North Dakota

The letter is A

A A to Jon Aaker
Andrew Aakre to Nicole Aamold
Peter Aamold to Alan Aarhus
Ethel Aarhus to Juanita Aase
Ken Aase to Joseph Aas
Kathleen Aas to Artem Abdukakharov
Dr Abdullah to Rita Abercrombie
Adam Aberle to R Aberle
Ralph Aberle to Brian Abraham
Bruce Abraham to Jeffrey Abrahamson
Joann Abrahamson to Evonne Acheson
Jr Acheson to Edward Ackerman
Elaine Ackerman to Ronald Ackerson
Stella Ackerson to Gaylen Adam
Harry Adam to Dawn Adams
Dean Adams to Kathy Adams
Kelli Adams to Sherree Adams
Sherrie Adams to Steve Adkins
Steven Adkins to David Aeschliman
Russell Aeschliman to Janet Agnes
Jerald Agnes to Floyd Ahl
Amanda Ahlgren to Helen Aho
James Aho to Lori Aipperspach
Pauleen Aipperspach to Rose Akongo
Amanda Akovenko to Jeffery Albers
Jim Albers to Delbert Albertson
Delores Albertson to David Albrecht
Dawn Albrecht to Natalie Albrecht
Paul Albrecht to C Alcorn
Jose Alcozer to Bertha Alefteras
Wilhelm Alef to Peter Alexander
Randy Alexander to Shaukat Ali
C Alishouse to David Allard
Dawn Allard to Bobbie Allen
Breakfast Allen to Julie Allen
K Allen to Brian Allerdings
Kendall Allerdings to Judy Alley
Karla Alley to Dean Allmendinger
Deb Allmendinger to Melody Alme
Ardell Almen to Geraldine Almond
Jeremy Almond to Howard Altenburg
Janeene Altenburg to John Althof
S Althof to Ronda Alvarez
Scott Alvar to Gwen Aman
John Aman to Bonnie Amble
Diane Amble to Angela Ames
B Ames to Robert Amptman
Donna Amrein to Byron Amundson
C Amundson to Loren Amundson
Lynn Amundson to Lidia Anchondo
Doug Anda to Galen Andersen
Gary Andersen to Aaron Anderson
Adam Anderson to Anita Anderson
Ann Anderson to Barbara Anderson
Barry Anderson to Brent Anderson
Bret Anderson to Carolyn Anderson
Carrie Anderson to Cindy Anderson
Clarence Anderson to Dale Anderson
Dallas Anderson to David Anderson
Dawn Anderson to Dianne Anderson
Dick Anderson to E Anderson
Earl Anderson to F Anderson
Farm Anderson to Gladys Anderson
Glen Anderson to Howard Anderson
Hugo Anderson to Janet Anderson
Janice Anderson to Jim Anderson
Joan Anderson to Judith Anderson
Judy Anderson to Ken Anderson
Kenneth Anderson to Lana Anderson
Lance Anderson to Lindie Anderson
Lindsey Anderson to Mandy Anderson
Manley Anderson to Maryann Anderson
Marylyn Anderson to Mona Anderson
Monte Anderson to Paul Anderson
Paula Anderson to Richard Anderson
Rick Anderson to Ruby Anderson
Rudy Anderson to Shelly Anderson
Sheri Anderson to Terrance Anderson
Terrence Anderson to W Anderson
Wade Anderson to Byron Andre
David Andre to Lyle Andrews
Mark Andrews to Arlyn Anfinrud
John Anfinrud to Cindy Anhorn
Courtney Anhorn to Lilly Ann
Bob Annon to Betty Anton
Beverly Anton to Cindy Anwiler
Lynn Anwiler to James Arabian
Nyna Aragon to Marc Arcoria
Carol Arden to Dwight Arens
Gene Arens to Veldt Arlin
Dean Arlt to Catherine Armstrong
Cathy Armstrong to Phillip Armstrong
R Armstrong to Lloyd Arndt
Lori Arndt to Dawn Arneson
Dean Arneson to B Arnold
Barry Arnold to Rodney Arnold
Roman Arnold to Steve Arnt
Steven Arnt to B Arth
Caroline Arth to M Arves
Maurice Arves to Brian Ash
Jan Ashburn to Roger Ash
Sheryl Ash to Donald Askvig
Gary Askvig to Paul Asplund
Christopher Assel to Jack Atkinson
Janet Atkinson to Ben Auch
Bennie Auch to Nancy Aughinbaugh
Paul Aughinbaugh to Charles Aune
Dale Aune to Ed Ausk
Julie Ausk to Jerolyn Austin
Joanne Austin to Jeff Avelsgaard
John Avelsgaard to Mathew Axelson
Michael Axelson to James Axtman
Jeanne Axtman to D Axvig
Dale Axvig to Denise Azure
Dolly Azure to Linda Azure