The letter is W

Patricia Vukasin to Mark Wachsman
Daniel Wachsmuth to Robert Waddell
Roy Waddell to Michael Wade
Mike Wade to Robert Wagar
Roxa Wagar to Alan Wagner
Alf Wagner to D Wagner
Dan Wagner to James Wagner
Jan Wagner to M Wagner
Margaret Wagner to T Wagner
Tarmara Wagner to Eldon Wahl
Eleanor Wahl to Joseph Waiksnis
William Wainford to Joshua Wakkinen
David Wakley to Carol Wald
Danine Wald to G Waldner
Jake Waldner to Durward Waldusky
Vernon Waldusky to Alene Walker
Alfred Walker to Cheryl Walker
Clair Walker to Eileen Walker
Elaine Walker to Jimmy Walker
Joann Walker to Matthew Walker
Maxie Walker to Sandie Walker
Sandra Walker to Bjarne Walla
Adrianne Wallace to J Wallace
Jack Wallace to Norman Wallace
P Wallace to C Wall
Camden Wall to Jennifer Waller
Jerry Waller to Angie Walling
Dan Walling to Leonard Wall
Lester Wall to J Walrath
Jack Walrath to Jack Walsh
James Walsh to Robert Walsmith
Darrell Walstad to Cliff Walter
Cody Walter to Larry Walter
Laura Walter to Corleen Walters
Corra Walters to Mike Walters
Mona Walters to Bobby Walton
C Walton to Gary Walz
Gerald Walz to Christine Wandishin
Eric Wandishin to Amy Wangseng
Edna Wangseng to Dan Wanquist
K Wanroy to B Ward
Barb Ward to David Ward
Denny Ward to Gary Ward
Gaylean Ward to Julie Ward
Julita Ward to Nancy Ward
Bill Wardner to Broch Ware
Buck Ware to Nick Warhurst
Brenda Warila-Cox to Bob Warner
Brad Warner to Kelly Warner
Kevin Warner to James Warnken
Richard Warnken to Ellis Warren
Erin Warren to Ted Warren
Thaine Warren to Scott Warwood
Dena Warych to Bernie Wasser
Warren Wasserburger to Brent Waters
Brett Waters to A Watkins
Amanda Watkins to Osborne Watkins
Patricia Watkins to Chuck Watson
Clarence Watson to J Watson
Jackie Watson to M Watson
Marci Watson to William Watson
Alison Watt to R Watt
Robert Watt to Terry Wattson
Pat Watts to Patricia Waylett
M Way to Nadine Weaselbear
Tiffany Weaselbear to Mary Weatherwax
Tad Weatherwax to Elana Weaver
Elizabeth Weaver to Norman Weaver
Otto Weaver to D Webb
Daniel Webb to Gina Webb
Harold Webb to Gloria Webby
Adam Weber to Elerd Weber
Elizabeth Weber to Leon Weber
Leslie Weber to Randy Webie
David Webinger to Michele Webster
Mike Webster to Shirley Wedlake
Cindy Wedlund to Debra Weeks
Donna Weeks to Jeanette Wegh
John Wegh to Steven Wegner
Teresa Wegner to D Weidauer
B Weide to Jennifer Weidow
Jesse Weidow to Roxanne Weikel
William Weikel to Angela Weimer
Candy Weimer to W Weingart
Jim Weinhandl to Nancy Weis-Onofrio
A Weis to Heather Weis
Heidi Weis to Erving Weissman
Jerrold Weissman to Corinne Welborn
Dan Welborn to Eugene Welch
Evelyn Welch to Terri Welch
Theodor Welch to Kevin Wellard
Maryann Wellbank to Frank Welliver
K Welliver to Duane Wells
Ed Wells to Patti Wells
R Wells to Orville Welsh
Paul Welsh to Mike Welzington
Roger Welz to Roland Wendland
Eileen Wendlandt to Lucia Wenger
Matt Wenger to Terrence Wentz
Tom Wentz to Christopher Werley
Heidi Werling to Janet Wertheimer
Mark Wertheimer to Franklin Wesselius
Jennifer Wessel to Brad West
Brandi West to Debbie West
Dennis West to Mike Wester
Milton Wester to Jim West
Joe West to Michael West
Mike West to H Westphal
Jeffrey Westphal to Timothy West
Vaughn West to Gabe Wetsch
Jerry Wetsch to Gary Wetzsteon
Gene Wetzsteon to Bonnie Whalen
Brian Whalen to Ann Wharram
Barry Wharram to K Wheeland
Kevin Wheelan to Iris Wheeler
J Wheeler to Sandy Wheeler
Scott Wheeler to Richard Whiffen
Natasha Whight to Jay Whitaker
John Whitaker to Albert White
Alfred White to C White
Carissa White to Darlene White
Darrell White to F White
Fay White to Janice Whitehorse
Codie Whitehouse to John White
Jonathan White to M White
Mac White to Michael White
Michele White to Ronald White
Rosemary White to Timothy White
Tina White to Bill Whithorn
Alison Whiting to Walter Whitman
Wayne Whitman to Cheryle Whitney
Clint Whitney to Jonah Whitsett
Brent Whitsitt to Les Whitt
A Whittlesey to Carmen Wichman
Dan Wichman to Matt Wickens
Michael Wickens to Britton Wicks
Charles Wicks to Bill Widaman
Charles Widaman to Ron Widhalm
Scott Widhalm to Wendy Wiedenmeyer
James Wiederhold to Neal Wiegert
Raymond Wiegert to James Wier
Jim Wier to C Wigen
Chris Wigen to Bruce Wight
Calvin Wight to William Wilborn
Midg Wilbourn to E Wilcox
Ed Wilcox to Jerry Wilda
Lois Wilda to Dallas Wildman
E Wildman to Jack Wilfong
Eric Wilford to John Wilke
K Wilke to Michael Wilkes
Robert Wilkes to Bruce Wilkinson
C Wilkinson to Terry Wilkinson
Timothy Wilkinson to Ann Willcockson
Ray Willcox to Jon Willett
Liz Willett to Amy Williams
Andrew Williams to Brenda Williams
Brent Williams to Cheryle Williams
Chris Williams to Darla Williams
Darlene Williams to Don Williams
Donald Williams to Frank Williams
Fred Williams to J Williams
Jacalyn Williams to Jim Williams
Jo Williams to Ken Williams
Kendrick Williams to Lorene Williams
Lori Williams to Michael Williams
Micheal Williams to D Williamson
Dallas Williamson to Lisa Williamson
Lottie Williamson to Pete Williams
Petra Williams to Ronald Williams
Ronnie Williams to Thomas Williams
Tim Williams to Colby Willis
Collette Willis to Dale Willits
Dennis Willits to Jeff Wills
Jennifer Wills to Harry Wilmerding
Murray Wilmerding to Ann Wilson
Anna Wilson to Carl Wilson
Carlan Wilson to Daniel Wilson
Darline Wilson to Elsie Wilson
Emily Wilson to Helen Wilson
Herbert Wilson to John Wilson
Jolene Wilson to Larry Wilson
Laura Wilson to Mitch Wilson
Myron Wilson to Robert Wilson
Rod Wilson to Thomas Wilson
Tim Wilson to Duane Wiltse
H Wiltse to Dana Winchell
David Winchell to Brett Winderl
George Winderl to Maria Wines
T Wines to Jemison Wing
Jenelle Wing to Jody Winkler
Karen Winkler to Michael Winn
Mike Winn to Allen Winter
B Winter to Charles Winters
Clint Winters to W Wipf
Audrey Wipperling to Robert Wirth
Rudolph Wirth to Cindy Wise
Colt Wise to Michelle Wiseman
Patricia Wiseman to Kim Wison
Anna Wisse to David Witkowski
Dee Witkowski to Jim Witthar
Heidi Witt to Magdalena Wittmer
Mervyn Witt to James Wix
Janice Wix to William Wohlers
Christian Wohlfeil to Larry Wokral
Edward Wolahan to Shelley Wold
Chris Woldstad to Brandon Wolf
Brian Wolf to Ellis Wolfe
Evan Wolfe to K Wolferman-Mitch
D Wolferman to Kay Wolff
Kelly Wolff to Mary Wolf
Matt Wolf to Chris Wollgast
Harry Woll to Boyd Wolverton
Cathy Wolverton to Lois Wonder
D Wonders to Anne Wood
Anthony Wood to Drew Woodbury
Ellen Woodbury to Dena Wood
Dennis Wood to Fritz Wood
G Wood to J Wood
Jack Wood to Les Wood
Leslie Wood to Penny Wood
Peppy Wood to Alfred Woods
Sandy Wood to Shari Wood
Harold Woods to Fred Woodson
Gary Woodson to Arlene Woodward
B Woodward to Laurie Woody
Lucile Woody to L Woolsey
Maria Woolsey to Craig Worden
Edward Worden to Puck Workman
Robert Workman to C Worral
Brothers Worrall to Laura Worth
N Worth to Nathan Wratislaw
Frank Wraught to Charles Wright
Charlie Wright to Gary Wright
George Wright to Kitty Wright
Larry Wright to Shelly Wright
Sherrie Wright to Terry Wubben
Lori Wubker to William Wunderlich
Nell Wunder to Robin Wyant
Roger Wyant to M Wylie
Paul Wylie to Jack Wynne