The letter is C

Gary Byrne to Robt C-Philbrick
Connie Caballero to Lisa Cacciatore
Emmanuel Cacciola to Barry Cadorette
Blanche Cadorette to Lauren Cady
Mary Cady to Cortney Cahill
Dale Cahill to Francis Caiazza
Hollis Caillot to S Caira
Sylvia Caira to Cristina Calcagni
D Calcagni to Conrad Caldwell
D Caldwell to Brad Calhoun
Brian Calhoun to B Callahan
Barbara Callahan to Niles Callanan
Brenda Callan to John Call
Karen Call to K Camara
Margaret Camara to B Cameron
Barry Cameron to Larry Cameron
Laura Cameron to Robt Camisa
Bernard Camley to B Campbell
Barbara Campbell to David Campbell
Dawn Campbell to Hal Campbell
Harold Campbell to Kevin Campbell
Kim Campbell to Paula Campbell
Penny Campbell to Edwin Camp
Geofrrey Campe to Michele Campo
Amy Campono to Thos Canavan
Andrew Cancellieri to Geo Caner
S Cane to J Canning
Jas Canning to Wm Cannon
Yvonne Cannon to Howard Cantor
Jonathan Cantor to Donald Capen
Doris Capen to R Capossela
Rob Capossela to Kenneth Capsey
Laurie Capsey to Richard Carbin
Gregory Carbo to Winston Carbonneau
William Carboy to Sheindie Cardinal
Stacy Cardinal to Colleen Carey
Conrad Carey to Sas Carey
Shawn Carey to Bukk Carleton
Carl Carleton to Grafton Carlisle
Hollis Carlisle to Dana Carlson
David Carlson to Mary Carlson
Matthew Carlson to M Carlyle
Robert Carlyle to Michael Carmolli
Nick Carmolli to Betty Caron
Blandine Caron to Stephanie Caron
T Caron to Chas Carpenter
Chester Carpenter to Geo Carpenter
Geoff Carpenter to Leon Carpenter
Leslie Carpenter to Steven Carpenter
Susan Carpenter to Angelina Carrara
Beatrice Carrara to Donald Carr
Dorothy Carr to Charlyn Carriere
Francis Carriere to Camille Carrion
Evelyn Carrion to John Carro
P Carroll-Krebser to J Carroll
Jack Carroll to Thomas Carroll
Thos Carroll to M Carse
David Carslaw to Beverly Carter
Bob Carter to G Carter
Gary Carter to Marvin Carter
Mary Carter to F Cartisano
Ken Cartisano to K Caruso
Kenneth Caruso to Ander Cary
Cloyd Cary to J Casciari
L Cascio to C Casey
Candy Casey to M Casey
Margaret Casey to Peter Casper
Craig Casperson to Olga Cassella
Chris Cassell to Joyce Cassidy
Kevin Cassidy to E Castagna-Finder
A Castagner to Gray Castle
J Castle to Ernest Caswell
Geo Caswell to E Cate
Gerald Cate to Jas Catone
Gloria Caton to S Caum
Gary Causer to Rebecca Cavanaugh
Richard Cavanaugh to Jean Cayer
Jennifer Cayer to Nancy Cefalo
Charlene Cefaratti to Gary Centabar
Benny Centariczki to Jill Cerreta
John Cerreta to Ronald Chabot
S Chabot to Jennifer Chadwick
Jessica Chadwick to J Chaffee
Jannie Chaffee to Maurice Chagnon
Michelle Chagnon to Diann Chaloux
Francis Chaloux to Donald Chamberlain
Doug Chamberlain to Ted Chamberlain
V Chamberlain to Lucille Chamberlin
M Chamberlin to John Chambers
Judith Chambers to Andrew Champine
Betty Champine to Roger Champney
S Champney to Karen Chandler
Kristina Chandler to Takkuai Chan
Dan Chant to Helen Chapin
J Chapin to Bertrand Chapman
Beverly Chapman to Leland Chapman
Leonard Chapman to Mary Chapple
Rosella Chap to Jack Charbonneau
Jean Charbonneau to Michelle Charest
Nicolas Charest to Church Charles
Corey Charles to Alberta Charron
Aldoph Charron to Peter Charron
R Charron to Arthur Chase
B Chase to Ethel Chase
Ethelyn Chase to Linwood Chase
Loraine Chase to Seth Chase
Shari Chase to Norman Chatfield
Russell Chatfield to M Chayer
Sharon Chayer to Adrian Chenaille
Ernest Chenaille to Hank Cheney
Henry Cheney to Zengyi Chen
Zhen Chen to Rick Cherry
William Cherry to Penfield Chester
Priscilla Chester to C Chiaravalle
J Chiaravalle to Kim Chicoine
Lance Chicoine to Allison Childs
Andrew Childs to G Chingos
Theo Chingos to Eric Chittenden
J Chittenden to Grace Cho
Han Cho to Y Choi
Jason Chojnicki to Richard Choquette
Rick Choquette to C Christensen
Carl Christensen to G Christiansen
Gaye Christiansen to Rosemary Christie
Sarah Christie to D Chrysler
David Chrystal to D Church
Darcy Church to Jessica Churchill
Jo Churchill to Patricia Church
Patrick Church to Jenny Cianciola
Lawrence Cianciolo to Margaret Ciechanowicz
Tim Ciechanowicz to Kyri Cimonette
Julie Cimonetti to R Cioffi
Rob Cioffi to Monique Citro
Alan Citron to Annie Claghorn
Carley Claghorn to Andrew Clapp
Bonnie Clapp to Alan Clark
Alanson Clark to Bernard Clark
Bernice Clark to Charlene Clark
Charlie Clark to David Clark
Dawn Clark to Charles Clarke
Chas Clarke to R Clarke
Eric Clark to Heather Clark
Heidi Clark to Jason Clark
Jay Clark to K Clark
Karl Clark to Lewis Clark
Lina Clark to Michael Clark
Michelle Clark to Randy Clark
Raymond Clark to Sheila Clark
Sheldon Clark to Tracy Clark
Treavor Clark to Michael Claudon
Paul Claudon to Alford Clayton
Arnold Clayton to Allison Cleary
C Cleary to Virginia Cleland
A Clemens to M Clemson
John Clenance to Stephen Cleveland
T Cleveland to G Clifford
Gary Clifford to D Cline
Dallas Cline to Robt Clogston
Ron Clogston to Arnold Clough
Arthur Clough to Chris Cloutier
Cindy Cloutier to Amy Cluff
Brian Cluff to David Coates
Elly Coates to Franklin Cobb
G Cobb to Llwellyn Cobden
Maybeline Cobeo to L Coburn
Lois Coburn to Diane Cochran
Donald Cochran to Harvey Coco
Margaret Coco to Matthew Cody
Patricia Cody to Jas Coffey
Jay Coffey to Richard Cofrancesco
Jeffrey Cofran to C Cohen
Carol Cohen to Mary Cohen
Matthew Cohen to Jack Cohun
Bethany Coia to Michael Colbourn
Adam Colburn to Alberta Colby
Allen Colby to P Colby
Perley Colby to C Cole
Calvin Cole to Gerry Cole
Gilbert Cole to Levi Cole
Linda Cole to Johnathan Coleman
Josephine Coleman to Nelda Cole
Norman Cole to W Cole
Warren Cole to Kelly Collar
Laura Collaro to Diane Collier
Durwood Collier to Betti Collins
Betty Collins to Edw Collins
Elaine Collins to John Collins
Jos Collins to Myron Collins
N Collins to Thos Collins
Tim Collins to Catherine Coloff
Jason Coloma to Craig Colson
Dana Colson to Gordon Columbia
Jessica Columbia to Janet Comanducci
N Comanducci to M Combs
Margaret Combs to C Comes
Carol Comes to Commodore Commodore
Joe Commo to Richard Compo
Rob Compo to Thomas Comstock
W Comstock to Shawn Conant
Steve Conant to Lawrence Condon
P Condon to Diane Confessore
A Confort to Wm Congleton
Aina Congram to Larry Conley
Linda Conley to Brian Conn
Christopher Conn to Arlene Conner
Barbara Conner to Arvis Connolly
Barbara Connolly to Cheryl Connor
Christine Connor to J Connors
Jacalyn Connors to Linda Conrad
Lori Conrad to Matthew Considine
Peter Considine to Janine Conti
Leonora Conti to Christine Conway
Christopher Conway to A Cook
Adam Cook to Chris Cook
Christine Cook to Carole Cooke
Catherine Cooke to George Cook
Gertrude Cook to Kim Cook
Kristen Cook to Rhonda Cook
Richard Cook to Timothy Cook
Tina Cook to Anne Coolidge
Barbara Coolidge to M Coomes
Catherine Coonan to Tara Coonradt
Robt Coon to Dave Cooper
David Cooper to D Cooperman
Morton Cooperman to Wm Cootware
Janine Coover to Carlton Copp
Chas Copp to M Copson
Geo Coquillard to Susan Corbiere
Tom Corbiere to Linda Corcoran
Lori Corcoran to Cecile Corey
Chas Corey to Laura Corey
Lavern Corey to Joanne Corkins
Keith Corkins to Peter Corliss
Raymond Corliss to Carson Cornbrook
Ben Corneau to Robin Cornell
Sidney Cornell to Francis Correia
George Correia to G Corriveau
H Corriveau to Doug Corse
Edith Corse to Robt Corti
Kathy Corton to Thos Cosgrove
Wm Cosgrove to William Costa
Wm Costa to Robbi Costigan
J Costi to Donald Cota
Earl Cota to Patrick Cota
Patti Cota to Chasity Cote
Christopher Cote to Joan Cote
John Cote to Richard Cote
Robert Cote to Holly Cottage
John Cottage to Virginia Couch
Christie Coughenour to Jean Couillard
Jeremy Couillard to Brent Coulthard
G Coulthart to Chris Courchaine
Donald Courchaine to Jack Courtney
Jo Courtney to Jane Cousino
Jas Cousino to Ralph Coutermarsh
Robt Coutermarsh to Chad Couture
Christina Couture to L Couture
Laurie-Anne Couture to S Coutu
G Couvee to Lois Covey
Lynda Covey to Paley Cowan
Richard Cowan to Richard Cowles
Robt Cowles to Laura Cox
Laurie Cox to Wallace Coyle
M Coy to Dorothy Craft
Gene Craft to J Craig
James Craig to Anne Cramer
Bruce Cramer to Betsy Crandall
Bettyann Crandall to Brian Crane
C Crane to Mary Cratty
Lia Cravedi-Cheng to Eugene Crawford
Frank Crawford to Robt Crawford
Rodney Crawford to Lynne Creed
Marcia Creed to Margaret Crespo
J Cressey to Alan Crickmore
Anna Crider to Anthony Crivici
Claudio Crivici to Mary Crockett
Neil Crockett to Greg Cromie
J Cromie to Sean Cronin
Sharon Cronin to Janine Crosby
Jean Crosby to Andrew Cross
Gregory Crossan to Elizabeth Cross
Lysle Crosse to Julie Cross
K Cross to M Crossman
Margaret Crossman to Robbin Cross
Robert Cross to Marion Croto
A Crotty to John Crowell
N Crowell to Janel Crowley
Jason Crowley to Debra Crowne
Emily Crowne to John Cruickshank
Lawrence Cruickshank to A Crytzer
Benjamin Crytzer to M Cuerbo
Carlotta Cuerdon to Cynthia Cullum
Linda Cullum to Kenneth Cumming
Robt Cumming to Frederick Cummings
G Cummings to Richard Cummings
Robert Cummings to Edw Cunningham
Elaine Cunningham to Lucia Cuomo
Richard Cuozzo to Barbara Curran
Bob Curran to Brenda Currier
Brent Currier to Merrilyn Currier
Nancy Currier to John Curtin
Kim Curtin to D Curtis
Daniel Curtis to Jos Curtis
K Curtis to Edw Curtiss
Edwin Curtiss to Jim Cushing
John Cushing to Judith Cushman
Kathy Cushman to A Cutler
Alton Cutler to Lloyd Cutsumpas
Ann Cutter-Specht to Barbara Cuzio
Danilo Cvejic to Guy Cyr
H Cyr to Don Cyrul
Elsa Cyrul to Michael Czesnowski