South Dakota

The letter is W

Larry Vroman to Kenneth Waagmeester
Myron Waagmeester to Addie Waddington
Betty Waddington to Emanuel Wagaman
Eugene Wagaman to Jayne Waggoner
Kenneth Waggoner to Coleen Wagner
Community Wagner to Flo Wagner
Floyd Wagner to Kenneth Wagner
Kent Wagner to R Wagner
Rachel Wagner to Carrold-Luell Wahl
Claude-Darlen Wahl to Larayne Wahlstrom
Mark Wahlstrom to Marcie Wakeman
Marilyn Wakeman to Pius Waldman
Marjorie Wald to Josh Waldner
Julie Waldner to Barb Waldron
Craig Waldron to Barb Walker
Barbara Walker to Diane Walker
Don Walker to Joseph Walker
Joyce Walker to Shannon Walker
Shirley Walker to E Wallace
Elizabeth Wallace to J Wallen
Laurie Wallen to Neil Wallin
Nicholas Wallin to Zelta Wall
Andrew Walma to Jay Walsh
Jesse Walsh to Geoffrey Walter
Glenn Walter to Becky Walters
Benita Walters to Sid Walters
Starrla Walters to Jeff Waltman
Jodi Waltman to Wayne Waltner
N Walton-Blanden to Mary Walworth
Adolf Walz to Ray Walz
Robert Walz to Eddie Wangen
Jeanette Wangen to Troy Wanner
Willis Wanner to Charles Ward
Charlie Ward to Lois Ward
Loretta Ward to Melanie Ware
Fred Warfel to Gale Warne
Gary Warne to Robert Warne
Rodney Warne to Daniel Warren
David Warren to Sherry Warriner
Bonnie Warrington to Jerry Washburn
Julie Washburn to Norma Wassink
Owen Wassink to Anthony Waters
B Waters to Hugh Watkins
Ione Watkins to Gordon Watson
Gwen Watson to Rocky Watters
Teena Watters to Kirk Waugh
Marty Waugh to Richard Weatherly
Sharon Weatherly to Pat Weaver
Prentice Weaver to Larry Webb
Lauri Webb to Bill Weber
Bob Weber to Darlene Weber
David Weber to H Weber
Harold Weber to Jolynn Weber
Joseph Weber to Mark Weber
Martin Weber to Steve Weber
Steven Weber to William Webster
Youth Webster to James Wee
Avis Week to Betty Weeldreyer
Bill Weeldreyer to Anita Wegehaupt
Beth Wegehaupt to Dianne Wegner
Donna Wegner to Pat Wehrkamp
Robert Wehrkamp to John Weidenbach
Ken Weidenbach to Joann Weifenbach
Ken Weifenbach to David Weiland
Delores Weiland to Patrick Weinacht
Roger Weinacht to Lesley Weinreis
Carole Weinrich to Mike Weisbeck
Raymond Weisbeck to Connie Weishaar
Gary Weishaar to Connie Weiss
Dan Weiss to Robert Weisser
Sam Weisser to Donald Weiszhaar
Gary Weiszhaar to Kim Welbig
Leo Welbig to Iola Welch
Irene Welch to Carrie Welk
Charlotte Welk to Wesley Weller
William Weller to Charles Wells
Chris Wells to Scott Wells
Shirley Wells to C Wenande
Don Wenande to Wesley Wendland
Brett Wendler to Richard Wendt
Robin Wendt to Mavis Wentland
Michelle Wentland to Craig Wenzel
D Wenzel to Bill Werdel
Christina Werdel to Douglas Wermers
Gwen Wermers to R Werner
Terri Werner to Amy Weseloh
C Wesleyan to J Westall
Larry Westall to Chris West
Christie West to Daniel Wester
Victor Westerfield to Robert Westhoff
Sally Westhoff to Myron West
Nadine West to Sheena Westphal
Timothy Westphal to Lavonne Westwick
Will West to Warren Wetzler
Mark Wetz to J Weymouth
Marcia Weyrauch to Floyd Whealy
Lisa Whealy to Florence Wheeler
Gary Wheeler to S Wheeler
Shelley Wheeler to Edna Whetham
Ellen Whetham to Wilma Whipple
Harold Whirledge to Annabel White
Ardis White to Diane White
Dianna White to Horse White
Angela Whitehorse to L White
Lance White to Robert White
Roger White to Al Whiting
Arvid Whiting to Cecil Whitlock
Dale Whitlock to Jayson Whitney
Jerry Whitney to Lynda Wiand
Cecil Wiarda to T Wickert
Chris Wickett to Ray Wicks
Robin Wicks to Earle Widmer
Ina Widmer to Harry Wiebers
D Wiebersick to Noreen Wieczorek
R Wieczorek to Janet Wiedman
Lavern Wiedman to Patty Wiekamp
William Wiekamp to William Wiener
Arnold Wienk to Adam Wiese
Alan Wiese to Martin Wieseler
Morgan Wieseler to Gary Wiesner
Jill Wiesner to Shannon Wight
Katherine Wigington to Natalie Wilber
Steve Wilber to Linda Wilcox
Lloyd Wilcox to G Wilder
James Wilder to Cyril Wilfahrt
Ronald Wilfong to Robert Wilkens
Tim Wilken to John Wilkinson
Keith Wilkinson to Steve Willard
Susan Willard to Bob Willey
Cathryn Willey to Beverly Williams
Bill Williams to D Williams
Dale Williams to Ed Williams
Edward Williams to J Williams
Jack Williams to Kate Williams
Kathy Williams to Mabel Williams
Margaret Williams to Char Williamson
Cheryl Williamson to R Williamson
Ralph Williamson to Sarah Williams
Scott Williams to J Willis
Joseph Willis to J Willoughby
James Willoughby to Caroline Wilsey
Chuck Wilsey to Claire Wilson
Clarence Wilson to Emma Wilson
Eric Wilson to Jaye Wilson
Jeff Wilson to Lee Wilson
Leonard Wilson to Pearl Wilson
Peter Wilson to Kenneth Wiltrout
Bruce Wilts to Gaylynne Winckler
George Winckler to Clayton Winge
Eileen Winge to William Wingett
John Wingfield to Ed Winkler
Floyd Winkler to Dale Winterberg
Shawna Winterberg to Ken Winter
Kenneth Winter to Leland Winters
Leo Winters to Arnold Wipf
Arthur Wipf to Jan Wipf
Jean Wipf to Troy Wipf
Velissa Wipf to Donna Wirtjes
Lane Wirtjes to Gary Wiseman
Gina Wiseman to David Wisner
Geneva Wisner to Douglas Witlock
Eric Witlock to Pete Witte
Rex Witte to Nancy Witt
Nathaniel Witt to Tom Wittstruck
Viola Wittstruck to Ellen Woelfel
Jerry Woelfel to Bobbi Woitte
Duane Woitte to Junice Wolden
L Wolden to Brad Wolf
Bradley Wolf to Kevin Wolfe
Leah Wolfe to Kay Wolff
Lawrence Wolff to Julius Wolf
K Wolf to Violet Wolf
Lorraine Wolfvoice to Craig Wollman
D Wollman to Bonnie Wollschlager
Brian Wollschlager to Mary Wommer
Drese Wondemategnhu to Daniel Wood
Darrin Wood to Jamie Wood
Jan Wood to Sue Woodraska
Richard Woodraske to Erin Woods
F Woods to Blayne Woodward
Brynn Woodward to K Wooley
S Wooley to Jean Worlie
Jim Worlie to Mark Wortman
Martha Wortman to John Wranek
Matthew Wrather to Carol Wright
Casey Wright to Howard Wright
J Wright to Milton Wright
P Wright to Laurie Wudtke
Bart Wuebben to Chad Wulf
Chris Wulf to Wayne Wunder
Nancy Wuollet to Donna Wyatt
Edward Wyatt to Gerald Wynia