The letter is W

Julie Vyr to Anita Wacome
Arthur Wacome to Nora Waddel
Albert Wadden to Cristy Wade
Cynthia Wade to Jeff Wade
Jefferson Wade to Pat Wade
Patricia Wade to Dennis Wadford
Jamie Wadford to S Wadleigh
Sandra Wadleigh to Dennis Wadsworth
Dolores Wadsworth to Scott Wadsworth
Sharon Wadsworth to David Wagg
Elaine Wagg to Anne Wagner
Annelisa Wagner to Dorothy Wagner
Doug Wagner to Larry Wagner
Lawrence Wagner to Sarah Wagner
Scott Wagner to Amy Waguespack
D Wagurak to Thos Wahl
Timothy Wahl to P Wainman
Robert Wainman to Alexander Waite
Alice Waite to Jennifer Waite
Jerry Waite to Susan Waite
T Waite to Cynthia Wakefield-ca
Adam Wakefield to Harold Wakefield
Harry Wakefield to P Wakefield
Pamela Wakefield to Anne Wakelin
Brenda Wakelin to Elizabeth Wakem
Gary Wakem to Jennifer Walch
John Walchli to P Walden
Patricia Walden to Virginia Waldo
Wm Waldo to Jerry Waldron
John Waldron to William Wald
Anthony Waleik to Richard Wales
Robert Wales to Althea Walker
Alvin Walker to Bob Walker
Bobbie Walker to Charlena Walker
Charles Walker to Daniel Walker
Danl Walker to Dwayne Walker
Dwight Walker to Gail Walker
Galen Walker to J Walker
Jacalyn Walker to Judith Walker
Judy Walker to Katherine Walkerleigh
Lena Walker to Mary Walker
Matthew Walker to P Walker
Pam Walker to Robert Walker
Roberta Walker to Scott Walker
Scraig Walker to Tina Walker
Toby Walker to Saml Walk
Steven Walk to Bernadett Wallace
Bernard Wallace to Christoph Wallace
Cindy Wallace to Deborah Wallace
Debra Wallace to Esther Wallace
Eugene Wallace to J Wallace
Jack Wallace to Judy Wallace
Julia Wallace to Lou-ann Wallace
Louann Wallace to Michelle Wallace
Mike Wallace to Robt Wallace
Roger Wallace to Tina Wallace
Todd Wallace to Allen Wall
Amanda Wall to Ned Waller
Pamela Waller to Cory Wallingford
David Wallingford to Mark Walling
Vickie Wallingord to Patti Wallner
Peter Wallner to Francis Walls
Frank Walls to R Walls
Randal Walls to Charles Walo
Dan Walo to Bill Walsh
Bonita Walsh to David Walsh
Dawnilyn Walsh to Erma Walsh
Eugene Walsh to Jean Walsh
Jeff Walsh to Kerry Walsh
Kevin Walsh to Michael Walsh
Michele Walsh to S Walsh
Sally Walsh to Wm Walsh
Wmichael Walsh to E Walter
Edward Walter to Doris Walters
Douglas Walters to Terry Walters
Thomas Walters to Amy Walton
Andrew Walton to David Walton
Dawn Walton to Joan Walton
Joanne Walton to Norman Walton
Pamela Walton to William Walton
Wm Walton to Lori Waltz
Lynn Waltz to Darla Wambold
Dean Wamboldt to Karyn Wands
Linda Wands to Toni Waning
Tracey Waning to Christoph Warbin
Bill Warble to Andrea Ward
Andrew Ward to Carter Ward
Casey Ward to Danny Ward
Daphne Ward to E Ward
Anton Warde to Erik Ward
Erin Ward to Hal Ward
Hank Ward to Jeff Ward
Jeffery Ward to Kathlyn Ward
Kathreen Ward to Lj Ward
Llewellyn Ward to Merton Ward
Mia Ward to Raegan Ward
Ralph Ward to Schawn Ward
Scott Ward to Tom Ward
Tonya Ward to Catherine Wardwell
Cavlin Wardwell to John Wardwell
Jonathan Wardwell to Tammie Wardwell
Tammy Wardwell to F Ware
Fawn Ware to Patricia Ware
Peter Ware to Shawna Warford
Susan Warford to Elaine Wark
Lynne Warkentien to D Warman
Daniel Warman to Steven Warman
Terry Warman to Andrew Warner
Angela Warner to Doris Warner
Doug Warner to Kimberly Warner
Kirsten Warner to S Warner
Sabrina Warner to Richard Warn
Margaret Warnsman to Bethann Warren
Betty Warren to D Warren
Dale Warren to Edwin Warren
Eleanor Warren to Hkevin Warren
Honorah Warren to Judith Warren
Judy Warren to Lyndia Warren
Lynn Warren to Rhonda Warren
Richard Warren to Terry Warren
Theodore Warren to Kathy Warrington
Kevin Warrington to M Wasgatt
Marilyn Wasgatt to Clifford Washburn
Constance Washburn to Jaime Washburn
James Washburn to Linwood Washburn
Lisa Washburn to Sally Washburn
Sandra Washburn to Erin Washington
Florence Washington to E Wasilewski
Edward Wasilewski to Helen Wass
Henry Wass to Linda Wasson
Lisha Wasson to Frances Wataru
Harvey Wataru to Fred Waterhouse
G Waterhouse to Laurice Waterhouse
Lauris Waterhouse to Wm Waterhouse
James Water to Eleanor Waterman
Eli Waterman to Lillena Waterman
Lilyan Waterman to Sheila Waterman
Sherri Waterman to Donald Waters
Douglas Waters to Patrick Waters
Pdiane Waters to Ken Watka
Kenneth Watka to J Watkins
Jaculin Watkins to Russell Watkins
Ruth Watkins to Paul Watrous
S Watrous to Barry Watson
Becki Watson to Christopher Watson
Cindy Watson to Denise Watson
Dennis Watson to Francis Watson
Frank Watson to J Watson
Jacob Watson to Karie Watson
Karin Watson to M Watson
Malcolm Watson to Particia Watson
Patricia Watson to Rondise Watson
Rose Watson to Terry Watson
Theodore Watson to Wilmer Watson
Wm Watson to Howard Watters
James Watters to Lea Watt
Leonard Watt to Christopher Watts
Cindy Watts to Jbrent Watts
Jean Watts to Robert Watts
Robin Watts to Billydal Waugh
Billydale Waugh to Patty Waugh
Peter Waugh to Claude Way
Donna Waycott-omal to Elizabeth Way
M Waye to Randy Way
Ricky Way to Michael Weare
Pat Weare to Marie Weatherbee
Marilyn Weatherbee to Janita Weatherhead
Jim Weatherhead to Bernard Weaver
Betty Weaver to Elizabeth Weaver
Elsie Weaver to Lee Weaver
Leif Weaver to Samuel Weaver
Sandra Weaver to Blair Webb
Bonnie Webb to Dawn Webb
Deana Webb to B Webber
Barbara Webber to Curtis Webber
Cynthia Webber to Elbridge Webber
Eleanor Webber to Jack Webber
Jackie Webber to L Webber
Laura Webber to Melvyn Webber
Merle Webber to Randy Webber
Raymond Webber to Shelly Webber
Sherri Webber to Frank Webb
Fred Webb to John Webb
Jonathan Webb to Oesonny Webb
Oscar Webb to Suzanne Webb
Sylvia Webb to Deborah Weber
Debra Weber to Maryalice Weber
Marycaro Weber to Ann Webster
Anne Webster to Darwin Webster
Dave Webster to G Webster
Gail Webster to Kathy Webster
Kavina Webster to Matthew Webster
Maurice Webster to Robt Webster
Rodney Webster to Wrussell Webster
Alfred Wechsler to Gayle Wedge
Hale Wedge to Aaron Weed
Ada Weed to Harold Weed
Heidi Weed to R Weed
Raymond Weed to Arlyn Weeks
Arnold Weeks to David Weeks
Dean Weeks to Grace Weeks
H Weeks to Kris Weeks
Kristen Weeks to Kristina Weeksoliver
Owen Weeks to Sonya Weeks
Stacey Weeks to E Weeman
Ernest Weeman to Louise Weese
Robert Weese to Donna Wehbe
D Wehle to L Weidknecht
Edwin Weidler to Dennis Weightman
Jennifer Weightman to Allison Weimer
Ann Weimer to Diana Weiner
Elizabeth Weiner to John Weinrich
Sandra Weinrich to Theodore Wein
Herbert Weintraub to Kelly Weir
Layne Weir to Pam Weisenburg
Richard Weisenburg to Dana Weisner
John Weisner to Ken Weiss
Kenneth Weiss to Shari Weiss
Sharon Weiss to Alden Welch
Alfred Welch to Bruce Welch
Buddy Welch to D Welch
Dale Welch to Elizabeth Welch
Elliot Welch to J Welch
Jack Welch to Joyce Welch
Floyd Welchjr to Lori Welch
Lorraine Welch to Micheal Welch
Michelle Welch to Robert Welch
Robt Welch to Tara Welch
Teresa Welch to Christoph Weld
Semhar Weldeamlak to Mike Welldon
P Welldon to Seth Welling
Aaron Wellington to Pamela Wellin
Peter Wellin to Howard Wellman
Irving Wellman to Tom Wellman
Verlesta Wellman to Clifford Wells
Colleen Wells to Frank Wells
Gail Wells to Katharine Wells
Kathryn Wells to P Wells
Patricia Wells to Travis Wells
Tricia Wells to Allyson Welsh
Anthony Welsh to Roy Welsh
S Welsh to Michelle Welton
N Welton to Thomas Wenckus
Braley Wendall to Amber Wendt
Andrea Wendt to Rui Wen
Lerue Wensel to Caro Wentworth
Carol Wentworth to Debra Wentworth
Debroha Wentworth to Hayley Wentworth
Heidijo Wentworth to K Wentworth
Karen Wentworth to Matthew Wentworth
Melinda Wentworth to Robert Wentworth
Robin Wentworth to Verne Wentworth
Vickie Wentworth to Raymond Wentzell
Rex Wentzell to Christine Werle
Edw Werler to Marion Werner
Mark Werner to Harold Wertman
Joan Wertman to Charlene Wescott
Charlenelaste Wescott to J Wescott
Jackie Wescott to Mary Wescott
Maryann Wescott to W Wescott
Wade Wescott to Denise Wessell
Jeff Wessell to Arthur West
Austin West to Judith Westbrook
L Westbrook to L Westcott
Laureen Westcott to Ellen West
Emery West to Louis Westfall
Mac Westfall to George West
Geraldine West to J West
Jacinia West to Kenneth West
Kevin West to Joseph Westleigh
Katherine Westleigh to Joanne Westman
Joanneke Westman to Nicole West
Nisty West to Dennis Weston
Diana Weston to Joseph Weston
Joyce Weston to Patricia Weston
Paul Weston to Lori Westover
P West to Renee West
Rhonda West to Terence West
Teresa West to Brenda Wetherell
Charles Wetherell to Tami Wetmore
Thomas Wetmore to Danielle Weyeneth
David Weyeneth to Candace Weymouth
Candy Weymouth to Gayle Weymouth
Robert Weymouthgay to Keleine Weymouth
Kelly Weymouth to Rmichael Weymouth
Robbie Weymouth to Brenda Whalen
Brendan Whalen to J Whalen
James Whalen to Rozanne Whalen
S Whalen to Janis Wharff
Jeffrey Wharff to Jane Wheat
Jean Wheat to David Wheaton
Dawn Wheaton to Laura Wheaton
Lee Wheaton to Richard Wheeland
Wesley Wheeland to Angela Wheeler
Angie Wheeler to Christeen Wheeler
Christoph Wheeler to Elaine Wheeler
Elizabeth Wheeler to Jane Wheeler
Jas Wheeler to Leon Wheeler
Leone Wheeler to Patricia Wheeler
Patrick Wheeler to Stacey Wheeler
Staci Wheeler to C Wheelock
Candy Wheelock to Vance Wheelock
W Wheelock to Wrisha Whelan
Doris Whelchel to Christoph Whidden
Clayton Whidden to Ed Whipple
Elizabeth Whipple to Frank Whirty
Jon Whirty to David Whitaker
Debora Whitaker to Michael Whitaker
Mike Whitaker to Beth Whitcomb
Bill Whitcomb to Joanmari Whitcomb
Joette Whitcomb to Ronald Whitcomb
Russell Whitcomb to Adam White
Adamcole White to Angella White
Angie White to Belinda White
Belle White to Brett White
Brian White to Carlo White
Carmen White to Christopher White
Cindy White to Dale White
Dalton White to Deborha White
Debra White to Donald White
Donna White to Elden White
Eleanor White to Furnie White
G White to H White
H-allen White to Kay Whitehead
Kent Whitehead to Chad Whitehouse
Charlene Whitehouse to Melissa Whitehouse
Merry Whitehouse to J White
Jacalyn White to Jeffery White
Jeffrey White to Joseph White
Josephine White to Kelly White
Ken White to Laurie White
Dennis Whitelaw to Lillian White
Linda White to M White
Mac White to Mary White
Maryann White to Lynn Whitemore
Michael Whitemore to Parker White
Pat White to Rachel White
Rae White to Robt White
Rochelle White to Sandra White
Sanora White to Sonya White
Spring White to Terri White
Terrie White to V White
Valerie White to McCoy Whitfield
Stephen Whitfield to Gregory Whiting
Harry Whiting to Stephanie Whiting
Stephen Whiting to Wm Whitley
Cheryl Whitling to Bonnie Whitman
Brian Whitman to Kenneth Whitman
Larry Whitman to William Whitman
Wm Whitman to Cynthia Whitmore
D Whitmore to Jaqueline Whitmore
Jason Whitmore to Priscilla Whitmore
R Whitmore to Alden Whitney
Alice Whitney to Catherine Whitney
Cathy Whitney to Deane Whitney
Debbie Whitney to G Whitney
Gail Whitney to Jennifer Whitney
Jeremy Whitney to Kirstie Whitney
Kristbjor Whitney to Mildred Whitney
Miriam Whitney to Ruby Whitney
Russell Whitney to Thomas Whitney
Thor Whitney to Carlton Whittaker
Carol Whittaker to Paul Whittaker
R Whittaker to Dana Whittemore
Daniel Whittemore to Kevin Whittemore
Kristin Whittemore to Troy Whittemore
Vernon Whittemore to Danielle Whitten
Darlene Whitten to Howard Whitten
J Whitten to Lucille Whitten
M Whitten to Sharri Whitten
Stephen Whitten to D Whittier
Dan Whittier to Margaret Whittier
Marie Whittier to David Whittingham
Gayle Whittingham to V Whittle
Nicole Whittlsey to Lisajean Whllie
Alison Wholey to S Whynot
Stephen Whynot to Scott Wibby
W Wibby to Kate Wicker
Larry Wicker to Linda Wickey
Melody Wickey to Andrew Wickson
Susan Wickson to Steven Widdecombe
Terry Widdecombe to T Widmayer
Theodore Widmayer to Lindley Wieden
Marguerit Wieden to Patricia Wiemer
R Wiemer to Keith Wiers
Kinberly Wiers to Gregory Wiessner
C Wiest to Galen Wiggin
George Wiggin to Eliz Wiggins
Ericka Wiggins to Wm Wiggin
J Wigg to Edw Wight
Elizabeth Wight to Nelson Wight
Nickey Wight to Eileen Wignall
Simon Wignall to Clayton Wilber
Doug Wilber to Ernest Wilbur
Erwin Wilbur to T Wilbur
Thomas Wilbur to Curt Wilcox
Cynthia Wilcox to Jeannie Wilcox
Jennifer Wilcox to Polly Wilcox
R Wilcox to Crystal Wilde
D Wilde to Nick Wilder
Nora Wilder to M Wildes
Marcia Wildes to Anita Wiles
Arlene Wiles to D Wiley
Dale Wiley to James Wilfong
Russell Wilfong to April Wilkie
Barb Wilkie to Jennifer Wilkins
Jesse Wilkins to Inez Wilkinson
J Wilkinson to Rick Wilkins
Robt Wilkins to Elaine Willard
F Willard to David Will
Debra Will to Chad Willette
Charles Willette to Joyce Willette
K Willette to W Willette
Walter Willette to Arthur Willey
B Willey to Harold Willey
Heather Willey to Philip Willey
R Willey to Aaron Williams
Abby Williams to B Williams
Bambi Williams to Brian Williams
Bruce Williams to Chris Williams
Christina Williams to Danielle Williams
Danl Williams to Don Williams
Donald Williams to Emmy Williams
Enid Williams to Glen Williams
Glenn Williams to J Williams
Jack Williams to Jim Williams
Joan Williams to Kara Williams
Karen Williams to Lewis Williams
Lilly Williams to Mark Williams
Marty Williams to Anna Williamson
B Williamson to Joellen Williamson
John Williamson to P Williams
Pam Williams to Randy Williams
Ray Williams to Ronda Williams
Rosalie Williams to Shirley Williams
So Williams to V Williams
Veronica Williams to Alison Willing
Chas Willing to John Willis
Julie Willis to P Willmott
Mark Willner to Selina Willson
P Wills to J Wilpan
Janet Wilroy to B Wilson
Barbara Wilson to C Wilson
Camellia Wilson to D Wilson
Dale Wilson to Donald Wilson
Donna Wilson to Frank Wilson
Fred Wilson to Henry Wilson
Herbert Wilson to Jennifer Wilson
Jeremy Wilson to Kenneth Wilson
Kevin Wilson to M Wilson
Madelaine Wilson to P Wilson
Pam Wilson to Robt Wilson
Roger Wilson to T Wilson
Tammy Wilson to Christine Wilusz
F Wilvers to Gordon Winchell
J Winchell to Ellen Winchenbach
Erica Winchenbach to Ronald Winchenbach
Rose Winchenbach to David Winchester
Denis Winchester to Tracy Winchester
V Winchester to Karl Windischhofer
Karl Windischofer to Rebecca Winf
Donalyn Winfree to Carolyn Wingate
Catherine Wingate to Christoph Wing
Christy Wing to Charlotte Winger
Douglas Winger to Henry Wing
Holly Wing to Norma Winglass
Robert Winglass to Nancy Wing
Natalie Wing to Robert Wing
Roberta Wing to Thomas Wing
Thomasina Wing to Suzanne Winkelman
William Winkelman to Andrea Winn
Andrew Winn to Scott Winning
J Winn to Randall Wins0r
Daniel Winschel to Thomas Winship
Todd Winship to Christine Winslow
Christoph Winslow to Gina Winslow
Glenda Winslow to Kerry Winslow
Kevin Winslow to Robert Winslow
Robt Winslow to Andrea Winson
Dustin Winson to M Winter-Vining
Adele Winter to John Winter
Jonah Winter to Diane Winters
Dorie Winters to Stephan Winter
Stephen Winter to Kristen Wintle
L Wintle to E Wipperman
George Wipperman to H Wirtz
J Wirtz to Julia Wise
Julie Wise to Rhonda Wise
Richard Wise to David Wislowski
Elaine Wislowski to Daniel Wiswell
Dean Wiswell to Barbara Witek
George Witek to Chris Witham
Christine Witham to Ellery Witham
Elmer Witham to John Witham
Jolene Witham to Michelle Witham
Milford Witham to Stephen Witham
Steve Witham to Dolores Withee
Donald Withee to Linda Withee
M Withee to L Witherall
N Witherall to Thomas Witherly
Wesley Witherly to Raymond Withey
Robert Withey to Walter Witkowski
Todd Witkum to John Witter
Howard Witterman to Francis Witts
Frank Witts to Claire Wodraska
Michael Wodraska to April Wohlfeil
Thomas Wohlfeil to Tomasz Wojciula
Tomaz Wojciula to Lewis Wolensky
A Wolf to Erica Wolfe
Francis Wolfe to Sharlene Wolfe
Shawn Wolfe to Harry Wolfington
T Wolfington to David Wolfrom
Donna Wolfrom to Paul Wollschleage
Nancy Wollschleager to Charles Wolverton
Debra Wolverton to Donna Wong
Erica Wong to Mark Wonsor
Patricia Wood-Bothel to Arthur Woodard
Ardath Wood to Joyce Woodard
Jstrohn Woodard to Robyn Woodard
Roger Woodard to Barry Wood
Barton Wood to Pamelia Woodbrey
Ronald Woodbrey to Carmaleta Woodbury
Carol Woodbury to Irene Woodbury
J Woodbury to Nichole Woodbury
O Woodbury to C Wood
Camilla Wood to Anne Woodcock
April Woodcock to Roger Woodcock
Russell Woodcock to Darryl Wood
David Wood to Earl Wood
Ed Wood to Mariannin Woodford
Walter Woodford to Andrew Woodhead
Andy Woodhead to M Woodhouse
Mary Woodhouse to Jack Wood
Jackie Wood to John Wood
Johnathon Wood to Lance Wood
A Woodlandacr to M Wood
Maggie Wood to Donald Woodman
Donna Woodman to Kathleen Woodman
Kathy Woodman to Shelby Woodman
Stephanie Woodman to Melinda Wood
Melissa Wood to Patricia Wood
Paul Wood to Sally Woodrich
Lance Woodridge to Gerald Woodruff
H Woodruff to Annemarie Woods
Annie Woods to Denise Woods
Dexter Woods to Sheila Wood
Henry Woods to Jeanne Woods
Jennifer Woods to Maryhelen Woods
Matthew Woods to Patty Woods
Paul Woods to Stephen Wood
Steve Wood to T Wood
Tammy Wood to Ronald Woodvine
Virgil Wood to Claire Woodward
Corinne Woodward to Homer Woodward
Howard Woodward to M Woodward
Margaret Woodward to Shawn Woodward
Sheldon Woodward to C Woodworth
Calvin Woodworth to Marjorie Woodworth
Mary Woodworth to Randall Woody
Regina Woody to Fiona Woolford
Jane Woolford to Bette Woolsey
Celeste Woolsey to Granville Wooster
Harry Wooster to Alice Worcester
Allan Worcester to Elliott Worcester
Eugene Worcester to Mark Worcester
Mary Worcester to Yvonne Worcester
Zachary Worcester to Margaret Worden
Marjorie Worden to Clifford Workman
D Workman to Dan Works
Daniel Works to Clark Wormell
Cynthia Wormell to Donald Wormwood
Dorothy Wormwood to Michelle Woroniak
S Woronick to Eileen Worsteer
Douglass Worster-jone to Donald Worster
Donna Worster to Kathy Worster
Keith Worster to Priscilla Worster
R Worster to Wade Worster
Walter Worster to Frederick Worth
George Worth to Sharon Worthing
Shirley Worthing to Chris Worthley
Christine Worthley to Randy Worthley
Richard Worthley to Marion Wortman
Marvin Wortman to George Wotton
Gerald Wotton to David Woundy
Audrey Wouri to Ann Wren
Arlene Wren to A Wright
Aagot Wright to Bradley Wright
Bree Wright to Chester Wright
Chris Wright to David Wright
Dawn Wright to Edward Wright
Eileen Wright to Gerald Wright
Geraldine Wright to J Wright
Jack Wright to John Wright
Jolene Wright to Lawrence Wright
Lee Wright to Merritt Wright
Merton Wright to Richard Wright
Rick Wright to Shirley Wright
Simone Wright to Victor Wright
Victoria Wright to Ryan Wrisley
Geo Writer to Christine Wuester
Betty Wuesthoff to Walter Wunderlich
Michelle Wunder to Y Wu
Yeuhming Wu to Margaret Wyckoff
Richard Wyckoff to Dennis Wylie
Donald Wylie to Ann Wyman
Anne Wyman to Corrine Wyman
Corrinne Wyman to Edw Wyman
Edward Wyman to Jeff Wyman
Jefferys Wyman to L Wyman
Laura Wyman to Peter Wyman
Philip Wyman to Stephen Wyman
Steve Wyman to Harold Wyner
Doris Wyngaard to Barbara Wyse