The letter is Y

Burke Xmlam to Georgana Yahvah
Kenneth Yahvah to Michelle Yannuzzi
Tom Yanok to Ed Yarnall
Helen Yarnall to Lynn Yates
M Yates to George Yeager
Glen Yeager to Peter Yegen
Yegen Yegen to Gary Yerger
Harold Yerger to Rita Yirsa
Shirley Yirsa to Marjorie Yonkaitis
Craig Yonker to Ray Yoss
Arlene Yost to Amanda Young
Amy Young to Brian Young
Bruce Young to Darryl Young
David Young to Garry Young
Gary Young to Jim Young
Jo Young to Lloyd Young
Loren Young to Phillip Young
Priscilla Young to Teddy Young
Tera Young to Mark Youso
William Youso to Cody Yurek