North Dakota

The letter is C

Robert Byrne to Jennifer Cabezas
Heinz Cabin to Dennis Cahoon
Dicky Cahoon to Annette Caldwell
Barbi Caldwell to Lisa Callahan
Marvin Callahan to Don Cameron
Donald Cameron to Cassidy Campbell
Chelsea Campbell to L Campbell
Lance Campbell to Jamell Camper
Michael Camperud to Jill Cannon
Joel Cannon to Jennifer Capman
Albert Capouch to Scott Carew
Dan Carey to Joan Carlblom
John Carlblom to Barbara Carlson
Bernadette Carlson to Collin Carlson
Conrad Carlson to Edith Carlson
Edward Carlson to J Carlson
Jack Carlson to Kevin Carlson
Kim Carlson to R Carlson
Rachel Carlson to Dale Carlsrud
Dave Carlsrud to Speight Caroon
Alvin Carow to Love Carpenter
Lyle Carpenter to James Carriere
Jerome Carriere to Gary Carroll
Jason Carroll to Terrence Carson
Tom Carson to Lee Carter
Leonard Carter to Joan Carvell
June Carvell to Lisa Case
Lloyd Case to Alexis Cassatt
Elmer Cassatt to David Caswell
Don Caswell to Art Cavallo
Kevin Cavanagh to Florence Cebula
J Cebula to Max Center
New Center to Daniel Cervantes
Fernando Cervantes to Thomas Chaffee
Vicki Chaffee to Michael Chamness
Anna Champagne to Samantha Channel
Paul Chan to Teresa Chapman
Thomas Chapman to Darlene Charbonneau
Darryl Charbonneau to Jeanne Charlebois
John Charlebois to Rita Charon
Terry Charon to Leland Chase
Leroy Chase to K Chavez
Laura Chavez to Angela Cherney
Annette Cherney to Jeffrey Chicaderia
Florence Chickosky to Keith Chisholm
Kenneth Chisholm to Dan Chrest
Deanna Chrest to Clifford Christensen
Cory Christensen to Janice Christensen
Janie Christensen to Randy Christensen
Rayeann Christensen to Erick Christenson
Erik Christenson to E Christian
Erna Christian to Steven Christiansen
Sue Christiansen to Dale Christianson
Dan Christianson to Janet Christianson
Janice Christianson to Madelyn Christianson
Marcia Christianson to Wayne Christianson
Pam Christians to Bertha Christman
Carolyn Christman to Gail Christopher
Genisha Christopher to John Christopherson
Kandy Christopherson to First Churc
of Church-Pars to Keith Church
Kendall Church to Rainbow Church
Sacred Church to Trudi Chwailkowski
Adam Chwialkowski to Dan Cieslak
J Cieslak to Chuck Clairmont
Donald Clairmont to Becky Clark
Bernice Clark to Doris Clark
Dorothy Clark to K Clark
Karen Clark to S Clark
Sandra Clark to Darwin Claus
Deanna Claus to Lorelee Clay
Mabel Clay to Frank Clemens
Garfield Clemens to A Clementich
Barbara Clementich to Denis Cleveland
Dennis Cleveland to C Cline
Donna Cline to Bradford Clott
Cheryl Clott to Ronald Clow
Scott Clow to Lori Cochrane
Martin Cochrane to Joaquin Cofell
M Cofell to C Cogsdell
D Cohee to Alicia Cole
Angela Cole to Clayton Coleman
Corene Coleman to Leslie Colen
Margo Colenso to David Collette
Dean Collette to Ann Collins
Anne Collins to Scott Collins
Stephanie Collins to B Combs
Barbara Combs to Alice Compton
Anne Compton to Thomas Condon
James Condra to Pete Conlin
T Conlin to Caroline Connelly
Clementine Connelly to Bryon Conover
George Conover to Israel Contreras
Lupe Contreras to D Cook
Dale Cook to Kathleen Cook
Kim Cook to Virginia Cook
Ward Cook to Dave Cooper
David Cooper to Joann Copeland
Kayla Copeland to Andrea Corcoran
Char Corcoran to Clarence Corneil
Janice Corneil to Jill Corradi
Aimee Correa to Scott Cory
Kenny Corzette to Kenneth Cossette
Kirk Cossette to Maynard Cota
Pamela Cota to Dean Cottingham
Diane Cottingham to Hal Coultas
Willard Coultas to Valjean Courchene
P Courneya to John Cowardin
Lewis Cowardin to Donald Cox
Donna Cox to Cheryl Coyle
Delmar Coyle to Dan Craig
Dennis Craig to Daro Crandall
Darwayne Crandall to Charlotte Crawford
Clark Crawford to Mike Craw
Neil Crawn to William Cresap
Dawn Crespin to Michael Crist
Randy Crist to Rolla C
E Croll to T Crook
Cheryl Croonquist to Tobias Croteau
Daniel Crothers to Adrian Crowfeather
Flies Crow to Kristen Crumby
Clark Crum to Marian Culbertson
V Culbertson to Ruth Cumber
Wayne Cumber to Carol Cunningham
Dale Cunningham to Ranko Curic
Carrie Curie to Andrew Curtis
Bonita Curtis to Wendal Cushing
Barry Cushman to Michael Cymbal
Dustin Cymbaluk to Scott Czerwinski