The letter is W

Martin Vuxich to Ron Waagmeester
Eric Waaler to Louise Wachowiak
Mirek Wachowiak to Joan Wachtler
Robert Wachtler to Carolyn Waddell
Charles Waddell to Sustella Waddell
Tami Waddell to Alma Wade
Andre Wade to Cindy Wade
Clarence Wade to Flint Wade
Frank Wade to Jimmie Wade
Joan Wade to Maria Wade
Marian Wade to Roberson Wade
Robert Wade to Willie Wade
Winona Wade to Stephen Wadley
Thomas Wadley to Charles Wadsworth
Clarence Wadsworth to Jacob Wadsworth
James Wadsworth to Nathan Wadsworth
Patricia Wadsworth to Clifford Waeschle
Harata Waetford to Alvin Wage
Lynn Wage to Kimberly Wager
Lisa Wager to Frank Waggener
Sherrie Waggener to Mike Waggoner
Misty Waggoner to Richard Wagley
Jack Wagman to Benny Wagner
Bernard Wagner to Cyndi Wagner
Cynthia Wagner to E Wagner
Earl Wagner to I Wagner
Ina Wagner to Julie Wagner
Juliet Wagner to Louis Wagner
Louise Wagner to Pamela Wagner
Patricia Wagner to Roberta Wagner
Rockford Wagner to Terance Wagner
Terry Wagner to Carol Wagoner
Cathy Wagoner to Steven Wagoner
Suzette Wagoner to Cheryl Wahlberg
Dennis Wahlberg to F Wahlgren
Jeffery Wahlgren to E Wahlstrom
Gerald Wahlstrom to Cheryl Waid
Dawn Waid to Julie Wainscoat
S Wainscoat to Vaughn Wainwright
Waldon Wainwright to Dan Waite
Darlynn Waite to Judi Waite
Judith Waite to Ross Waite
Roy Waite to C Waithman
Jai Wait to Robert Waits
S Waits to Cari Wakefield
Caroline Wakefield to Ronald Wakefield
Sharon Wakefield to Monte Wake
Solomon Wakene to Jason Walbridge
Linda Walbridge to G Walcker
Erick Walck to Anna Walden
Archie Walden to M Walden
Madelyn Walden to Patricia Waldie
Patton Waldie to Shawna Waldman
Steve Waldman to William Waldorf
Ronald Waldo to Leilani Waldrip
Robert Wald to Rhea Waldron
Richard Waldron to Ruth Waldrop
T Waldrop to Abril Walensky
B Walenta to Robert Walford
Ron Walford to Betty Walkenhorst
Danny Walkenshaw to Andrea Walker
Andree Walker to Benjamin Walker
Bennie Walker to C Walker
Calvin Walker to Chuck Walker
Cindi Walker to D Walker
Dale Walker to Dennis Walker
Derald Walker to E Walker
Earl Walker to Erle Walker
Erlinda Walker to G Walker
Gail Walker to Heather Walker
Heidi Walker to Jack Walker
Jackie Walker to Jed Walker
Jeff Walker to Joseph Walker
Joshua Walker to Kay Walker
Keith Walker to Larry Walker
Lashawn Walker to Lora Walker
Lorenzo Walker to Margie Walker
Maria Walker to Micah Walker
Michael Walker to Norman Walker
O Walker to Pleze Walker
Queenia Walker to Richard Walker
Richelle Walker to Roy Walker
Royce Walker to Shaneeka Walker
Shannon Walker to Terell Walker
Terence Walker to Twylla Walker
Ty Walker to Wilda Walker
Willard Walker to Mark Walk
Nancy Walk to Robert Walkup
Rodney Walkup to Barbara Wallace
Barry Wallace to Cindy Wallace
Clara Wallace to Diane Wallace
Dolores Wallace to Fred Wallace
Frederick Wallace to J Wallace
Jackie Wallace to Julius Wallace
K Wallace to Lupe Wallace
Lupie Wallace to Michael Wallace
Michaela Wallace to Q Wallace
R Wallace to Sheila Wallace
Shela Wallace to W Wallace
Wade Wallace to Anne Wall
Annette Wall to Ronald Walldau
David Wall to Jennifer Wallenfang
K Wallenfang to Charles Waller
Cheryl Waller to Katherine Waller
Kathy Waller to S Waller
Samuel Waller to Vincent Wallgren
Gwendolyn Wall to Garrett Walling
Gay Walling to Nick Wallin
Norman Wallin to Dewey Wallis
Diana Wallis to Sheryl Wallis
Stan Wallis to Mari Wall
Marilyn Wall to Randell Wall
Randy Wall to Edward Walls
Seigurd Wall to M Walls
Marcella Walls to Tracy Walls
Travis Walls to Eugene Walmsley
Howard Walmsley to Dwight Walrath
Gary Walrath to Antoinett Walsh
Arthur Walsh to Dave Walsh
David Walsh to Geraldine Walsh
Gina Walsh to Judith Walsh
Judy Walsh to M Walsh
Macy Walsh to Peter Walsh
Phyllis Walsh to Suzanne Walsh
T Walsh to Robert Walstrom
Susen Walstrom to Diane Walter
Donald Walter to Lanita Walter
Larry Walter to Raymond Walter
Rebecca Walter to Carl Walters
Carlisle Walters to Derek Walters
Diane Walters to Shelley Walter
Henry Walters to Kathryn Walters
Kathy Walters to Martin Walters
Maruis Walters to Roxanne Walters
Ruby Walters to Sylvia Walter
Yvonne Walters to Joyce Walther
K Walther to Jean Walth
Mark Walthour to Bernadine Walton
Bettie Walton to Earl Walton
Ed Walton to Joseph Walton
Josephine Walton to Nancy Walton
Neil Walton to T Walton
Terry Walton to Elenda Waltz
Gail Waltz to Sharon Walz
Charles Wamack to Peter Wampler
Richard Wampler to Damon Wanco
Dustin Wanco to R Waner
Ronald Waner to Feng Wang
Fu Wang to Lei Wang
Leo Wang to John Wangsgaard
Lee Wangsgard to Y Wang
Yan Wang to E Wann
Ed Wannebo to Robert Wantz
James Wanzer to Gary Warburton
J Warburton to Alfred Ward
Alice Ward to Bill Ward
Billie Ward to Cecelia Ward
Charlene Ward to D Ward
Daisy Ward to Dorene Ward
Doris Ward to Tyler Wardell
V Wardell to Etterene Ward
Eugene Ward to Gregory Ward
Guy Ward to James Ward
Jamie Ward to Joya Ward
Joyce Ward to Larry Ward
Lasonya Ward to Kirk Wardle
Lance Wardle to Lynne Ward
M Ward to Milfred Ward
Mitchell Ward to Quinten Ward
R Ward to Robyn Ward
Rodney Ward to Sean Ward
Shannon Ward to Thelma Ward
Thomas Ward to William Ward
Willie Ward to Donnie Ware
Dorothy Ware to Larry Ware
Lawrence Ware to Joanna Wares
John Wares to Robert Warfield
S Warfield to Diane Warholic
Eugene Warholic to Michael Warkmeister
Rand Warkmeister to Joseph Warmelink
Lynn Warmemunbe to Jo Warne
Joann Warne to Carol Warner
Carolyn Warner to Eva Warner
Evelyn Warner to John Warner
Joseph Warner to Marilyn Warner
Mario Warner to Russell Warner
Ryan Warner to Wiley Warner
William Warner to Marion Warnke
Nicholas Warnke to David Warr
Dawna Warr to Brad Warren
Bradford Warren to Cynthia Warren
D Warren to F Warren
Deborah Warrenfeltz to Jeffrey Warren
Jennifer Warren to Larry Warren
Latoyce Warren to Maurgam Warren
Maurice Warren to Randy Warren
Ray Warren to Shad Warren
Shannon Warren to Warren Warren
Wayne Warren to James Warring
Julia Warring to Ejaz Warsi
Robyn Warsinske to Scott Warunek
Ed Warvel to Edna Wasden
Gary Wasden to Bette Washburn
Bill Washburn to Rollie Washburn
Ronald Washburn to Angela Washington
Annette Washington to Cheryl Washington
Chester Washington to Eddie Washington
Elaynne Washington to Gloria Washington
Gordon Washington to Jeaniene Washington
Jeffrey Washington to Lawrence Washington
Leah Washington to Milton Washington
Minnie Washington to Ronald Washington
Rose Washington to Teresa Washington
Terrance Washington to John Washko
John Washkovitz to D Wasilewski
Michael Wasilewski to Sandra Wassall
J Wassam to Robert Wasserman
S Wasserman to Gladys Wasson
Harold Wasson to Steven Wass
D Wastaj to Tomio Watanabe
Yoko Watanabe to B Waterman
Barbara Waterman to Barbara Waters
Beatrice Waters to Ellen Waters
Elva Waters to L Waters
Leta Waters to Rosalind Waters
Rose Waters to Ben Wathen
Benjamin Wathen to Betty Watkins
Beverlie Watkins to Dean Watkins
Deborah Watkins to Hal Watkins
Harold Watkins to K Watkins
Kap Watkins to Luke Watkins
M Watkins to Ronald Watkins
Ronda Watkins to Vivienne Watkins
W Watkins to Josei Watson-Davis
A Watson to Bernard Watson
Bettina Watson to Charles Watson
Charlotte Watson to Daryl Watson
David Watson to Esther Watson
Everett Watson to Heather Watson
Helen Watson to Jeffery Watson
Jeffrey Watson to Katharina Watson
Katherine Watson to Lisa Watson
Lloyd Watson to Melvin Watson
Meredith Watson to Ralph Watson
Ramisia Watson to Ruby Watson
Russell Watson to Thurman Watson
Tim Watson to A Wattenbarger
Gary Wattenbarger to Milagros Watters
Mitzi Watters to Gary Watt
George Watt to Phyllis Watt
Jonnie Wattree to Cecil Watts
Charles Watts to G Watts
Gary Watts to Karl Watts
Keith Watts to Nelson Watts
Nigel Watts to Sterling Watts
Steve Watts to Ethel Waudby
Jason Waud to Lawrence Waugh
Loyd Waugh to Colin Waxham
Jackie Wax to K Wayer
Adellia Wayerski to Jodi Wayman
John Wayman to Charles Wayne
Cheryl Wayne to Ronald Wayne
Rosalind Wayne to Clark W
D W to Jerald Weakley
Jimmie Weakley to Judi Weaser
Louis Weaser to Deborah Weatherford
Francine Weatherford to Mark Weatherill
C Weatherlow to Eric Weathersbee
Bernell Weathers to Kristy Weathers
Laverne Weathers to Simone Weatherston
Wendy Weathers to Bradley Weaver
Brenda Weaver to D Weaver
Dale Weaver to Elton Weaver
Eric Weaver to James Weaver
Jan Weaver to L Weaver
Larry Weaver to Mary Weaver
Matthew Weaver to Robert Weaver
Roberta Weaver to T Weaver
Tamara Weaver to Alice Webb
Aliece Webb to Bruce Webb
Bryan Webb to Clyde Webb
Colin Webb to Diana Webb
Diane Webb to C Webber
Chris Webber to James Webber
Jay Webber to Russell Webber
S Webber to Glen Webb
Gloria Webb to Jerrie Webb
Jerry Webb to Krystal Webb
L Webb to Marie Webb
Marilyn Webb to Paul Webb
Paula Webb to Ronald Webb
Roselynn Webb to Stephen Webb
Steve Webb to Vann Webb
Vernon Webb to April Weber
Arthur Weber to Dale Weber
Dan Weber to George Weber
Gerald Weber to Joanne Weber
Jodi Weber to Mara Weber
Marguerite Weber to Ree Weber
Reid Weber to V Weber
Valerie Weber to Charles Webster
Charlesetta Webster to Elizabeth Webster
Ellen Webster to Joseph Webster
Joyce Webster to Michael Webster
Michele Webster to Steven Webster
Stuart Webster to Julie Weckwerth
Lynett Wedaa to Jo Weddle
Larry Weddle to Roy Wedge
S Wedge to Janet Wedvick
M Wedvick to J Weed
James Weed to Evelyn Weekes
Gayle Weekes to Charles Weeks
Clifford Weeks to Judy Weeks
Justin Weeks to Robert Weeks
Rodney Weeks to Kate Weems
Larry Weems to Pamela Weese
Phyllis Weese to Lisa Weggemann
Marilyn Wegg to Douglas Wegner
Elaine Wegner to Randall Wehde
Steve Wehde to J Wehr
John Wehrkamp to Brett Weible
Cheryl Weible to Samuel Weidaw
Chris Weide to Clifford Weidenthaler
Julie Weidenthaler to Marysue Weidmyer
Charles Weidner to Patricia Weigant
Diane Weigart to Eugene Weight
Gene Weight to James Weikel
Jeff Weikel to Georganne Weilbacher
Joni Weilbacher to William Weiler
J Weil to Mark Weimer
Michael Weimer to Ellen Weinberg
A Weinberger to Mel Weinberg
Muriel Weinberg to Karin Weiner
Kevin Weiner to Toby Weinfurter
Cheryl Weinfurtner to Paul Weinhouse
Sylvia Weinhouse to Barry Weinstein
Benicasa Weinstein to Mik Weinstein
Milica Weinstein to Todd Weintraut
Betty Weintroub to Daniel Weir
David Weir to P Weir
Pamela Weir to Wayne Weisbecker
T Weisbeck to Edward Weise
Geoff Weise to John Weiser
M Weiser to Roland Weishaupt
Timothy Weishaupt to Robert Weismann
P Weisman to Tracey Weissbrodt
Bruce Weiss to Erbin Weiss
Cheryl Weisser to James Weiss
Jami Weiss to Lisa Weiss
Lonnie Weiss to Maybelle Weiss
Mel Weiss to Stanley Weiss
Stephanie Weiss to Maxine Weiswasser
Timothy Weiswasser to Gordon Weitz
Donald Weitzjr to Christoph Welborn
Darren Welborn to Audrey Welch
Autry Welch to David Welch
De Welch to Carla Welches
Kenneth Welches to Janet Welch
Janice Welch to Larry Welch
Laurie Welch to Monica Welch
Morris Welch to Ruth Welch
Ryan Welch to Virginia Welch
W Welch to Patrick Welding
Irene Weldin to Nina Weldy
Vince Weldy to Sheila Welker
Ervin Welk to D Weller
Daniel Weller to S Weller
Marilee Wellersdick to Mark Welling
Michael Welling to Robert Wellise
Ramon Welliver to M Wellman
Marjorie Wellman to Tammy Wellnitz
Flora Wellock to Bonita Wells
Brady Wells to Cris Wells
Curtis Wells to Donna Wells
Dorothy Wells to Greg Wells
Gregory Wells to Jerry Wells
Jessica Wells to Kevin Wells
Kim Wells to Marilyn Wells
Mark Wells to Pete Wells
Peter Wells to Sara Wells
Scot Wells to W Wells
Wanda Wells to Bill Welsh
Brad Welsh to James Welsh
Janet Welsh to Sheila Welsh
Stephanie Welsh to Pamela Welter
Patrick Welter to Ernest Welty
Jerri Welty to Richard Welzein
L Welze to Carole Wendel
Charlene Wendel to Richard Wendell
Robert Wendell to William Wendland
John Wendler to Marcia Wendt
Margaret Wendt to Richard Wenger
Rolayne Wenger to Beth Wenk
Debra Wenk to Sherry Wenner
Joseph Wenners to Douglas Wenthe
Matt Wenthe to William Wentworth
Carlton Wentz to Cynthia Wenz
Donald Wenze to Robertj Wenzel
Rod Wenzel to Dianne Werber
Dorlene Werber to Kimberly Werkmeister
Mary Werkmeister to A Werner
Alisha Werner to Jeffrey Werner
John Werner to Ralph Werner
Randolph Werner to Frank Wernett
Dvorah Wernick to Shawna Werstuck
Teresa Werstuck to Tony Wertin
James Wert to Bethany Wertz
Burton Wertz to Kimmy Wescott
Kristin Wescott to Gerald Wesley
Grant Wesley to Saul Wesley
Sharon Wesley to Richard Wesolowski
Roma Wesolowski to Dorothy Wessels
Shawn Wessel to Jerold Wesson
John Wesson to Autumn West
B West to Bret West
Brian West to M Westbrook
Malcolm Westbrook to Val Westby
Wayne Westby to Michael Westcoatt
Cody West to Debbie West
Deborah West to Emily West
Deborah Westenberg to Patricia Westergard
Paul Westergard to Marie Westerman
Gerald Westermann to G Westfall
George Westfall to Kevin Westgaard
Gail West to Mike Westhoff
Howard West to James West
Jamie West to Judith West
Judy West to Danielle Westlake
Edgar Westlake to R Westley
Linda West to Lyndel West
Lynett West to Mike West
Mildred West to Joan Westmorland
Morris West to Desiree Weston
Donovan Weston to Michael Weston
Miriam Weston to Gary Westover
Gina Westover to Paul West
Paula West to Randi West
Randy West to Ronald West
Ronnie West to Sheila West
Shelby West to Twila West
Tyler West to Judy Westwood
Kathryn Westwood to Karry Wetherby
Lisa Wetherby to Douglas Wetmore
Ernest Wetmore to Alan Wetter
K Wetterer to John Wetzel
Jon Wetzel to Joan Wetzler
Keith Wetzler to David Weyand
Mike Weyand to Ralph Weyer
Bobby Weyers to Rebecca Weyrick
Scott Weyrick to James Whalen
Janet Whalen to Penelope Whalen
Randolph Whalen to D Whaley
Dallas Whaley to Roy Whaley
S Whaley to Donald Whang
Kwang Whang to Claudene Wharton
Clifford Wharton to Wanda Wharton
Wendee Wharton to Gina Wheatcroft
Daniel Wheat to W Wheatley
Lola Wheat to Sharon Wheat
Tim Wheat to Bob Wheeler
Bobby Wheeler to Danielle Wheeler
Dann Wheeler to F Wheeler
Fay Wheeler to Jed Wheeler
Jeff Wheeler to Kevin Wheeler
Kim Wheeler to Maureen Wheeler
Melinda Wheeler to Roderick Wheeler
Rodney Wheeler to Tom Wheeler
Tracy Wheeler to Neil Wheelock
Paul Wheelock to Matthew Whelan
P Whelan to M Wherry
Mark Wherry to Ken Whichard
Alfred Whichelo to A Whinery
E Whinery to Bridget Whipple
Bud Whipple to J Whipple
James Whipple to Norma Whipple
Paige Whipple to J Whisenant
Jeffrey Whisenant to Michael Whisler
Nancy Whisler to Rodney Whistle
Rosemary Whistler to Corrina Whitaker
D Whitaker to Henry Whitaker
J Whitaker to Marsha Whitaker
Mary Whitaker to Tennie Whitaker
Tennille Whitaker to C Whitcher
Cindy Whitcher to Jean Whitcraft
C White-Lantz to Alan White
Albert White to Arthur White
Audra White to Beverly White
Bill White to C White
Calvin White to Cheri White
Cheryl White to Billy Whitecotton
Bryan Whitecotton to Daniel White
Danl White to Eugene Whited
Devanie White to Douglas White
P Whited to Eliz White
Elizabeth White to Floyd White
Avelina Whiteford to Geoffrey White
George White to Hartley White
Hazel White to Flora Whitehead
Floyd Whitehead to Marc Whitehead
Margaret Whitehead to V Whitehead
Val Whitehead to Jay Whitehouse
John Whitehouse to J White
Jace White to Jerald White
Jere White to John White
Johnnie White to Keith White
Kellie White to La White
Lacinda White to Dennis Whiteley
Dineen Whiteley to Lowell White
Luther White to Dean Whiteman
Don Whiteman to Marion White
Marjorie White to Michelle White
Mike White to Qrsoet Whitener
R Whitener to Patrick White
Patsy White to Randy White
Ray White to Robert White
Roberta White to Rosalina White
Rosalinda White to M Whitesage
Saidee White to Shelly White
Sheri White to G Whitesides
Sharon Whiteside to Steven White
Stormy White to Tiffany White
Tim White to Virginia White
W White to Amy Whitfield
Andrea Whitfield to Mildred Whitfield
Neville Whitfield to Wendy Whitford
William Whitford to Jeffrey Whiting
Joani Whiting to Anna Whitley
Aquichia Whitley to Linda Whitley
Lou Whitley to Carol Whitlock
Cha Whitlock to Sidney Whitlock
T Whitlock to Cheryl Whitman
Christopher Whitman to Theresa Whitmarsh
Arthur Whitmer to Anne Whitmore
Arva Whitmore to Jason Whitmore
Jo Whitmore to Valentina Whitmore
Verida Whitmore to Catherine Whitney
Catrina Whitney to Elizabeth Whitney
Elsie Whitney to Keresa Whitney
Kerry Whitney to Neal Whitney
Pam Whitney to Susan Whitney
Sylvia Whitney to Michael Whitsitt
Randy Whitsitt to Chris Whittaker
Christopher Whittaker to Patricia Whittaker
Phil Whittaker to Regina Whitted
Robert Whitted to Brandon Whittenburg
Carl Whittenburg to Lewis Whitten
M Whitten to Robert Whittey
Sharon Whittey to Lisa Whittington
Lora Whittington to Steven Whittlesey
William Whittlesey to Sandra Whitt
Stephen Whitt to George Whitworth
Irene Whitworth to Jehosuha Wholstein
Donna Whomble to Colleen Whyte
E Whyte to Gregory Wible
Jill Wible to Ramona Wich
Jaimie Wichser to Davey Wicker
Evelyn Wicker to Kathy Wickersham
Kevin Wickersham to Connie Wickham
David Wickham to Justus Wick
Kathie Wick to Elizabeth Wicklund
Elsa Wicklund to Charles Wicks
Daniel Wicks to Robert Wickware
Ronald Wickware to Charles Widel
Aline Widell to George Widich
Bridget Widick to Michael Widmer
Phyllis Widmer to Maruice Wiebelhaus
Linda Wiebe to John Wiechec
Lois Wiechec to Jacquelin Wiedemann
Janna Wiedemann to Stephanie Wiedmer
Thomas Wiedmeyer to Richard Wiegel
Amanda Wiegend to Judy Wieldy
Diane Wielebski to Edward Wienefeld
Terri Wienefeld to Ida Wiens
Maynard Wiensjr to Diane Wiese
Dwight Wiese to Aloys Wieser
Ralph Wiese to Amy Wiess
Seymour Wiessen to Winifred Wigal
Cinda Wigand to B Wiggins
Barbara Wiggins to Gene Wiggins
George Wiggins to Milton Wiggins
Mitchell Wiggins to V Wiggins
Vaughn Wiggins to Dane Wightman
Deacon Wightman to William Wigmore
Brian Wignall to James Wikan
Jim Wikan to Arthit Wilalai
D Wilander to Charles Wilbur
Clair Wilbur to E Wilchins
J Wilcken to Cody Wilcox
D Wilcox to Kim Wilcox
Kimberly Wilcox to Tricia Wilcox
Vanessa Wilcox to Mike Wilde
Patrick Wilde to Lawrence Wildermuth
Robert Wilde to Darrell Wildman
Darwin Wildman to E Wiley
Eleanor Wiley to Stephen Wiley
Steve Wiley to C Wilhelm
Charles Wilhelm to John Wilhite
Kenneth Wilhite to Charlotte Wilkerson
Cindy Wilkerson to Cheryl Wilkes
D Wilkes to J Wilkin
Jennifer Wilkin to Kerstin Wilkins
L Wilkins to J Wilkinson
Jaime Wilkinson to Robert Wilkinson
Russell Wilkinson to Lea Wilks
Lori Wilks to J Willard
James Willard to M Willden
Nick Willden to Judy Willets
C Willett to Lois Willey
Lorene Willey to N William
C Williamns to Adrienne Williams
Aeron Williams to Ann Williams
Anna Williams to B Williams
Bailey Williams to Billie Williams
Billy Williams to C Williams
Calvin Williams to Charles Williams
Charlie Williams to Coeray Williams
Colby Williams to D Williams
Dagny Williams to David Williams
Dawna Williams to Diana Williams
Diane Williams to E Williams
Earl Williams to Erin Williams
Ernest Williams to G Williams
Gail Williams to H Williams
Harold Williams to J Williams
Jabari Williams to Janeth Williams
Janice Williams to Jerome Williams
Jerrilyn Williams to John Williams
Johnie Williams to Justin Williams
K Williams to Kay Williams
Keela Williams to Krynn Williams
Krystle Williams to Laleeta Williams
Landra Williams to Linda Williams
Lionel Williams to M Williams
Madelene Williams to Mary Williams
Matt Williams to Mike Williams
Milas Williams to Norma Williams
Norman Williams to Debra Williamson
Delmar Williamson to Leni Williamson
Lenora Williamson to Ross Williamson
S Williamson to Paul Williams
Paula Williams to R Williams
Raina Williams to Robert Williams
Roberta Williams to Russell Williams
Ruth Williams to Samson Williams
Samuel Williams to Shirley Williams
Shona Williams to T Williams
Tabatha Williams to Tobin Williams
Todd Williams to Venus Williams
Vernell Williams to Willie Williams
Wilma Williams to Paul Willinger
Bruce Willingham to C Willis
Carol Willis to J Willis
Jacie Willis to Mendi Willis
Merideth Willis to Vernon Willis
W Willis to A Willoughby
Amy Willoughby to George Wills
Bill Willsie to Mary Willuhn
M Willwerth to Brian Wilsey
D Wilsey to Allyn Wilson
Alyson Wilson to B Wilson
Barbara Wilson to Brent Wilson
Brett Wilson to Carla Wilson
Carmelita Wilson to Chuck Wilson
Cindy Wilson to D Wilson
Dale Wilson to Debra Wilson
Delmer Wilson to Earle Wilson
Ed Wilson to Finis Wilson
Fletcher Wilson to George Wilson
Georgia Wilson to Heather Wilson
Helen Wilson to J Wilson
Jack Wilson to Jeff Wilson
Jeffery Wilson to Josh Wilson
Joshua Wilson to Kathi Wilson
Kathleen Wilson to L Wilson
Ladonna Wilson to Lynda Wilson
Lynden Wilson to Marilyn Wilson
Mark Wilson to Mike Wilson
Milton Wilson to P Wilson
Pamela Wilson to Randy Wilson
Raymond Wilson to Robert Wilson
Roberta Wilson to S Wilson
Sabrina Wilson to Stephen Wilson
Steve Wilson to Trinity Wilson
V Wilson to Wm Wilson
Woody Wilson to Bud Wimber
C Wimberley to Elaine Wimbush
Rogers Wimbush to Peter Wimmer
Richard Wimmer to M Winans
Mark Winans to James Winborg
Richard Winborg to Grant Winchell
I Winchell to Gary Winchester
Grace Winchester to Garth Winckler
W Winckler to Mont Winder
Nathan Winder to Judy Windham
K Windham to Helen Windish
Stephanie Windish to Kathleen Windress
Richard Windrich to Alan Winebrenner
Arlene Winebrenner to Lois Wineman
Donna Winemiller to Keith Wines
Kelly Wines to Naomi Winfinld
A Winford to Leland Wingard
R Wingard to Cynthia Winger
D Winger to Elizabeth Wingfield
James Wingfield to Reed Wingo
Tammy Wingo to Tina Wininger
Elaine Winistorfer to R Winkelried
Robert Winkel to Clifford Winkler
David Winkler to Paul Winkler
Peter Winkler to John Winlow
Maung Win to John Winnepenninkx
Preston Winne to Howard Winn
Joe Winnicki to K Winn
Kathryn Winn to Tenley Winn
Thelton Winn to S Winsley
Sara Winsley to Patrick Winslow
Pauline Winslow to K Winstanley
Roy Winstanley to M Winston
Marcya Winston to Billie Winter
Michael Winterboer to Ryan Winterfeld
Floyd Winter to L Winter
Lacey Winter to Robert Winter
Ronald Winter to Christoph Winters
Christy Winters to J Winters
Jack Winters to Michael Winters
Morley Winters to Vernon Winters
Vicki Winters to Joyce Winton
Kim Winton to Elijah Wion
Mo Wion to Gerald Wirkkala
Helen Wirkkala to James Wirth
Jeff Wirth to Gary Wirths
Sharon Wirth to Staci Wischmeier
Glenn Wischmeyer to Allan Wise
Alvin Wise to Clyde Wise
Connie Wise to Roger Wisehart
Heidi Wise to Rita Wiseley
Linda Wise to Jerry Wiseman
John Wiseman to Michele Wise
Mickel Wise to Monty Wiser
Robert Wise to Deborah Wishart
Ed Wishart to Sharon Wismer
Marjorie Wisnefski to Mary Wisniewski
Maxine Wisniewski to Roger Wisted
Ramey Wisterman to Pamela Witcombe
April Witcraft to Lisa Witherell
Michael Witherell to Barbara Witherspoon
C Witherspoon to Stephen Withey
Stewart Withey to Desiree Witkovic
James Witkovic to Teresa Witmer
Albert Witmore to D Witt
David Witt to Dean Wittenberg
Donna Wittenberg to Linda Witter
Michelle Witter to Linda Witthaus
Rodney Witthaus to Jeffrey Witt
Jerry Witt to Gene Wittman
Gerald Wittman to R Witt
Randy Witt to Joseph Wittwer
Kelly Wittwer to Jodi Witzeling
J Witzel to Jerome Wixted
Susan Wixted to Diane Wodarczak
Doris Wodarczyk to Bobby Woelfert
David Woelfle to Charles Woessner
Douglas Woessner to Mike Wogan
Terrrence Wogan to Diana Wohlford
Gerald Wohlford to M Wojciechawski
Connie Wojciechowsk to Thomas Wojcik
Wendy Wojcik to John Wojtowicz
Keith Wojtowicz to Kenneth Wolbers
Andrew Wolbert to Elane Wold
Leya Wolde to Melaku Woldmeskel
Nancy Wold to Bob Wolf
Bonnie Wolf to A Wolfe
Adele Wolfe to Demi Wolfe
Denise Wolfe to Irvin Wolfe
Ivy Wolfe to Lynnjami Wolfe
M Wolfe to Patricia Wolfe
Patrick Wolfe to Sheila Wolfe
Shirley Wolfe to Catherine Wolff
Cathy Wolff to Kyle Wolff
L Wolff to Victor Wolff
G Wolf to J Wolf
James Wolf to Harry Wolfley
Holly Wolfley to Oleta Wolf
A Wolford to Patrick Wolf
Patti Wolf to Rowland Wolf
Roxanne Wolf to Barbara Wolfsteller
Charles Wolfsteller to Christophe Wolke
Beth Wolken to Michael Wollard
Patricia Wollard to Richard Wollmann
Richard Wollman to Elisa Wolpert
Ellen Wolpert to Eric Wolterding
Donna Wolter to Guadalupe Wolverton
Harold Wolverton to Ethel Womack
F Womack to Sidney Womack
Stacy Womack to Megan Wonderly
Daniel Wonders to B Wong
Bennie Wong to Delbert Wong
Denia Wong to Ho Wong
Howan Wong to Ki Wong
Kim Wong to Mingchia Wong
Minnie Wong to Sam Wong
Sau Wong to Wilson Wong
Wing Wong to D Woo
Judy Wood-Nunez to A Woodams
Amy Wood to Dale Woodard
Dana Woodard to Kim Woodard
Kristi Woodard to Arthur Wood
Austine Wood to Marquerit Woodbridge
Bridgette Wood to John Woodbury
Jordan Woodbury to Carolyn Wood
Catherine Wood to Lee Woodcock
Nicole Woodcock to Danny Wood
Darcee Wood to Donna Wood
Doris Wood to Melanie Wooden
Melvin Wooden to M Woodford
Muriel Woodford to Robert Woodger
Susan Woodger to Helga Wood
Heyward Wood to Shauna Woodington
J Woodin to Jerome Wood
Jerrold Wood to Karl Wood
Kathaleen Wood to Marry Woodland
Michael Woodland to Lincoln Wood
Linda Wood to John Woodman
Judy Woodman to Marvin Wood
Mary Wood to Orville Wood
Oscar Wood to Regina Wood
Regine Wood to Robert Wood
Roberta Wood to Carol Woodruff
Catherine Woodruff to L Woodruff
Larry Woodruff to Dale Woodrum
Dennis Woodrum to Alonzo Woods
Alvin Woods to C Woods
Candice Woods to David Woods
Dawnine Woods to Emma Woods
Emmet Woods to Sheila Wood
Helen Woods to Jean Woods
Jeanetta Woods to K Woods
Kari Woods to Lois Woods
Lonnie Woods to Michael Woods
Mike Woods to Marvin Woodson
Mischell Woodson to Randall Woods
Randy Woods to Sheri Woods
Sherrie Woods to Trent Woods
J Woodstrom to Tamara Wood
Tami Wood to Wanda Wood
Aaron Woodward to H Woodward
James Woodward to Raymond Woodward
Rex Woodward to Betty Woodworth
Brenda Woodworth to Robert Woodworth
Ronald Woodworth to Lola Woody
M Woody to Jiann Woo
Joseph Woo to J Woolbright
Kenneth Woolbright to Anthony Woolery
Deborah Woolery to Linda Wooley
Lola Wooley to Arloa Woolford
Dixie Woolford to Ray Woolley
Richard Woolley to Brent Woolsey
C Woolsey to Carolyn Woolston
Cecile Woolston to Ming Woo
Bryan Wooner to Sydney Woo
Linda Woosypiti to Ralph Wooten
Richard Wooten to Paul Wootton
Roger Wootton to Ceceilia Worden
Charles Worden to John Word
Kimber Word to Christopher Workings
Trey Working to Ethel Workman
Everett Workman to Marvin Workman
Merlin Workman to E Works
Selena Work to Deborah Worley
Donald Worley to Laurel Worline
Reagan Worling to Michael Wornek
Theresa Wornek to Michael Worrell
R Worrell to Cynthia Wortham
Deborah Wortham to Jacquelin Worthen
James Worthen to Erich Worth
Eva Wortherly to M Worthington
Margaret Worthington to Susan Worth
Tabatha Worth to Sabrina Wosick
Lise Wosic to Peter Woxland
Linda Woyach to Joseph Woznick
Alan Woznuk to Dean Wray
Dennise Wray to Chris Wren
D Wren to Hal Wrentmore
James Wrentmore to Alice Wright
Alisha Wright to B Wright
Barbara Wright to Brian Wright
Brittany Wright to Chas Wright
Cherilyn Wright to D Wright
Dale Wright to Dawn Wright
Dean Wright to Dorothy Wright
Dorthea Wright to Ethel Wright
Etheridge Wright to Gene Wright
Genene Wright to Harry Wright
Harvey Wright to Jane Wright
Janelle Wright to John Wright
Johnie Wright to Kathy Wright
Kay Wright to Laurel Wright
Lauren Wright to M Wright
Mac Wright to Mervin Wright
Michael Wright to Novella Wright
Olga Wright to R Wright
Rachel Wright to Robin Wright
Robrick Wright to Samuel Wright
Sandra Wright to Stacy Wright
Stanley Wright to Tommy Wright
Toni Wright to William Wright
Willie Wright to Dolores Wroblewski
Don Wroblewski to Henry Wrothey
David Wroughton to Nardos Wube
Shemelis Wube to J Wuertz
Matthew Wuerzburger to L Wu
S Wulbrecht to Li Wu
Lili Wu to Xenia Wunderlich
Christine Wunderlin to Anne Wurfel
Richard Wu to Peter Wurtz
Richard Wurtz to Tawny Wutzke
V Wu to Amada Wyatt
April Wyatt to Dennis Wyatt
Dian Wyatt to Joyce Wyatt
Juanita Wyatt to Milton Wyatt
Myra Wyatt to Vernon Wyatt
Victoria Wyatt to Marvin Wycoff
Mary Wycoff to Joy Wykes
William Wyke to Frank Wylie
H Wylie to R Wyllie
Richard Wyllie to Karen Wyman
Katharine Wyman to A Wynants
Shirley Wynant to Paul Wynkoop
Sherry Wynkoop to Kevin Wynne
Elaine Wynn to Lori Wynn
M Wynn to Craig Wyosnick
Debra Wypior to Warren Wyrick
M Wyrosdick to B Wyss