The letter is L

Lynette Kyle to Frieda Labar
J Labar to Gary Laborde
Douglas Labor to R Labuff
Allen Lacasse to Anita Lacher
Dale Lacher to Earl Lacombe
Ed Lacombe to Charles Ladd
Dan Ladd to Debbra Laferriere
Edward Laferriere to Joseph Laforest
William Laforest to Harry Lafriniere
Joyce Lafriniere to James Lahey
Jeremiah Lahey to Dan Laing
Karen Laing to James Lair
Jeffrey Lair to Ira Lake
Irene Lake to Clarence Lala
D Lala to C Lamb
Catherine Lamb to John Lambert
Kay Lambert to Jack Lamb
James Lamb to Robert Lamb
Daniel Lambros to Pat Lamey
S Lamey to L Lamontagne
Audrey Lamont to Jasmine Lamping
Jennifer Lamping to Crysta Lance
Davis Lance to Jeff Landers
Jesse Landers to Forrest Landon
Gail Landon to Tammy Landwehr
Howard Landy to Gina Lane
Greg Lane to Richard Lane
Robert Lane to Erik Langaunet
J Langaunet to Bill Langel
Bobbi Langel to Fred Langford
Greg Langford to Marie Langley
Michael Langley to Lisa Langston
Lori Langston to Sherry Lankford
Wayne Lankford to Darlene Lansberry
Michele Lansdowne to Ken Lapalm
Dan Lapan to Gracia Lapke
Harvey Lapke to Joyce Lapp
Juanita Lapp to Charles Largent
Ernest Largent to Scot Larkin
Harold Larkins to John Laroque
Margaret Laroque to Cindy Larsen
Claudia Larsen to Joel Larsen
John Larsen to Rodney Larsen
Ron Larsen to Betty Larson
Bev Larson to Connie Larson
Cora Larson to Duane Larson
Dwight Larson to Irma Larson
J Larson to K Larson
Karen Larson to Lonnie Larson
Lonny Larson to Randi Larson
Randy Larson to Tony Larson
Tressa Larson to Carol Larvie
L Larvie to Dallas Lasich
Doug Lasich to Tammy Lastoka
Sabrina Last to Harold Latray
J Latray to Lynn Laubach
Marian Laubach to Lloyd Laughery
Marilyn Laughery to Arlie Lauridsen
Allen Laurie to M Lauzon
Judy Lavachek to Becky Laverell
B Lavergne to Deanna Law
Charles Lawellin to Anita Lawrence
Ann Lawrence to K Lawrence
Kathleen Lawrence to Birdie Lawson
Brad Lawson to Mike Lawson
P Lawson to Gregg Layman
John Layman to Vera Lazukina
Elmer Lazure to Mark Leach
Mindy Leach to John Lean
Laura Lean to Pat Leary
Perry Leary to Zach Lea
James Leazenby to Alf Lecaptain
Eric Lecaptain to Bob Lecoure
Claudia Lecoure to Gorvan Leduc
John Leduc to Brad Lee
Brandi Lee to Darwin Lee
David Lee to F Lee
Fern Lee to Jerod Lee
Jerry Lee to Lois Lee
Loren Lee to Pearlie Lee
Eldon Leep to Ronald Lee
Rosella Lee to Mary Leetz
V Lee to Bobbie Lefler
Bruce Lefler to Joseph Leggett
Lana Leggett to Cleve Lehman
D Lehman to Gloria Lehmann
Gordon Lehmann to Glenn Lehrer
Gary Lehr to Sherry Leicht
Aaron Leider to Emily Leighty
Gary Leighty to Woodrow Leininger
Roxane Lein to Silas Leisz-Hamer
Greg Leisz to Caroline Leland
Casey Leland to Pam Lemelin
J Lemen to Inger Lemke
James Lemke to Jon Lemon
Justin Lemon to Edward Lenhardt
Frederick Lenhardt to Franklyn Lenon
James Lenon to Kaissia Lenz
Kay Lenz to K Leonard
Kevin Leonard to Page Le
Julien Lepage to Larry Lerback
Brad Ler to Dave Lesar
M Lesar to Tammy Lesmeister
Mike Lesniak to James Lester
Janeen Lester to J Lether
Larry Letherman to Carey Leuthold
Carolyn Leuthold to George Levengood
John Levengood to Richard Levis
Stacy Levi to Angela Lewis
Anne Lewis to D Lewis
Dale Lewis to Gladys Lewis
Glenn Lewis to John Lewis
Josh Lewis to Maureen Lewis
Max Lewis to Scott Lewis
Sean Lewis to hommedieu L
Anthony Liane to Bonny Licking
Cullen Lickingteller to Clara Liedle
Daniel Liedle to Shawn Lien
Sherri Lien to Jerry Lighter
Shelley Lighter to Knutson Lilburn
Stephen Lilburn to Harvey Lillie
Peggy Lillie to Barbara Linaburg
C Linafelter to Beau Lindberg
Bill Lindberg to Coleen Lind
Cory Lind to Greg Linden
Gudrun Linden to George Lindgren
Henry Lindgren to Myron Lind
Colleen Lindner to Byron Lindsay
C Lindsay to Howard Lindsey
J Lindsey to Elise Lindvig
Harold Lindvig to Audrey Linger
Bill Linger to Darleen Link
David Link to Brian Linnell
C Linnell to Mary Lins
Mike Lins to Charles Lipes
Jason Lipes to W Lipscy
R Lipsey to Barbara Listman
Merle Listoe to Chasen Little
Chris Little to Lee Little
Light Little to Will Littman
A Litton to Robert Livesey
Amy Livezey to Chris Ljunggren
Ronald Ljunggren to Doug Lloyd
Drake Lloyd to Connie Loberg
David Loberg to James Locke
Joseph Locke to Bette-Jo Lockman
Blakey Lockman to Evonne Lodahl
Gr Lodahl to Paul Loeffelholz
Albert Loeffen to Bryan Loewen
Cornelius Loewen to Gordon Lofts
Alanna Loftus to John Logan
Julie Logan to John Loh
Beth Lohman to Steve Lohse
Steven Lohse to P Lombardo
Brian Lombardozzi to Frederick Longan
Ann Long to Dan Long
Daniel Long to Annette Longgood
Dean Longgood to Kathy Long
Kay Long to B Longo
Jodi Longo to Vincent Long
Virginia Long to Gale Loomis
Garner Loomis to Adrian Lopez
Alfredo Lopez to Carol Lopushok
Brian Loraas to Dawn Lorash
Donn Lorash to Roy Lorengo
Nancy Loren to Mavis Lorenz
Cara Lorenzo to James Losing
Jerry Losing to Lila Lott
Chris Lottman to Marsha Loughlin
Melissa Loughlin to Brian Lovaas
Diane Lovaas to Jeff Love
Jeri Love to Jim Lovell
John Lovell to Paul Lovett
Priscilla Lovett to Cherie Lowe
Christine Lowe to B Lower
Bert Lower to D Lowman
Delbert Lowman to Doug Lowry
Douglas Lowry to Travis Loy
David Lozada to Raymond Lubke
Rob Lubke to Martin Lucas
Mary Lucas to Walter Lucero
Wilford Luce to Robert Lucke
P Lucker to Gary Ludlum
Doug Ludtke to G Lueck
Glen Lueck to Guohui Lu
Barbie Luhman to Lori Luke
M Luke to William Lumpkin
Doretha Lumpry to Jeff Lundberg
Jerrold Lundberg to Lori Lundeen
Moriah Lundeen to Howard Lund
Allison Lundin to Melanie Lund
Melissa Lund to Robert Lundvall
W Lund to Lindy Luoma
M Luoma to Bob Lussier
James Lussier to Genesta Luther
George Luther to Shae Lutz
Tina Lutz to Helen Lyford
Lois Lyford to Brenda Lynch
Bud Lynch to Marvin Lynch
Mary Lynch to Barbara Lynn
Barry Lynn to Colleen Lyon
Delores Lyon to M Lyons