lucas to Herbert Lucas
Herman Lucas to Jim Lucas
Jimmie Lucas to Kristi Lucas
Kyla Lucas to Martha Lucas
Mary Lucas to Percy Lucas
Philip Lucas to Ronnie Lucas
Roxie Lucas to Thomas Lucas
Tim Lucas to August Lucci
D Lucci to Marjorie Luchesi
Dale Luchetti to H Luckini
Jenny Luckini to Joseph Ludovici
Linda Ludovici to Eva Ludwig
Frances Ludwig to Jerry Luff
Kimberly Luff to Stanley Luikart
Steven Luikart to Ernest Lukie
J Lukinich to James Lunden
Joey Lunden to Carolyn Lunsford
Charles Lunsford to Wanda Lunsford
William Lunsford to Frank Lupis
James Lupis to R Lushbaugh
Robley Lushbaugh to Albert Lusk
Alecia Lusk to Connie Lusk
Coy Lusk to Frederick Lusk
Freeman Lusk to John Lusk
Johnathan Lusk to Oliver Lusk
Orvel Lusk to Sue Lusk
Sunny Lusk to Mark Lutes
Nancy Lutes to Jack Luton
L Luton to J Lutz
Jack Lutz to Jeannie Luzader
Joseph Luzader to Greg Lyall
Ila Lyall to Jamie Lycliter
Teresa Lycliter to Michael Lykins
Nancy Lykins to Aaron Lynch
Adah Lynch to Chuck Lynch
Cindy Lynch to Gerald Lynch
Goldie Lynch to Judith Lynch
Juliet Lynch to Michael Lynch
Michele Lynch to S Lynch
Sam Lynch to Cora Lynn
David Lynn to James Lyon
Jeff Lyon to C Lyons
Carma Lyons to Donna Lyons
Douglas Lyons to Jeffrey Lyons
Jennifer Lyons to Michael Lyons
Misty Lyons to Sheila Lyons
Sherri Lyons to Jon Lytle