The letter is R

J Quirch to Julianne Rabideau
M Rabideau to Chreston Rabtoy
Christopher Rabtoy to Ed Racicot
Eva Racicot to M Racine
Madonna Racine to David Radel
Ann Rademacher to Paul Raether
Edw Raetz to J Ragosta
Jerry Ragosta to Candice Raines
Gerry Raines to Greg Rainville
Henry Rainville to Alexandra Raiz
Dave Raizman to Joannah Ralston
Keith Ralston to J Rampone
Mark Rampone to Robert Ramshaw
Robt Ramshaw to Bonnie Randall
Bryan Randall to Linda Randall
Lois Randall to W Randlett
Louise Rand to Cathy Ranney
Chas Ranney to Julia Ranta
Donald Rantanen to S Rappaport
Steven Rappaport to Erik Rasmussen
Fred Rasmussen to Otis Rathburn
Patricia Rathburn to Michael Rattee
Jay Ratte to David Ravenscroft
Gayle Ravey to S Rawson
T Rawson to Michelle Raymo
Adelaide Raymond to Dawn Raymond
Debbie Raymond to Kate Raymond
Katherine Raymond to Rose Raymond
Roy Raymond to L Rayta
Meme Rayta to Adgnt Re
Harold Read to Mary Reagan
Michael Reagan to Robt Reardon
Roy Reardon to Carol Record
Danielle Record to S Redden
Thos Redden to W Redlinger
Allan Redman to Anne Reed
April Reed to Clive Reed
Constance Reed to Ernest Reed
Everett Reed to John Reed
Jon Reed to P Reed
Patricia Reed to Wanda Reed
Ward Reed to Maureen Rees
Susan Rees to J Regan
Janet Regan to Ruth Rehfus
Abby Rehkugler to R Reid-Patnode
A Reid to Martha Reid
Mary Reid to Chris Reilly
Christene Reilly to Mary Reilly
Michael Reilly to Daniel Reingold
S Reing to Jerald Reisman
S Reisman to David Relyea
Dennis Relyea to John Remington
Lucy Remington to Ivan Renaud
Jamon Renaud to V Renfrew
Bruce Renfro to A Rensch
Bill Rensch to J Resnick
Marc Resnick to Chas Reuther
Linda Reuther to Kellee Reynells
Mack Reynells to Clyde Reynolds
Connie Reynolds to Gloria Reynolds
Gordon Reynolds to Kyle Reynolds
L Reynolds to Richard Reynolds
Rick Reynolds to Dechen Rheault
M Rheault to E Rhoades
Eric Rhoades to Lisa Rhodes
Marianne Rhodes to Louis Ricciardelli
D Ricciardi to Chas Rice
Cherie Rice to Jeff Rice
Jennifer Rice to Rhoda Rice
Richard Rice to D Richard
Danielle Richard to Rachel Richard
Raymond Richard to G Richards
Gary Richards to A Richardson
Adrienne Richardson to Dave Richardson
David Richardson to Hubbard Richardson
Ida Richardson to Maurice Richardson
Megan Richardson to Pearl Richards
Pete Richards to Deborah Rich
Derek Rich to Harry Rich
Henrietta Rich to Henry Richmond
J Richmond to D Richwien
Wm Rich to Russell Ricker
Ryan Ricker to Carl Riddell
J Riddell to Jack Ridgway
Lauren Ridgway to Heather Rielly
John Rielly to Adam Riesner
Gerd Riess to Lois Riggs
Norman Riggs to D Riley
Daniel Riley to Mike Riley
Mildred Riley to Ronald Rindelhardt
Jeanne Rindell to M Ring
Colleen Ringquist to B Ripley
David Ripley to J Rislove
Jean Risman to Cindy Ritondale
Carol Ritscher to Mark Rivard
Martha Rivard to Billie Rivers
Brian Rivers to May Rivers
Maynard Rivers to Kim Rizio
Richard Rizio to Brenda Robair
J Robair to Alanea Robbins
Alfred Robbins to Kenneth Robbins
Kevin Robbins to A Roberge
Alan Roberge to Bernard Robert
Beth Robert to Bettye Roberts
Bill Roberts to Darrin Roberts
David Roberts to Gerald Roberts
Gerard Roberts to Jonathan Roberts
Jospeh Roberts to M Roberts
Madeline Roberts to Ian Robertson
J Robertson to Seth Roberts
Shane Roberts to Cathy Robideau
Daniell Robideau to Jennifer Robins
Larry Robins to Chas Robinson
Cheri Robinson to Erin Robinson
F Robinson to Karin Robinson
Kathleen Robinson to Neal Robinson
Neil Robinson to Tim Robinson
Tina Robinson to Joe Robitaille
Karen Robitaille to Larry Robtoy
Lillian Robtoy to C Rocheleau
Cathlenn Rocheleau to R Roche
Holly Rocherolle to Tom Rockett
William Rockett to J Rockwell
James Rockwell to Werner Rodemer
Ellie Roden to Richard Rodgers
Robt Rodgers to L Rodriguez
Linda Rodriguez to Ellen Roffman
Richard Rofrano to Betty Rogers
Beverly Rogers to Debra Rogers
Diana Rogers to Jan Rogers
Janet Rogers to Mark Rogers
Mary Rogers to Sandra Rogers
Sarah Rogers to Doris Rohrbach
Amy Rohrbaugh to Dorothy Rolla
Barbara Rolland to Jessica Rollo
Larry Rollo to Frank Romano
I Romano to W Romero
Richard Romer to John Rondini
Richard Rondinone to Amanda Rooney
Brian Rooney to M Roosevelt
Richard Roosevelt to Lisa Root
Luella Root to Jason Rosa
John Rosa to Bev Rose
Bill Rose to Jeffrey Rose
Jennifer Rose to Edwin Rosenberg
Elizabeth Rosenberg to Ellen Rosen
Elliott Rosen to Don Rosenthal
Gerald Rosenthal to Tracy Rose
William Rose to Arnold Ross
Arthur Ross to Edw Ross
Elaine Ross to Douglas Rossier
Gifford Rossier to William Rossi
J Ross to Mario Ross
Mary Ross to Arne Rostad
Cheryl Rostad to Bill Roth
B Rothblatt to Peter Roth
Philip Roth to L Roughgarden
Alan Roughton to Marc Rouleau
Marlynn Rouleau to Richard Rounds
Robt Rounds to Amelia Rousse
Alan Rousseau to Leslie Roussin
Maurice Roussin to John Rowan
Kathleen Rowan to Janet Rowe
Jeffrey Rowe to Jeremy Rowell
John Rowell to Barry Rowland
Bradford Rowland to Bernard Roya
Bill Roya to C Roy
Camille Roy to D Roy
Dale Roy to Emilien Roy
Emilienne Roy to Eugene Roy
Everett Roy to L Roy
Lane Roy to R Roy
Raye Roy to M Rozzi
Sicard R to Carl Rubino
Don Rubino to W Ruch
Amy Ruck to A Rudnicki
J Rudnicki to Paul Ruetzler
V Rufa to Jonathan Rugg
Kate Rugg to Luis Ruiz
Oscar Ruiz to J Rumrill
James Rumrill to Marli Rupe
Michael Rupe to J Rushford
James Rushford to W Rush
Janice Rushworth to Bruce Russell
Burr Russell to Ellie Russell
Eric Russell to Kim Russell
Kyle Russell to Robin Russell
Robt Russell to Carmen Russin
Cecile Russin to Henry Russo
J Russo to S Ruta
Jeff Rutenbeck to Peter Rutledge
Robert Rutledge to Calinda Ryan
Carlton Ryan to Ethel Ryan
Francis Ryan to Jos Ryan
Joseph Ryan to Matthew Ryan
Maureen Ryan to T Ryan
Therese Ryan to Amanda Ryea
Bradley Ryea to Robert Rzewnicki