The letter is G

Justin Futral to Jack Gabel
Jean Gabel to Cleopha Gabster
Thomas Gacek to Stacey Gaffney
D Gafford to Kenneth Gagnon
Kris Gagnon to Peggy Gaines
Stan Gaines to Denise Galbraith
Harlan Galbraith to Tom Galipeau
Thomas Galka to John Gallagher
Karrie Gallagher to Daniel Gall
Dorothy Gall to Mary Gallina
Angela Gallineaux to Buck Gallup
Don Gallup to Michael Galvin
Tom Galvin to T Gammack
Dianne Gamma to Ronda Ganley
Stephen Ganley to Marcia Gans
Craig Ganster to Michael Garber
Peter Garber to Linda Garcia
Louis Garcia to Daniel Garding
Fern Garding to Colette Gardner
Cristie Gardner to Kim Gardner
Kurt Gardner to Donna Garfield
Duane Garfield to Jack Garman
Jeff Garman to Catherine Garness
Cliff Garness to P Garret
C Garretson to Larry Garrick
Lila Garrick to Patrick Garrison
Phyllis Garrison to M Gartin
M Gartland to Joseph Gary
Larry Gary to Leroy Gaskin
Malcolm Gaskin to Jay Gasvoda
Jim Gasvoda to Marnee Gates
Martha Gates to Ervin Gaub
Fred Gaub to Doreen Gault
Gary Gault to Edward Gavaghan
Raymond Gavert to T Gazy
David Gazzara to Duane Gebhardt
Ervin Gebhardt to Josh Gedney
Peggy Gedney to John Geer
Judy Geer to Gary Gehrig
Albert Gehring to Henry Geiger
Herman Geiger to Dale Geist
Jerry Geist to James Gemmill
Jonathan Gemmill to Andrew Gentile
Anthony Gentile to Bev George
Beverly George to Joshua George
Judi George to Wendy George
Wesley George to Mark Gerber
Mary Gerber to Jim Gerhart
Kimberly Gerhart to John Germann
Kyle Germann to R Gerry
Ron Gerry to Jill Gesler
James Geslin to E Getts
Hilda Getts to K Ghen-Simpson
Jack Ghenie to Carolyn Gibbons
Chris Gibbons to Lesley Gibbs
Leslie Gibbs to Cathy Gibson
Charles Gibson to K Gibson
Karen Gibson to Tim Gicewicz
Fred Giddens to Timothy Gierke
Kay Gierman to Stan Gies
Bruce Giest to Ted Gigrich
Thomas Gigstad to Greg Gilbert
H Gilbert to Carolyn Gilbertson
Cody Gilbertson to Curtis Gilbreaith
Diane Gilbreaith to Rana Gilead
Charles Gile to James Gilhooly
Klein Gilhousen-Hanga to Cheryl Gillen
Elwin Gillen to Richard Gillespie
Rob Gillespie to Kirsten Gilliam
Marvin Gilliam to Jeremy Gillis
John Gillis to Daniel Gilman
Dorothy Gilman to Kenneth Gilmore
L Gilmore to Debra Gilsoul
Ed Gilstad to Rayn Ginnaty
Robert Ginnaty to Howard Gipe
Jamie Gipe to Joel Gist
Kim Gist to Barrie Gjesdal
Duane Gjesdal to Donna Glas
Sara Glasdow to Geri Glass
Harold Glass to J Gleason
James Gleason to D Glenn
Debbie Glenn to Sid Glessner
J Glevanik to Beth Glover
Beverly Glover to Mark Gluth
Tim Gluth to Rosemary Gobert
Shirley Gobert to Jason Goddard
Jay Goddard to P Godvin
Donald Godward to Mary Goeringer
Kenneth Goering to James Goetz
Jim Goetz to Wilbur Goffena
G Goff to Marcy Goheen
Scott Goheen to Berril Gold
Caroline Gold to Victor Goldie
Alan Golding to Roy Golemon
Dan Goles to Tom Gollehon
Wayne Gollehon to Werner Gomez
Arnold Gomke to Robert Gonsior
Greg Gonsiorski to James Gonzalez
Jesse Gonzalez to D Good
Dana Good to Margaret Goodian
Anna Goodin to Edward Goodman
Elizabeth Goodman to William Goodman
Margaret Good to Roger Good
Kelly Goodrum to Gary Goodwin
Harry Goodwin to Brent Goosen
Delmar Goosen to B Gordon
Barbara Gordon to Jason Gordon
Jeff Gordon to Scott Gordon
Sharon Gordon to Jim Gorman
Joan Gorman to Gae Gorup
Gerald Gose to J Gossett
Karen Gossett to Jayson Gottlob
A Gottschalk to Delores Gould
Don Gould to Caleb Gourneau
Haven Gourneau to George Goyette
Jamie Goyette to John Grace
Judy Grace to E Graf
Gary Grafe to Ted Graf
Viktor Graf to Dean Graham
Debra Graham to Jean Graham
Jeffery Graham to Randy Graham
Ray Graham to Brenda Grall
Clint Grame to Rose Grandchamp
A Grande to Jerry Gran
Adam Granley to Cliff Grant
Colleen Grant to Lynne Grant
M Grant to William Grasser
B Grasseschi to Clifford Graveley
Dan Graveley to John Graves
Justin Graves to Jennifer Graybeal
Ken Graybeal to Dennis Gray
Diane Gray to Jeff Gray
Jena Gray to Orville Gray
P Gray to William Gray
Wilson Gray to Donald Greemore
A Green to Charles Green
Charlie Green to Debby Greene
Dianne Greene to Shirley Greene
Stephanie Greene to J Green
Jack Green to Janice Greenland
Larry Green to Deb Greenough
Elda Greenough to E Greenup
Hugh Greenup to Linda Greenwood
Mark Greenwood to Rudy Greger
Nan Gregersen to Raymond Gregorich
Terrence Gregorich to L Gregoryk
Kris Gregory to John Greist
Henry Greitl to George Grenz
Lavonne Grenz to Bernard Greufe
David Greufe to Richard Greyn
Shirley Greyn to Carl Grieb
C Griebel to Bud Griffin
Buford Griffin to Kim Griffin
L Griffin to Allen Griffith
Amanda Griffith to Patrick Griffith
Ray Griffith to Tina Grigsby
Ralph Griinke to B Grimm
Beverly Grimm to Vickie Grimsrud
Wayne Grimsrud to Don Grinwis
Donna Grinwis to Daniel Grob
Albert Grobe to Jim Groh
Joe Groh to E Groscop
Richard Groscop to Chuck Gross
Clarence Gross to Josh Grossman
Joshua Grossman to Carl Grotbo
G Grotbo to Coby Grove
Connie Grove to Eea Groves
Joshua Groves to George Grubbs
Jason Grubbs to P Grue
Dave Gruhler to Paul Grutkowski
Anita Grutsch to Richard Guay
Veva Guay to C Guenther
Charles Guenther to Cheryl Guerrero
Eleanor Guerrero to J Guffey
John Guffey to Brenda Guild
Patricia Guild to S Gulbrandson
Malina Gulbransen to Gary Gullickson
Gloria Gullickson to Allen Gunderson
Ann Gunderson to Scott Gunderson
Shane Gunderson to Bradley Gunnis
Kim Gunn to Audrey Guptill
Chad Guptill to Ronald Guse
Susan Guse to Evert Gustafson
Francis Gustafson to D Gustine
Gayle Gustine to Gary Guthrie
Harold Guthrie to Andrew Guy
William Guyaz to Tanner Gwinn