The letter is O

Bruce Nye to Chapel Oak
James Oake to Atkinson O
D Oatley to Doris Obler
Stephen Obletz to Doris Obrien
Ellen Obrien to L Ocone
Lynn Ocone to W Oddy
dea O to donoghue O
donohue O to Willard Ogburn
Andrea Ogden to grady O
Chris Ogrady to Geo Ohlweiler
D Ohly to A Olaughlin
L Olave to Lisa Oldham
Nicholas Oldham to Frank Olio
Geo Olio to K Oliver
Kathleen Oliver to Mark Olmstead
Mathew Olmstead to Douglas Olsen
Ed Olsen to Darrel Olson
David Olson to Richard Olson
Robt Olson to Montgomery O
Sarah Ondaatje to Genevieve Onge
Greg Onge to Christy Opuszynski
Andrew Oram to reilly O
B Oreilly to Joseph Orlich
Jos Orlic to C Orr-Meunier
Aaron Orr to Ghita Orth
Robt Orth to Vida Orvis
Wm Orvis to Leo Osborne
Lynwood Osborne to David Osgood
Debbie Osgood to Peter Osiecki
Laura Osing to Charles Oster
Frederic Oster to Hilary Ostrout
L Ostrout to Jas Otranto
L Otremba to M Ouelette
William Ouelette to Joyce Oughstun
Teresa Oughton to Steve Overton
Chas Ovian to Bonnie Owen
Brenda Owen to Florence Owens