North Dakota

The letter is R

Michael Quinn to Timothy Raab
Tina Raab to Myrna Rabe
Gary Rabenberg to Leonard Raddohl
Rebecca Raddohl to Jim Rader
Joseph Rader to Curt Radke
Curtis Radke to H Radtke
Holly Radtke to Jay Raghupathi
Annette Ragle to Vernon Raile
Eileen Railing to Ellery Rall
Gary Rall to Carmen Rambousek
Carol Rambousek to Charlotte Rampy
Marjorie Ramsay to Melonie Ramsey
Nancy Ramsey to Diana Randall
Dustin Randall to Justin Randolph
Linda Randolph to Gerald Ranum
Ken Ranum to A Rask
Allan Rask to Donald Rasmussen
Donna Rasmussen to Susan Rasmussen
Tim Rasmussen to Loraine Raszler
Lorraine Raszler to J Rathert
Karen Rathert to Taunya Rath
Theodor Rath to Dennis Rau
Diane Rau to Lori Rauschenberger
Paula Rauschenberger to Carlin Rave
S Raveleing to Carol Raymond
Claudia Raymond to Peter Readel
Randy Readel to Gary Rebel
Helen Rebel to Bill Rector
David Rector to Hansen Red
Horse Red to Paula Redmann
Randall Redmann to Andrew Reed
Angie Reed to Susan Reed
Terry Reed to William Reese
J Rees to Cletus Regner
Earl Regner to P Rehling
Vicky Rehling to Timothy Reichenberg
Ernest Reich to Linda Reid
Irene Reidman to Joe Reiger
Lena Reiger to Esther Reimche
Gerald Reimche to Dave Reimnitz
Faith Reimnitz to Leroy Reineke
Nick Reineke to Anne Reinhardt
Bryan Reinhardt to Gary Reinholdt
Loren Reinholdt to Kathy Reinke
Kenneth Reinke to Brian Reisenauer
C Reisenauer to Jon Reiser
Kay Reiser to Patricia Reiss
Steven Reis to Scott Reitan
Shirley Reitan to Duane Reitmeier
Karmen Reitmeier to Don Remillong
Paul Remillong to Ronald Rempfer
Sue Rempfer to Angie Renfrow
Charles Renfrow to Craig Renner
Curtis Renner to R Renner
Ralph Renner to J Renschler
Leo Renschler to Broken Repair
Sanita Repak to Adam Ressler
Alice Ressler to Nadine Ressler
Pam Ressler to Quentin Retterath
Shawna Retterath to H Retzlaff
Hazel Retzlaff to Paulette Reule
Stephen Reule to Doreen Rexine
Eugene Rexine to Elizabeth Reynolds
Evelyn Reynolds to Florence Rham
Gail Rham to Donna Rhees
Daniel Rheesjr to Beryl Rhone
Brenda Rhone to Dan Rice
Dave Rice to Robert Rice
Roberta Rice to Jason Richard
Joan Richard to Charles Richardson
Chris Richardson to Ross Richards
Ruth Richards to Peter Richman
Stacy Richman to David Richter
Dean Richter to Lori Richter
Ludvina Richter to Howard Richtsmeier
Jason Richtsmeier to Julie Ricks
Kathryn Ricks to Dale Ridley
Doris Ridley to David Rieder
Donovan Rieder to Russell Riedlinger
S Riedlinger to Mark Rieger
May Rieger to Marsha Riely
Patrick Riely to Ronald Ries
Scott Ries to Geri Riley
Gregory Riley to Dwight Rindahl
Jerome Rindahl to James Ringelman
Darrell Ringenberg to Chester Ringwall
Kris Ringwall to Diane Ripplinger
Don Ripplinger to Thea Risa
Todd Risa to Keeley Riskey
Lorraine Riskey to William Ritchie
Juanita Ritchotte to Joey Ritter
Larry Ritter to Nancy Ritzke
Nita Ritzke to Shannon Rivers
Allen Rivinius to S Rix
Tanner Rix to Darrell Robbins
David Robbins to Bros Robert
Jeannine Robert to Jeff Roberts
Jeffery Roberts to J Robertson
Jade Robertson to Wayne Robey
Amy Robideau to Cyndy Robinson
Cynthia Robinson to Larry Robinson
Larwence Robinson to Tom Roble
Blaise Roblewsky to Darla Rockney
Darryl Rockney to April Rodas
James Rodde to A Rodewald
Cassandra Rodewald to Janice Rodlin
Carl Rodlund to Virginia Rodriguez
Mariano Rodriques to Judy Roed
Laurie Roed to Henry Roehrich
J Roehrich to Jacob Roemmich
Jerald Roemmich to Michelle Roerick
Raejean Roerick to Susan Roe
Alpha Roeszler to Debi Rogers
Debra Rogers to Gen Roggenbuck
Neil Roggenbuck to Philip Rognlie
L Rognlin to Richard Rohde
Robert Rohde to Eileen Rohr
Elizabeth Rohr to Katherine Rohrich
Kelly Rohrich to Carol Roise
D Roise to Robert Rolf
Ellen Rolfsnes to Lowell Rolland
Merrie Rolland to Joseph Roller
Judith Roller to Keith Rollman
Kenneth Rollman to Laurie Romanoski
Marian Romanoski to Darcy Romine
Darin Romine to Sylvia Rondeau
Dana Ronde to Margaret Ronnie
Mitchell Ronnie to Barb Rood
Barbara Rood to Betty Roos
Chuck Roos to R Rosario
Tusker Rosario to Gary Roseen
Frank Rose to Tyrone Rosenau
Vicki Rosenau to Kermit Rosendahl
Lloyd Rosendahl to Richard Rose
Robert Rose to David Rosinski
Gene Rosinski to Hal Ross
Howard Ross to Jr Rossow
Kendra Rossow to Jon Rostad
Julie Rostad to Conrad Rostvet
Derek Rostvet to Cindy Roth
Clair Roth to Rick Rothhouse
Howard Roth to Norman Roth
Paul Roth to Ione Rott
James Rott to Lynnell Rourke
Pat Rourke to Orlan Rovig
Delores Rowan to Kathleen Rowland
Margo Rowland to Terry Roy
Tracy Roy to Luana Ruby
Paulie Ruby to Elroy Rude
Evelyn Rude to Shirley Rude
James Rudesill to Randall Rudnick
Randy Rudnick to Della Rudolph
Don Rudolph to Stephanie Rud
Thomas Rud to Mark Rue
Milton Rue to Barbara Rufsvold
Colleen Rufsvold to Bob Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz to Jr Runck
Lynn Runck to E Runyan
Lori Runyan to Nancy Rusch
Paul Rusch to Irvin Russell
Jaimi Russell to Georgeann Rustad
Gerald Rustad to Calvin Rust
Carol Rust to Renee Ruter
Myron Rutgers to Mary Rutten
Rachel Rutten to Lee Ruzicka
Mike Ruzicka to Suzanne Ryan
Tammy Ryan to James Ryckman
Jason Ryckman to Harold Rygg
James Rygg to T Rystad