The letter is L

Norris Kyle to Susan Labarthe
George Labas to Guy Labelle
Jas Labelle to Rene Laberge
Teresa Laberger to Mark Labonte
Mickey Labonte to K Labounty
Karl Labounty to Robt Labrecque
Tari Labrecque to A Lacapruccia
Casse La to Ann Lachance
Arthur Lachance to Deborah Lackey
Douglas Lackey to Len Laclair
Leon Laclair to Wm Lacount
Ben Lacourse to Jeffrey Lacroix
Jill Lacroix to Loni Lacross
Louis Lacross to Chongsuk Ladd
Claire Ladd to Samantha Ladd
Sanford Ladd to Allen Ladue
Ann Ladue to Theodore Lafar
Emily Lafasciano to Debbie Laferriere
Dennis Laferriere to Penny Laflame
Frank Laflam to D Lafleur
David Lafleur to R Lafond
Richard Lafond to Wayne Laforest
A Lafortune to S Lafountain
Stanley Lafountain to Tanya Lafrance
Theresa Lafrance to Janice Lages
Michel Lageunesse to Jen Lague
John Lague to Bettina Laidley
B Laidly to Vinh Lai
Walter Lajczak to M Lake
Michael Lake to Georgette Lalime
Joanne Lalime to J Lamarca
Joan Lamarca to Benj Lamb
Bruce Lamb to Darlene Lambert
Darragh Lambert to M Lambert
Maggie Lambert to M Lamb
Marcus Lamb to Michael Lammert
Clare Lammerts to Blanche Lamore
Chris Lamore to Esther Lamothe
G Lamothe to Darryl Lamoureaux
Alain Lamoureux to P Lamphear
Pamela Lamphear to A Lampman
Ann Lampman to Joanne Lamson
John Lamson to Bruce Lancer
Robert Lance to M Landeryou
D Landes to Joyce Landroche
Alan Landry to Trevor Landry
W Landry to Dale Lane
David Lane to Linda Lane
M Lane to Carol Lanfranconi
Stephen Lanfranconi to Na Langdon
R Langdon to Paul Langevin
R Langevin to William Langlais
Bill Langlands to Leonard Langlois
Linda Langlois to Michael Lang
Thomas Langmuir to K Lanier
Lionel Lanier to Theodore Lanoue
Yvon Lanoue to Larry Lanpher
Laura Lanpher to Betty Lantman
John Lantman to K Lapan
Karena Lapan to N Laperle
Norman Laperle to Michael Lapierre
Miranda Lapierre to Hannah Laplante
Harold Laplante to Clifford Lapoint
Douglas Lapoint to Port La
Porte La to L Lapre
R Lapre to Carl Laramie
Caroline Laramie to Jose Larios
Lourdes Larios to Janet Larkin
Jas Larkin to C Laroche
Cathy Laroche to R Laroche
Raymond Laroche to Bill Larocque
C Larocque to J Laro
K Laro to David Larose
Debby Larose to Monnie Larose
Nancy Larose to John Larrabee
K Larrabee to J Larsen
Jas Larsen to Kris Larson
Kristopher Larson to Phyllis Lary
Remy Lary to Ruth Lasher
T Lasher to Diane Laskowski
Gregory Laskowski to Bruce Latelle
Helen Latelle to Thomas Lathrop
Tim Lathrop to R Lattrelle
Joanne Lattrell to Douglas Laughlin
J Laughlin to J Lauren
Karl Lauren to J Lauzon
Jerry Lauzon to Carl Lavallee
Carole Lavallee to C Lavalley
Carol Lavalley to Jessica Lavee
Pamela Lavee to Vigne La
G Lavigne-Sulliva to Paul Lavigne
Peter Lavigne to Debbie Lavoie
Dina Lavoie to Carroll Lawes
David Lawes to Mary Lawlor
Pete Lawlor to Dave Lawrence
David Lawrence to Jane Lawrence
Janet Lawrence to Michelle Lawrence
Mindi Lawrence to Kathleen Lawrie
Judith Lawry to L Lawson
Larry Lawson to Sandy Lawton
Timothy Lawton to Anne Layn
Curtis Layn to Carney L
Missionaries Lds to Lawrence Leach
M Leach to Edw Leahy
Jack Leahy to B Leary
Barb Leary to C Leaver
John Leavey to Denis Lebare
Baron Le to Blanc Le
Abel Leblanc to H Leblanc
Heather Leblanc to Peter Leblanc
R Leblanc to Carolyn Lebron
German Lebron to Aline Leclaire
Andrew Leclaire to Patty Leclair
Paul Leclair to Roland Lecours
Ronald Lecours to Charlie Leduc
Christopher Leduc to Brent Lee
Bruce Lee to E Lee
Edw Lee to Laureen Lee
Lee Lee to David Leers
S Lee to Febvre Le
A Lefebvre to M Lefebvre
Marjorie Lefebvre to John Lefgren
Karen Lefkoe to Sandy Legault
Shelley Legendre-Martin to Geraldo Leggiero
David Leggio to Camille Lehouillier
Dennis Lehouillier to Earl Leigh
Edw Leigh to M Leithead
Robt Leithead to Benoit Lemay
C Lemay to Robert Lemery
Robin Lemery to M Lemieux
Madeleine Lemieux to Amy Lemmon
Ann Lemmon to Edward Leneau
R Lenehan to Rebecca Leno
Robert Leno to Jeannette Leo
Jessica Leo to Douglas Leonard
Duward Leonard to M Leonard
Marion Leonard to Dina Leon
Charles Leone to Lynne Lepage
Pauline Lepage to Mary Lerch
Matthew Lerch to Geo Lerrigo
Dyanne Lertola to B Leslie
Christine Leslie to M Lessard
Margaret Lessard to L Lester
Laurie Lester to C Letourneau
Chas Letourneau to Raymond Letourneau
Rebecca Letourneau to Dean Levasseur
E Levasseur to C Levesque
Charles Levesque to Alexander Levin
Annie Levin to Harold Levin
Henry Levin to Jean Levitt
Nancy Levitt to Douglas Lewellen
Al Lewellyn to C Lewis
Calvin Lewis to Edw Lewis
Edward Lewis to Jane Lewis
Jas Lewis to Marc Lewis
Mark Lewis to Ronald Lewis
Ruth Lewis to Nathaniel Lew
S Lewonski to Jeff Libbey
Jim Libbey to Carol Liberty
Cedric Liberty to Demain Lichtenstein
Marny Lichtenstein to Wolfgang Liebmann
David Liebow to George Ligon
Jerry Ligon to Christopher Lillie
David Lillie to Karin Lime
Doug Limerick to Ashley Lincoln
Benjamin Lincoln to Neil Lindblad
Scott Lindblad to Chris Lindgren
David Lindgren to J Lindsey
Josh Lindsey to Henry Lingley
John Lingley to Sheng Lin
Sean Linskey to Thos Lipnicki
Gail Lipomi to Jos Lisaius
Jayne Lisak to Bonnie Litchfield
Cathryn Litchfield to Anne Little
B Little to G Littlefield
Harold Littlefield to Marsha Littler
Robert Little to Charles Livesay
J Livesey to C Lix
Xiao Li to Arthur Lloyd
Barbara Lloyd to Glenn Loati
K Loati to Christina Locke
Cindy Locke to D Lockerby
E Lockerby to Chad Lockwood
D Lockwood to Lorie Loeb
Pamela Loeb to Betsy Logan
C Logan to Carolyn Loignon
Michael Loihle to Arthur Lombard
Beth Lombard to Andrew London
C London to Anthony Longchamp
C Longchamp to Joey Longe
John Longe to H Long
Harold Long to Joyce Longley
L Longley to Richard Long
Robert Long to C Longworth
E Longworth to J Loomis
Jan Loomis to Anthony Lopez
Arlene Lopez to Donald Lord
Donna Lord to Dwight Lorenz
Loren Lorenzetti to David Lorrain
Derek Lorrain to Geo Loso
Guy Loso to N Lotowitz
Bonnie Lotspeich to David Loughran
John Loughran to Suzanne Lourie
Thos Lourie to Carol Loveland
Coleen Loveland to Pg Lovell
Raymond Lovell to Maureen Lovett
Nathalie Lovett to Glen Lowe
Gordon Lowe to Lillian Lowell
Meda Lowell to Ellen Lowery
Jane Lowery to G Lowther
June Lowther to Deborah Lubar
Robt Lubar to Guylaine Lucas
H Lucas to G Luce
Harold Luce to Jane Lucia
Jeremy Lucia to Cub Luckey
M Luckey to Lisa Ludwig
R Ludwig to Petar Lukic
S Lukin to J Lumbra
Janet Lumbra to Ellen Luna
Lourdes Luna to Jas Lund
Jean Lund to Sue Lunna
B Lunnie to Elena Luring
Louise Luring to Claude Lussier
Conrad Lussier to Reginald Lussier
Rejean Lussier to Matt Lutters
E Lutto to Alicia Lyford
Bonnie Lyford to Chas Lyman
Christopher Lyman to Gloria Lynam
J Lynam to E Lynch
Frances Lynch to Mary Lynch
Melissa Lynch to John Lynds
Kathy Lynds to C Lyon
Carol Lyon to Ronald Lyon
A Lyons to Jim Lyons