The letter is U

Tonette Tyson to Amy Uffman
Chip Uffman to John Ulep
Rose Ule to Thomas Ullrich
Todd Ullrich to Steve Ulm
Toshiko Ulm to Athena Umphries
Dawn Umphries to Carl Underwood
Carla Underwood to J Underwood
James Underwood to Ronald Underwood
Ronnie Underwood to P Ung
Valdez Ung to D Upchurch
Don Upchurch to Donald Upshaw
Doug Upshaw to Jim Upton
Joan Upton to Mary Urban
Michael Urban to Natividad Uribe
Jesus Urica to Elizabeth Ursin
Erica Ursin to Ralph Usea
Rhonda Usea to Terry Usey
Tracy Usey to Reynold Usie
Robert Usie to Loyd Ussery
Margaret Ussery to Greg Utley
Jean Utley to Philip Uzee