South Dakota

The letter is C

Jerome Byrkeland to Tom Caba
Jean Cabe to Susan Cadwell
Valerie Cadwell to Gary Cahoy
George Cahoy to Sara Cain
Shirley Cain to Corey Calhoon
Curt Calhoon to Thomas Callahan
Tim Callahan to Mary Callies
Nicole Callies to Calvin Cameron
Candace Cameron to Allen Campbell
Allyn Campbell to Elizabeth Campbell
Erica Campbell to Mark Campbell
Marshall Campbell to Paula Camp
Richard Camp to Pat Cannon
R Cannon to Leonard Cap
Chuck Capler to Dale Carda
Darlene Carda to Carrie Carder
James Card to Betty Carl
Charles Carlbom to Ella Carlow
Marilyn Carlow to Brian Carlson
Brothers Carlson to Daniel Carlson
Danielle Carlson to Fred Carlson
Fritz Carlson to Joanne Carlson
Joe Carlson to Marvin Carlson
Mary Carlson to Sarah Carlson
Scott Carlson to Brenda Carmichael
Bryan Carmichael to Dennis Carnicle
Patrick Carnicle to Paul Carpenter
R Carpenter to Gene Carr
Grace Carr to Chad Carroll
Charles Carroll to Robert Carr
Rory Carr to Ellen Carsrud
Jeff Carsrud to Chris Carter
Cindy Carter to Pat Carter
R Carter to Andy Casanova
Brad Casanova to Robert Case
S Case to Karen Caskey
Kelly Caskey to Carol Cassidy
Dan Cassidy to Larry Caster
Rick Caster to Cathie Catanzaro
Joseph Catches to Eric Caulfield
Erica Caulfield to Billy Caylor
Cara Caylor to Leda Cempellin
Christine Cengel to James Cero
Adele Ceroll to Beth Chalberg
Bill Chalcraft to Clyde Chambers
Constance Chambers to Diane Chance
E Chance to Samuel Chan
Hansen C to Brian Chapman
C Chapman to Ramona Charbonneau
Y Charbonneau to D Charlton
Derrick Charlton to Larry Chase
Laurie Chase to Judy Chaulsett
B Chauncey to E Chell
George Chell to Albert Chesley
James Chesley to Joseph Chicoine
Leon Chicoine to Larry Ching
Laurie Ching to Phyllis Chlecq
William Chlopkowiak to Kathy Christen
Les Christen to C Christensen
Candie Christensen to David Christensen
Dawn Christensen to Gaylene Christensen
Gene Christensen to Joann Christensen
Joanne Christensen to Lois Christensen
Lola Christensen to P Christensen
Pam Christensen to Travis Christensen
Troy Christensen to Roy Christenson
S Christenson to Gary Christiansen
H Christiansen to Eric Christianson
Everett Christianson to Albert Christman
Art Christman to Melissa Christophel
Michael Christophel to Gerald Christopherson
Ginny Christopherson to Jamie Chronert
D Chronister to of Church
Ortley Church to Helen Cihak
Ian Cihak to Bill Cissell
James Cissell to Lee Clarambeau
Nancy Clarambeau to C Clark
Cammie Clark to Dorothy Clark
Doug Clark to Gary Clark
Gavin Clark to Karen Clark
Karline Clark to Paula Clark
Peter Clark to William Clark
Woodard Clark to Evvi Clausen
Jaqueline Clausen to Gregg Claussen
Janice Claussen to Jack Claymore
Kimberly Claymore to Dennis Cleland
Don Cleland to Don Clement
Donald Clement to Jim Clendenin
A Clendenon to Deanna Click
Eric Click to Barb Clinard
Alberta Clincher to Dwayne Clodfelter
Nigel Cloke to Debra Clouser
John Clouser to Charles Clyne
Miller C to Craig Cobb
Delbert Cobb to Amy Cockrum
David Cockrum to Ken Coffield
Linda Coffield to Wendell Colberg
Barry Colbert to David Cole
Dellas Cole to Alice Coleman
Arlyn Coleman to Shaw Cole
Stephanie Cole to Richard Collett
Candace Colley to Chad Collins
Cheryl Collins to John Collins
Jon Collins to Roger Collins
Rolland Collins to Wes Colombe
Corinne Colon to Bunny Colyer
Kathleen Colyer to Dwight Commet
James Commet to Andrew Condon
Becky Condon to Gary Conklin
Dan Conkling to James Connell
Justin Connell to Carole Connor
Charles Connor to D Conrad
Dan Conrad to Nick Constant
Peggy Constant to Duane Conzemius
Gerald Conzemius to Gene Cooke
Jean Cooke to Lowell Cook
Lucinda Cook to Tammi Cooley
Teresa Cooley to Arthur Cooper
B Cooper to John Cooper
Joseph Cooper to Dan Coover
J Coover to Gene Corbett
James Corbett to Judith Cordell
Judy Cordell to Irene Cordts
Marjorie Cordts to Kathryn Cormier
Carlos Cornay to James Corning
Pearl Corning to Cynthia Cosand
Michael Cosand to Robert Coster
Dave Costine to Cory Cotton
Crystal Cotton to John Coughlin
Julie Coughlin to Thurman Cournoyer
C Coursen to Mark Covrig
Andrew Cowan to Bernice Cox
Beth Cox to M Cox
Mack Cox to Judy Coyle
K Coyle to Pat Crackel
Beverly Craddock to Kathy Craig
Linda Craig to Wayne Cramer
John Cram to Darin Cranny
Jerry Cranny to Earl Crawford
Ellie Crawford to Steve Crawford
Susan Crawford to A Cremer
Chad Cremer to Kevin Crichton
Larry Crichton to Max Crisp
Paula Crisp to Joe Crockett
K Crockett to D Cronin
Dan Cronin to Joyce Croop
Dean Cropley to Jim Cross
Joanne Cross to Dan Crouse
Daniel Crouse to R Crowe
Robert Crowe to Jack Crowser
Janice Crowser to Brandon Cruse
Charles Cruse to Lauren Cuellar
Marina Cuellar to Chris Cullingford
Amber Cullison to Dan Cummings
Debbie Cummings to Dale Cundy
Darwin Cundy to Kenneth Cunningham
Laurie Cunningham to Wade Cuny
Darnel Cuperus to Cindy Curr
Dan Curr to Mary Curry
Michele Curry to Marie Curtis
Mary Curtis to Gary Cutler
James Cutler to Rob Cwach