The letter is R

John Quist to Michael Rabenberg
Donna Raben to Jessica Racine
Jimmy Racine to Frank Radella
Mike Radel to Rick Radke
Steve Radke to Raymond Rae
Robert Rae to Gregory Ragee
Jane Ragen to Kalin Raible
David Raich to Gerri Rains
H Rains to J Rak
L Rak to Michael Rambacher
A Ramberg to Patricia Ramer
Ronald Ramer to Julie Ramone
Spider Ramone to J Ramsey
James Ramsey to Inc Ranch
Jesse Ranch to Joanne Randall
Joe Randall to Ralph Randono
Raymond Rand to Jack Ranieri
Jim Ranieri to Ernestine Ranstrom
Gerald Ranstrom to Marie Rapp
Martin Rapp to Doreen Rask
Jodi Rasker to Don Rasmussen
Donald Rasmussen to Phil Rasmussen
Quin Rasmussen to R Rassmussen
Gerald Rastellini to Gary Rath
Gladys Rath to D Ratzburg
David Ratzburg to James Rau
Jennifer Rau to Tim Rauser
Vickie Rauser to Michael Raw
Colin Rawn to Gypsy Ray
Harry Ray to Christine Raymond
Cinda Raymond to T Raynor
J Rayome to Anne Reader
George Read to Lisa Rea
Bob Reall to Amy Reasoner
Albert Reather to Donald Rebish
Duane Rebish to Boy Red
E Redboy to Jake Reddin
B Reddish to Frank Redfield
Harrison Redfield to Jan Redlin
Jeff Redlin to Blaine Redneck
Delma Redneck to Brian Reed
Bruce Reed to Keith Reeder
Kenneth Reeder to John Reed
Ruthjohn Reedjohn to Paula Reed
Pearl Reed to Christy Reehl
Fredrick Reehl to Michele Reese
Mickey Reese to Peggy Reeverts
A Reeves to Vernon Reeve
Elishah Reevis to Steven Reger
B Regester to Mary Rehbein
Ron Rehbein to Bernie Reichel
Linda Reiche to John Reichert
Jordan Reichert to Charles Reid
Charlotte Reid to Leslie Reid
Theodore Reidle to Eric Reighard
Ida Reighard to Tim Reilly
Bob Reiman to D Reiner
Darold Reiner to Dan Reinhart
Dana Reinhart to Ron Reinowski
Pete Rein to Edward Reiser
Francis Reiser to K Reister
Bonnie Reitan to Brandy Reitz
Charles Reitz to David Remington
Douglas Remington to H Rencurel
Betty Rendahl to Angie Rennells
B Renner to Arthur Reno
Becky Reno to Frederick Rentschler
Homer Rentz to Roland Reppe
Ruth Reppe to Scott Restvedt
Lasca Retallich to James Reuss
R Reuteler to Edgar Rexroat
Winter Rex to Butch Reynolds
C Reynolds to Flora Reynolds
Gary Reynolds to Keith Reynolds
Kelly Reynolds to Ronald Reynolds
Rosanne Reynolds to Dennis Rhine
Derrel Rhine to Benjamin Rhodes
Bruce Rhodes to Matthew Ribich
Patricia Ribich to Carole Rice
Cathy Rice to Hal Rice
Harold Rice to Peter Rice
R Rice to Graham Richard
Griffyth Richard to Dennis Richards
Desiree Richards to Kenneth Richards
Kent Richards to C Richardson
Cara Richardson to J Richardson
Jack Richardson to Moses Richardson
Nancy Richardson to Rod Richards
Roy Richards to Micah Richert
Mike Richert to Jack Richlie
Lewis Richlie to Alicia Richter
Ambrose Richter to Larry Richtmyer
Linda Richtmyer to George Ricketson
Susan Ricket to Larry Ricks
Lee Ricks to Ron Riddock
Walter Riddock to Joann Rider
John Rider to Tamer Ridgway
Zella Ridgway to Carla Riedlinger
Delbert Riedlinger to Bryan Rieke
Kari Rieke to Curtis Ries
Cynthia Ries to Christina Riffle
Clarence Riffle to Bob Riggs
Brian Riggs to Paul Rigler
Richard Rigler to Frances Riley
G Riley to Monica Riley
Neal Riley to Roxanne Rinard
Alexis Rincon to S Ringer
Scott Ringer to Karen Rintoul
Russell Rintoul to V Ripley
Vincent Ripoli to Mary Risla
S Risland to H Ritland
Jay Ritland to Jill Rittermal
Mark Ritter to Denise Rivera
Dorothy Rivera to Damon Roach
Deborah Roach to P Roatch
Cindy Roat to Gary Robbins
George Robbins to Stephen Robbins
Steve Robbins to Adeline Roberts
Alan Roberts to Carol Roberts
Carolyn Roberts to Donna Roberts
Donnette Roberts to James Roberts
Jamie Roberts to Leonard Roberts
Linda Roberts to Caroyln Robertson
Carrie Robertson to John Robertson
Juleen Robertson to S Robertson
Sam Robertson to Stacey Roberts
Stan Roberts to Don Robillard
Gary Robillard to Bob Robinson
Brad Robinson to Dean Robinson
Deanne Robinson to Harold Robinson
Heidi Robinson to K Robinson
Kathie Robinson to Mark Robinson
Marla Robinson to Ross Robinson
Roy Robinson to Doris Robison
Dorothy Robison to Donald Robson
Garth Robson to Michael Rocheleau
Linda Roche to Donald Rocks
Shawn Rock to Christine Roddewig
William Rodd to David Rodgers
Debbie Rodgers to A Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez to Stephen Rodts
Mike Roduner to Bob Roehder
Charles Roehl to M Roeseler
William Roesener to B Rogers
Barb-Cabin Rogers to Cheryl Rogers
Chester Rogers to Ice Rogers
J Rogers to Lary Rogers
Lesley Rogers to Sharon Rogers
Sharron Rogers to Cassaundra Rogina
Darci Rogina to Cary Rohlfs
Debbie Rohlfs to John Rohwer
Margie Rohwer to Renee Rolf
David Rolfson to J Rollins
Jason Rollins to Brian Romain
Britt Romain to James Romer
A Romero to Bryce Romo
Charles Romo to B Roness
Roger Roness to Raymond Ronseth
J Ronshaugen to Stacy Roope
Elaine Roosa to Kenneth Root
Laura Root to Donald Rosaaen
Jay Rosaaen to Carla Roseberry
Dean Roseberry to J Rose
Jackie Rose to Judy Rosenbaum
Karla Rosenbaum to Jens Rosenkranz
Larry Rosenkranz to Susan Rose
Terrance Rose to Wendy Rosler
Bernard Rosling to Corbin Ross
Curt Ross to Glenn Ross
Glyn Ross to John Ross
Joseph Ross to Robert Rossmiller
Milred Ross to Tim Ross
Tom Ross to Dennis Rotering
Ervin Rotering to James Roth
Janice Roth to Neal Rothweiler
Robert Rothweiler to Eugene Roullier
Gene Roullier to Kristi Rouse
Louise Rouse to Denise Rowan
E Rowan to H Rowekamp
Richard Rowekamp to David Rowland
Dean Rowland to Melvyn Rowling
Rob Rowling to Gayle Royer
J Royer to Tracy Roy
Cynthia Rozamus to S Rubidge
James Rubie to Dave Rucinsky
Frank Rucinsky to Helen Rude
James Rude to Elmer Rudolph
Eydie Rudolph to Thomas Rue
D Ruf to John Ruff
Johnny Ruff to David Rugtvedt
Cindy Ruguleiski to Richard Rule
Ron Rule to Heather Rumph
Holly Rumph to Crane Running
Jessica Runningen to William Rupnow
Carol Ruppal to D Rusek
L Rusek to Carrie Rusk
Cathleen Rusk to Dan Russell
Dana Russell to Jim Russell
Jo Russell to Ramona Russell
Ray Russell to S Russo
Michael Russotti to Doris Rutherford
Ernest Rutherford to Neil Ruttenbur
Shawn Ruttenbur to Chris Ryan
Christa Ryan to Joe Ryan
Johanne Ryan to Robert Ryan
Roger Ryan to Kelly Ryder
Ken Ryder to Kathy Ryles