South Dakota

The letter is L

Doug Kymala to Celia Labbe
Prezza Labbee to Amanda Labrier
Randy Labrie to Delbert Lackey
Ethel Lackey to Josh Ladeaux
Kenneth Ladeaux to Veronica Lafayette
Cristeena Lafazio to Bob Lafortune
Catherine Lafortune to Pam Lager
Robert Lager to Bob Laird
Charlene Laird to Robin Lake
R Laker to Don Lamb
Doris Lamb to Richard Lambert
Robert Lambert to Mary Lamb
Myron Lamb to Dan Lammers
Daniel Lammers to Myron Lamont
Robert Lamont to M Lampy
Nancy Lampy to Chad Landis
Charles Landis to Jim Landsberger
Norma Landsberger to Lisa Lane
Lois Lane to Orval Langdeau
Rebecca Langdeau to Henry Langelett
Velvet Langeliers to Susan Lange
Thomas Lange to Steve Langland
Lawrence Lang to Dale Langrock
Dean Langrock to Jamie Lanning
Jeff Lanning to Ranch Lantis
Robert Lantis to Sid Laplante
Susan Laplante to Dorothy Larabee
James Larabee to A Laroche
Bill Laroche to Bettie Larsen
Betty Larsen to Donna Larsen
Dorothy Larsen to Jennifer Larsen
Jerry Larsen to M Larsen
Margaret Larsen to Shantel Larsen
Sharon Larsen to Ann Larson
Annbjorg Larson to C Larson
Callie Larson to Connie Larson
Constance Larson to Deb Larson
Deborah Larson to Doug Larson
Douglas Larson to Gary Larson
Gary-Karon Larson to J Larson
Jaime Larson to Joan Larson
Joann Larson to Kim Larson
Kimary Larson to Lowell Larson
Loyd Larson to Mike Larson
Mildred Larson to Randy Larson
Raymond Larson to Shannon Larson
Sharon Larson to Larry Larue
Donald Larus to Bertice Latham
Darwin Latham to Jon Lauck
Joni Lauck to Roxanne Laufmann
Scott Laufman to Joe Laurenti
Tonia Laurenti to Dawn Lautwein
Vincent Lau to Lenore Law
Alisha Lawler to Heather Lawrence
J Lawrence to Jerry Lawrenson
Martin Lawrenson to Evelyn Layton
Jean Layton to Charles Leahy
Cheryl Leahy to Dona Leavens
Doug Leaver to Dugan Lebeaux
Glenda Lebeaux to Matt Lebrun
Mike Lebrun to Colleen Lecy
Roberta Lecy to Barb Lee
Barbara Lee to Deanne Lee
Deb Lee to Homer Lee
Howard Lee to L Lee
Lacey Lee to Pat Lee
Patrice Lee to Susan Lee
Sylvia Lee to Dave Leffers
Renee Leffers to Grand Le
Clayton Legrand to Doug Lehmann
Dwight Lehmann to Jeff Lehr
Brad Lehrkamp to Keith Leibfried
Richard Leibhan to Gloria Leiferman
James Leiferman to Patricia Leikvold
S Leikvold to Milton Leiseth
Neil Leiseth to Steve Leither
P Leith to Jim Lembke
Katherine Lembke to Leslie Lemke
Lloyd Lemke to Craig Lemon
Dale Lemond to Duane Lengkeek
Gary Lengkeek to Janet Lensegrav
Ken Lensegrav to Dennis Lenz
Don Lenz to Kevin Leonard
Kyle Leonard to David Leppert
Arlene Leppke to Scott Lerseth
Teri Lerseth to Connie Lesnar
David Lesnar to Gary Lester
Heather Lester to Thu Le
James Letner to Donald Levake
Julie Levake to Cris Levtzow
Gayle Levtzow to Alvie Lewis
Amanda Lewis to Donald Lewis
Dorene Lewis to Lee Lewis
Leroy Lewis to Scott Lewis
Stephen Lewis to Francis Lhotak
Gerri Lhotak to Bruce Lichty
Cory Lichty to Durwood Lidke
Loyis Lidman to Jamie Liechti
Lynn Liechti to Jodi Lienhard
Larry Lienhard to Andrea Lies
Lee Liesenger to Diana Lightner
L Lightning to Connie Lilla
Ed Lilla to Ryan Limesand
Leonard Limewood to Teresa Lincoln
Curt Lindahl to Dustin Lind
E Lind to B Linderman
Bill Linderman to Michael Lindholm
Patricia Lindholm to Sheri Lindner
Steven Lindner to Luis Lindsey
Micheal Lindsey to Gene Linehan
Jim Linehan to Dave Lingle
David Lingle to Bryan Linn
Carol Linn to Delores Linstrom
Isabelle Linstrom to Chris Lippert
D Lippert to Don List
Dorothy List to Christine Little
Claudia Little to Sylvia Little
Thomas Little to Leroy Livermont
Lonna Livermont to Robert Livingston
Ron Livingston to C Loban
Cheryl Loban to Gordon Locken
Harold Locken to Steve Lockwood
M Lococo to Dale Loehrer
Daniel Loehrer to John Lofgren
Larry Lofgren to James Logan
Jeff Logan to Laverne Lohmiller
Leroy Lohmiller to Wm Lokken
Loki Lokolong to Brenda Loneman
Charla Loneman to John Longcor
Lyn Longcor to Irene Long
J Long to Phyllis Long
R Long to Orville Lonneman
Grace Lonning to Barbara Loos
Anthony Loosbrock to Maria Lopez
Mario Lopez to Carl Lorensberg
Ellen Lorensberg to Francis Loreth
Tonya Lore to Robert Lotz
Stanley Lotz to Donald Lounsbery
Edward Lounsbery to Cam Loveland
Cindy Loveland to Luther Lovro
Marv Lovro to R Lowe
Bobbi Lower to Ray Lowther
Shanon Lowther to Brandy Lucas
Brice Lucas to M Lucero
R Lucero to Allen Ludemann
Brandi Ludemann to N Ludewig
Thomas Ludgate to Joseph Luecke
Rebecca Luecke to Carl Lufkins
J Lufkins to Jim Luke
Joe Luke to Warren Luke
Wendy Luke to Judy Lundberg
Kenneth Lundberg to Don Lundeen
Kandice Lundeen to Betty Lundgren
Bruce Lundgren to Orville Lund
P Lund to Wayne Lund
William Lund to Marvelin Luoma
Owen Luoma to Calley Lusk
Deborah Lusk to Janet Lutter
Jerri Lutter to Susan Lutz
Tina Lutz to Agnes Lyckholm
C Lyda to Daniel Lynch
Delmar Lynch to David Lyng
Gary Lyngen to Lewis Lyon
Lisa Lyon to Eileen Lytle