Rhode Island

The letter is L

P Kyle to Barre La
Bruce Labarre to Belle La
Alice Labelle to Joyce Laboissonniere
Karen Laboissonniere to Myrtle Labonte
P Labonte to Romeo Labossiere
Ross Labossiere to Paul Labrecque
Philip Labrecque to Marie Labrosse
Martha Labrosse to James Lacera
M Lacera to Terry Lacey
William Lacey to Robert Lachance
Ronald Lachance to T Lachapelle
Theresa Lachapelle to Ralph Lacks
Saml Lacks to Robt Lacourse
Roland Lacourse to L Lacroix
Leonie Lacroix to Patrick Ladapo
Angelus Ladas to Robert Ladouceur
Robt Ladouceur to Alfred Lafazia
Anthony Lafazia to Bruce Laferriere
C Laferriere to Roger Laferriere
Scott Laferriere to A Laflamme
Adele Laflamme to Marcel Lafleche
Patricia Lafleche to S Laflur
C Lafoe to M Lafontaine
Michael Lafontaine to Calvin Laframboise
Ernest Laframboise to Freniere La
Art Lafreniere to Cynthia Lagasse
D Lagasse to Amy Lagor
Ann Lagor to T Lahey
Thomas Lahey to Neil Laird
Niven Laird to C Lake
Carol Lake to Beverly Lalancette
Deborah Lalancette to Jill Laliberte
Jos Laliberte to Brian Lalli
Carolyn Lalli to Michael Lally
Michelle Lally to C Lamake
Geo Lamake to C Lamarre
D Lamarre to A Lambert
Cindy Lamberta to Ernest Lambert
Ervery Lambert to M Lambert
Marc Lambert to Roland Lambert
Romeo Lambert to Madeline Lamb
Manuel Lamb to S Lamendola
Scott Lamendola to Carol Lamontagne
Charlotte Lamontagne to Debra Lamoore
Delores Lamoore to Steve Lamothe
Steven Lamothe to C Lamoureux
Camille Lamoureux to Melissa Lamoureux
Michael Lamoureux to Frank Lamphere
G Lamphere to Theresa Lamy
Yu Lam to John Lancellotta
L Lancellotta to Arthur Lanctot
Carol Lanctot to Janet Landers
Judith Landers to Nelva Landivar
Shirley Landivar to Claire Landry
Corinne Landry to Leigea Landry
Leo Landry to Thos Landry
Tonya Landry to John Lane
Joseph Lane to Briscoe Lang
Bruce Lang to John Langello
Julia Langello to Rosemary Langevin
Roslyn Langevin to Andrea Langlais
Arthur Langlais to Wm Langlais
A Langley to Jacquline Langlois
James Langlois to Janet Langmuir
Karl Langmuir to Peter Langton
Regina Langton to Carmine Lanni
Carol Lanni to Lillian Lannon
M Lannon to Norman Lanoue
Normand Lanoue to J Lantigua
Jose Lantigua to L Lapage
Paglia La to Charles Lapham
D Lapham to Harry Lapierre
I Lapierre to M Lapine
Helen Lapin to Geo Laplante
Gerald Laplante to Albert Laplume
Andrea Laplume to Fernand Lapointe
Florence Lapointe to Porte La
Siobhan Laporte-Cauley to C Laprad
Prade La to Gail Lapre
Gary Lapre to Wendy Lapuc
G Laquadra to Gary Laramee
Gloria Laramee to Leonard Lardaro
David Larder to Alvaro Larguinho
Joseph Larguinho to Aimee Lariviere
Albert Lariviere to Martha Lariviere
Matthew Lariviere to Leo Larkin
M Larkin to Albert Laroche
Alfred Laroche to Michael Larochelle
Paul Larochelle to Michele Larocque
P Larocque to Vivian Larosee
Geo Larose to Charles Larrivee
Chas Larrivee to Anita Larson
Anna Larson to R Larson
Raymond Larson to Joseph Lasalle
Maureen Lasalle to Carolyn Laskowski
G Laskowski to Neville Lassotovitch
Peter Lassotovitch to Susan Lataille
Theresa Lataille to J Latimer
James Latimer to Lionel Latour
Lucille Latour to Ken Lauder
Nathan Lauder to S Laural
M Laura to Peter Laurent
Robert Laurent to Michelle Laurie
Nancy Laurie to E Lauth
J Lauth to Paul Lauzon
Peter Lauzon to Dorothy Lavallee
E Lavallee to Patricia Lavallee
Paul Lavallee to Lori Lavalley
Louis Lavalley to Lori Laverdiere
M Laverdiere to Karen Lavey
Nancy Lavey to Michael Lavimodiere
Paul Lavimodiere to D Lavoie
Darlene Lavoie to K Lavoie
Karen Lavoie to Robt Lavoie
Roger Lavoie to Jas Law
John Law to M Law
How-Ru Lawn to Edith Lawrence
Edw Lawrence to K Lawrence
Ken Lawrence to S Lawrence
Shirley Lawrence to Jas Lawson
Jeanne Lawson to Carol Lawton
Clinton Lawton to Roscoe Lawton
S Lawton to Olga Lazala
Carlos Lazano to Brown L
C L to Lenore Leach
Leslie Leach to Donna Leahy
Frances Leahy to M Leamy
Monica Leamy to D Leary
David Leary to Gary Leatherberry
P Leatherberry to A Lebeau
Allan Lebeau to Wm Lebeau
R Lebeaux to Albert Leblanc
Allison Leblanc to Lisa Leblanc
Louise Leblanc to Phil Leboeuf
R Leboeuf to Nancy Lebrun
Patricia Lebrun to Clair Le
A Leclair to S Leclair
Stephen Leclair to Norman Lecours
Paul Lecours to Patricia Leddy
Rita Leddy to Doux Le
Albert Ledoux to Roland Ledoux
Ronald Ledoux to Reina Leduc
Rene Leduc to Chas Lee
Carlton Leech to E Lee
Ed Lee to K Lee
Kang-Hyun Lee to Tjalling Leenstra
Ok Lee to Kenneth Lees
Kevin Lees to Katherine Lefebure
Ronald Lefebure to Kim Lefebvre
L Lefebvre to Jerome Lefkowitz
Rochelle Lefkowitz to Margaret Leftridge
Walter Leftridge to D Legendre
L Legendre to Robert Lehane
Robt Lehane to D Leigh
Derek Leigh to Joan Leiper
D Leipf to Joao Leite
Joe Leite to Suzanne Leja
Theodore Leja to J Lema
Jeffrey Lema to Kaileigh Lemay
Kathy Lemay to Carmen Lemelin
Roger Lemelin to Geo Lemieux
Helen Lemieux to Arthur Lemire
B Lemire to Barbara Lemish
Jeannine Lemiuex to Judith Lemoi
L Lemoi to Robert Lemoi
Robt Lemoi to Maria Lemos
Mario Lemos to Jack Lendrum
Richard Lendrum to Edward Lennon
Edwin Lennon to Michael Lenski
K Lentine to Joseph Leo
T Leokadia to Elizabeth Leonard
Eric Leonard to M Leonard
Marguerite Leonard to Ruth Leonard
S Leonard to John Leonelli
Joseph Leonelli to Ursula Leonore
Susan Leono to Lori Lepage
Lorraine Lepage to M Leporacci
Matthew Leporacci to R Lepore
Rachel Lepore to Alex Lermontov
David Lerner to Aaron Lescault
Alfred Lescault to Ginny Leslie
H Leslie to D Lessard
David Lessard to H Lester
J Lester to Milton Letendre
N Letendre to D Letourneau
Damon Letourneau to Gordon Leung
Kennith Leung to K Levasseur
Karen Levasseur to Pierre Leveillee
Richard Leveillee to Andrew Levesque
Anita Levesque to F Levesque
Florence Levesque to Michael Levesque
Mike Levesque to S Levesque
Scott Levesque to Gary Levine
Gerald Levine to Milton Levin
Miriam Levin to Edgar Levreault
Joanne Levreault to Treacy Lewander
John Lewandoski to B Lewis
Barbara Lewis to Eileen Lewis
Elaine Lewis to John Lewis
Jonathan Lewis to Mike Lewis
Mildred Lewis to Shirlene Lewis
Shirley Lewis to Beverly Leylegian
Patricia Leyman to E Liard
Irene Liard to Paul Liberty
Theodore Liberty to Jason Licciardi
Joseph Licciardi to A Liebenow
L Liebenow to Claire Lightfoot
Denise Lightfoot to C Lilley
Christine Lilley to Donna Lima-Johnson
Lisa Lima-Tessier to David Lima
Davidson Lima to Jeffery Lima
Jeffrey Lima to Mary Lima
Michael Lima to Wm Lima
Gloria Limbird to Delmy Linares
Luis Linares to G Lincourt
Gerald Lincourt to Leslie Lindeman
Michael Lindeman to Richard Lindholm
Paul Lindh to Josephine Lindsay
Judith Lindsay to Mary Lineham
Richard Lineham to Jeffrey Linhares
Jodi Linhares to Stuart Linsky
Anne Linstrom to L Lippe
Richard Lippe to B Liriano
Bennevida Liriano to D Lisi
David Lisi to S Listenfelt
Edw Listengart to S Litterio
Somsanouk Litthisack to Sarah Littlefield
T Littlefield to Edward Littleton
Jonathan Littleton to Austin Livesey
Cheryl Livesey to C Livsey
Irene Livsey to Robt Lizotte
Ron Lizotte to Philip Lloyd
Richard Lloyd to Jason Lobo
Joao Lobo to Linda Lockett
Michael Lockett to Theodore Loebenberg
K Loeber to Laura Loffredo
Linda Loffredo to Davis Logan
Donna Logan to Barbara Logue
C Logue to Mary Loiselle
Maureen Loiselle to Joseph Lomastro
Kim Lomastro to Betty Lombardi
Bhakti Lombardi to J Lombardi
Jackie Lombardi to Nicholas Lombardi
Oumie Lombardi to Angela Lombardo
Angelo Lombardo to Raymond Lombardo
Richard Lombardo to Barbara Lonardo
Bart Lonardo to Paul Lonczak
Walter Lonczak to Afax Long
Alison Long to John Long
Joshua Long to Gloria Longo
H Longo to Rae Long
Richard Long to L Lontoc
Maria Lonvono to H Loperena
J Loper to Bento Lopes
Betty Lopes to Elvira Lopes
Emanuel Lopes to Joao Lopes
John Lopes to M Lopes
Maira Lopes to Ruth Lopes
S Lopes to C Lopez
Carlos Lopez to Iris Lopez
Isabel Lopez to M Lopez
Marco Lopez to Ruben Lopez
Rudy Lopez to A Lora
Altagracia Lora to Geo Lord
Gina Lord to Alfredo Lorenzo
B Lorenzo to John Loscocco
Paula Loscocco to M Lotuff
P Lotz to David Louis
Duke Louis to Emilia Lourenco
Fatima Lourenco to M Louvat
Wing Lou to L Love
Alisha Lovelace to Barbara Lovett
Bill Lovett to Arthur Lowe
Barry Lowe to Wm Lowell
Luanne Lowe to Carroll Lown
J Lowndes to Gene Loyola
Inigo Loyola to Senglavanh Luangvija
Alan Lubas to Alex Lucas
Andrew Lucas to Isabella Lucca
Nick Lucca to Lillian Luchini
Frank Luchka to Rod Luciano
S Luciano to Deborah Lucreziano
Eleanor Lucreziano to Curt Lufkin
G Lufkin to Simi Lui
Nicholas Luisi to John Luke
Kenneth Luke to D Lumpkin
Wm Lum to Deena Lund
Dennis Lund to K Lundy
L Lundy to Rong Luo
Vicky Luo to Paula Lupoli
R Lupoli to Eugene Lusignan
George Lusignan to Donald Lussier
Donna Lussier to Roland Lussier
Ronald Lussier to J Luther
Janice Luther to R Lutzel
Warren Lutzel to Susan Luzzi
T Luzzi to C Lyman
Christopher Lyman to Daniel Lynch
David Lynch to Jas Lynch
Jason Lynch to Laurie Lynch
Lily Lynch to Robin Lynch
Robt Lynch to Debra Lynott
A Lyon to Edward Lyons
Eileen Lyons to Patrick Lyons
Paul Lyons to Birt Lyttle