The letter is W

Barent Vrooman to A Wade
Andy Wade to P Wade
Paul Wade to Barbara Wager
Dena Wager to Ingrid Wagner
J Wagner to Salissa Wahlers
Gordon Wahl to Ed Waite
Eric Waite to T Waite
Theo Waite to Tim Waker
Renato Wakim to S Walden
John Waldeyer to Ken Wales
Norma Wales to Candy Walker
Carlene Walker to Doris Walker
Dotty Walker to Janet Walker
Jas Walker to Malcolm Walker
B Walkerman to S Walker
Samantha Walker to Bruce Wallace
C Wallace to Ken Wallace
L Wallace to David Wall
Donna Wall to Gordon Wallis
Graham Wallis to Barbara Walsh
Beth Walsh to Henry Walsh
Hilary Walsh to N Walsh
Nancy Walsh to Dale Walter
Daniel Walter to Robt Walters
Stanley Walters to R Walz
Joan Wambach to Valika Wan
W Wan to Chris Ward
D Ward to Harold Ward
Henry Ward to Lisa Ward
Lois Ward to Sean Ward
Sharon Ward to Katie Ware
Kirk Ware to Jas Warman
Walter Warman to Harold Warner
Helen Warner to Susan Warner
T Warner to Fred Warren
G Warren to Richard Warren
Robt Warren to A Washburn
Alan Washburn to Lawrence Washburn
Leigh Washburn to N Wasko
M Waskover to Jaqueline Waterhouse
Jas Waterhouse to W Waterman
Donald Waterous to Douglas Watkin
A Watkins to Arthur Watson
B Watson to Jas Watson
Jennell Watson to Timothy Watson
Tom Watson to James Watts
Josef Watts to Ronald Way
S Way to David Weaver
Deb Weaver to Christine Webb
Corry Webb to Jas Webb
Jeffrey Webb to Anthony Weber
Blazenka Weber to A Webster
Alden Webster to Jacob Webster
James Webster to Sharon Webster
Sheila Webster to John Weeden
Norma Weeden to Randall Weeks
Raymond Weeks to Harold Weidman
J Weidman to Abram Weinberg
Adam Weinberg to M Weinhagen
S Weinhagen to David Weir
Dawn Weir to Matthew Weis
Nancy Weis to Lila Weissman
Michael Weissman to Carole Welch
Carrie Welch to Howard Welch
Ida Welch to Philip Welch
R Welch to Jas Weldon
Kent Weldon to A Wells
Aaron Wells to Clara Wells
Clement Wells to J Wells
James Wells to Marty Wells
Mary Wells to Sylvia Wells
T Wells to Donald Wemple
Ivan Wemple to Dawn Wensley
Wm Wensley to Daniel Werme
Alison Wermer to Carl Werth
Cynthia Werth to Robert Wesoja
Dick Wesoloski to D Westbrook
Dale Westbrook to Debbie West
Della West to Douglas Westin
Barbara Westine to Richard Westmacott
Homer Westman to Kenneth Weston
Larry Weston to Penny West
Percy West to Carl Wetherby
Carrie Wetherby to Jim Wetmore
John Wetmore to Charlene Weyrauch
Jacqueline Weyrauch to Geo Whaling
Sally Whaling to A Wheeler
Aaron Wheeler to Deane Wheeler
Deanna Wheeler to Jack Wheeler
Jake Wheeler to Michael Wheeler
Michele Wheeler to Lisa Wheel
Lynn Wheel to Deborah Whelan
Donna Whelan to M Whipple
Mark Whipple to Tod Whitaker
Todd Whitaker to Harland Whitcomb
Harold Whitcomb to L White-Baird
Joan White-Hansen to Rachel Whitebear
Beatrice White to Christopher White
Cindy White to Debra White
Denis White to Fred White
Fredk White to Richard Whitehead
Robt Whitehead to S Whitehurst
Inga White to Jos White
Joseph White to Lawrence White
Ruth Whitelaw to Joseph Whiteman
Kelley Whiteman to Patricia White
Paul White to Sarah White
Sari White to Curt Whiteway
Curtis Whiteway to Arthur Whitman
Brenda Whitman to Barbara Whitney
Barry Whitney to Hugh Whitney
Iris Whitney to Patricia Whitney
Paul Whitney to George Whittemore
Gilbert Whittemore to David Whittle
J Whittle to Marsha Wickens
Barbara Wicker to R Widness
S Widness to A Wienrod
A Wienstein to Pat Wiggett
Shane Wiggett to George Wilbanks
A Wilber to Donald Wilchek
Burton Wilcke to Jody Wilcox
John Wilcox to Jas Wilde
Kenneth Wilde to Ronald Wilder
S Wilder to Mark Wiley
P Wiley to Brian Wilkin
C Wilkin to Joyce Wilkins
Ken Wilkins to M Wilkinson
Margaret Wilkinson to Dorothy Willard
E Willard to Joe Willen
Kim Willen to Richard Willett
Nancy Willetts to Harry Willey
Helen Willey to A Williams
Abbie Williams to Blair Williams
Bob Williams to Court Williams
Craig Williams to Dennis Williams
Derek Williams to Forrest Williams
Fran Williams to J Williams
Jack Williams to Judy Williams
K Williams to Lester Williams
Lewis Williams to Maureen Williams
Maynard Williams to Jane Williamson
Janet Williamson to Penny Williams
Perley Williams to Russell Williams
Ruth Williams to Thos Williams
Timothy Williams to Geraldine Willis
Gregory Willis to Gayle Willoughby
Jamie Willoughby to James Wilmot
Janice Wilmot to Arthur Wilson
Asa Wilson to David Wilson
Deane Wilson to Gerard Wilson
Glenn Wilson to John Wilson
Jolita Wilson to Marion Wilson
Marjorie Wilson to Scott Wilson
Sharon Wilson to Jay Wiltz
Edward Wilusz to Albert Winans
Andrews Winans to Skyler Wind
John Windsor to Tara Wing
Witney Wing to Vernard Winot
Walter Winot to Mark Winston
Susan Winston to Chas Winters
Chip Winters to E Wirth
Irene Wirth to Ralph Wise
Randolph Wise to Michael Wiswell
Geri-Lyn Witalec to J Withington
Jas Withington to Ted Wittlig
Narvin Wittman to John Wojcik
L Wojcik to Charles Wolf
Chas Wolf to John Wolff
Jolene Wolff to Michael Wolfson
Milton Wolfson to Robt Wolven
Jas Wolynec to Diane Woodard
Douglas Woodard to Barbara Wood
Barry Wood to C Wood
Caleb Wood to Danielle Wood
Darlene Wood to Fred Wood
Vivian Woodf to Jay Wood
Jeannine Wood to Lisa Wood
D Woodlock to Nancy Wood
Natalie Wood to John Woodruff
Jon Woodruff to Daniel Woods
Darlene Woods to Martin Woods
Mary Woods to Earle Woodward
F Woodward to L Woodworth
Laurette Woodworth to Raymond Wooster
Robt Wooster to Ann Works
Donald Works to Lisa Worthen
Robt Worthen to Darrell Woulf
John Wowk to Allan Wright
Amanda Wright to Bruce Wright
Byron Wright to David Wright
Dean Wright to Gary Wright
Gavin Wright to Joe Wright
John Wright to M Wright
Makala Wright to R Wright
Rebecca Wright to W Wright
Walter Wright to Alan Wulff
Christine Wulff to A Wutzl
Douglas Wyand to C Wyman
Dale Wyman to Dominque Wynn