The letter is Q

Edwin Pysz to William Quakenbush
Albert Quaker to Linda Qualey
Lindasue Qualey to Mavie Quarles
Maybelle Quarles to Alan Quatticci
Amy Quatticci to D Quealy
John Quealy to Methyl Quellette
Napolean Quellette to R Quick
Ralph Quick to Kelly Quigley
Kerry Quigley to Alton Quimby
Ames Quimby to Darren Quimby
David Quimby to Janice Quimby
Janis Quimby to Norma Quimby
P Quimby to Tracy Quimby
Troy Quimby to Danny Quinlan
Darryl Quinlan to Arobert Quinn
Arthur Quinn to Edward Quinn
Eileen Quinn to Judith Quinn
Judy Quinn to Randall Quinnones
P Quinn to Timothy Quinn
Tina Quinn to Matthew Quintal
Michelle Quintal to Elinor Quint
Betty Quintella to Edward Quinton
J Quinton to Arthur Quirion
Aubine Quirion to Jean Quirion
Jeanmarc Quirion to Patrick Quirion
Paul Quirion to F Quirk
Francis Quirk to Robert Quiry