The letter is W

Kevin Vought to Tricia Wachtendorf
Andrew Wachter to James Wade
Jeanette Wade to Megan Wagaman
Allan Wagamon to Daniel Wagner
David Wagner to Laura Wagner
Lauren Wagner to Todd Wagner
Tracey Wagner to James Waibel
Paul Waibel to Royce Wakefield
Walker Wakefield to Linda Walden
N Walden to Alan Walker
Alice Walker to Charlotte Walker
Charls Walker to Edward Walker
Eileen Walker to Jason Walker
Jeanese Walker to Laurence Walker
Lawanda Walker to R Walker
Ralph Walker to Thomas Walker
Timothy Walker to Calvin Wallace
Candice Wallace to Herbert Wallace
Hillary Wallace to Marte Wallace
Mary Wallace to Alton Wall
M Walla to Rufus Waller
Shirley Waller to Lawrence Wall
M Wall to Dawn Walls
Debbie Walls to John Walls
Joseph Walls to Robin Walls
Ronald Walls to Andrew Walpole
C Walpole to Frances Walsh
Francis Walsh to M Walsh
Marlyn Walsh to S Walston
Wesley Walston to Rhonda Walter
Robert Walter to L Walters
Laura Walters to J Walther
James Walther to Herbert Walton
Howard Walton to Samuel Waltz
G Walueff to Sharon Wang-Gadient
Chen-Chia Wang to S Wannamaker
B Wanner to Amy Ward
Andre Ward to Donald Ward
Donna Ward to George Ward
Gerald Ward to Katherine Ward
Kelly Ward to R Ward
Randall Ward to William Ward
Woody Ward to Dennis Warfield
Donna Warfield to Bruce Warner
C Warner to Ronald Warne
Orville Warner to Beulah Warren
Bill Warren to J Warren
Jackie Warren to R Warren
Rachel Warren to Richard Warriner
A Warrington to M Warrington
Marilyn Warrington to M Warwick
Michael Warwick to Ann Washington
Anna Washington to Jerome Washington
Jimmae Washington to C Wasileski
Chester Wasileski to Anne Waterhouse
Chester Waterhouse to F Waters
Forrest Waters to Rene Waters
Richard Waters to C Watkins
Calvin Watkins to Mark Watkins
Marshall Watkins to B Watson
Barbara Watson to Doss Watson
Drew Watson to J Watson
Jacqueline Watson to Lester Watson
Lewis Watson to Robert Watson
Rochelle Watson to Yvonne Watson
Zakiyyah Watson to Kelly Watts
Ken Watts to Bruce Wax
Deborah Waxman to Nick Wayne
Robert Wayne to A Weaver
Alan Weaver to J Weaver
Jacob Weaver to T Weaver
Terri Weaver to Debra Webb
Dennis Webb to H Webb
Harold Webb to Lawrence Webb
Leslie Webb to Robert Webb
Robin Webb to Carl Weber
Cheryl Weber to Anne Webster
B Webster to N Webster
Nancy Webster to Alta Weeks
Andrew Weeks to Veronica Wegner
D Wegrzyn to Arthur Weidner
C Weidner to L Weiler
Maria Weiler to N Weiner
Norman Weiner to C Weir
Christopher Weir to Rae Weising
Eli Weiskott to Maria Weiss
Mary Weiss to Dehra Welch
Delores Welch to Robert Welch
Roxane Welch to Jonathan Weldon
Judy Weldon to Joyce Weller
L Weller to Daniel Wells
David Wells to M Wells
Mabel Wells to E Welsh
Frances Welsh to Concetta Wencius
Andrea Wendel to Kenneth Wentland
David Wentling to Steven Wermus
Amy Werner to Kenneth Werts
W Werts to Edward Wesolowski
Joseph Wesolowski to Arlo West
Artez West to Clement West
Clifford West to Duane Westfall
J Westfall to Janet West
Jason West to Margaret West
Maria West to Reba West
Rebecca West to K Wetherhold
W Wetherhold to Bernard Weyl
C Weyl to Adrian Whaley
Alan Whaley to Isaac Whaley
J Whaley to Terry Whaley
Tracey Whaley to John Wharton
Josh Wharton to Charles Wheatley
Charlotte Wheatley to Robert Wheatley
Roland Wheatley to Jerry Wheeler
Jill Wheeler to Kathleen Whelan
L Whelan to William Whisler
Aletta Whisman to John Whitby
M Whitby to Ashley White
Austin White to Carmen White
Carol White to David White
Bobby Whited to Eugene White
Evelyn White to Carlton Whitehead
Charlene Whitehead to J White
Jack White to Joyce White
Juanita White to J Whiteley
Karolyn Whiteley to Marion White
Marisa White to Paul White
Paula White to Samuel White
Sandra White to Terry White
Theodora White to K Whitfield
Karen Whitfield to Ruth Whitlock
Theresa Whitlock to Douglas Whitney
Eugene Whitney to Warren Whitten
Ermadine Whitt to George Whitworth
Michael Whitworth to Ann Wick
Calhoun Wick to William Wickwire
K Widdekind to Joseph Wiedemeier
C Wiedenman to Shaun Wierson
William Wier to Connie Wiggins
Darius Wiggins to K Wikstrom
Heather Wiktorowicz to William Wilcox
Wlater Wilcox to Carol Wilds
Gene Wilds to Trudy Wiley
Vanessa Wiley to Robert Wilhelm
Roger Wilhelm to Keith Wilkerson
Kenneth Wilkerson to Carl Wilkins
Carolyn Wilkins to Michelle Wilkins
Norman Wilkins to Paul Wilkinson
Pauline Wilkinson to Daniel Will
David Will to Esther Willey
Evelyn Willey to Mike Willey
Morris Willey to A Williams
Adel Williams to B Williams
Bambi Williams to C Williams
Candy Williams to D Williams
Daisey Williams to Donald Williams
Dondi Williams to Evelyn Williams
Everett Williams to Gianni Williams
Gilbert Williams to J Williams
Jack Williams to John Williams
Johoshophot Williams to Kim Williams
Kimberly Williams to Lisa Williams
Lloyd Williams to Marjorie Williams
Mark Williams to Nina Williams
Nolan Williams to Joy Williamson
Juanita Williamson to P Williams
Pamela Williams to Richard Williams
Richmond Williams to Saralee Williams
Saul Williams to Tiffany Williams
Timmie Williams to William William
Kevin Willian to C Willis
Carol Willis to Lucile Willis
M Willis to D Willoughby
F Willoughby to K Wilmer
Keyshia Wilmer to Angel Wilson
Angela Wilson to C Wilson
Candace Wilson to D Wilson
Dale Wilson to Don Wilson
Dona Wilson to G Wilson
Gail Wilson to Ivy Wilson
J Wilson to John Wilson
Johnnie Wilson to L Wilson
Lacole Wilson to Marsha Wilson
Marshall Wilson to P Wilson
Pamela Wilson to Roger Wilson
Ronair Wilson to Tammy Wilson
Tanya Wilson to Zack Wilson
Zoe Wilson to D Winans
Donald Winans to Doll Winder
Donell Winder to D Windsor
Darrell Windsor to Hoch Winfields
Zenetta Winfred to Benjamin Wing
Betty Wing to Hilda Winklbauer
Ryan Winkleblech to Cooper Winnifred
Anthony Winnington to Mervyn Winston
P Winston to Richard Winters
Robert Winters to Heinz Wirger
Lionel Wirick to Craig Wise
Curtis Wise to Daneta Wiseman
Donna Wiseman to Betty Wisher
Blanche Wisher to John Wisniewski
Joseph Wisniewski to Barbara Witcher
Carolyn Witcher to Walter Witkowski
William Witkowski to Jessica Witt
Joseph Witt to Sherry Wix
James Wixted to H Wohlgemuth
William Wohlhagen to K Wolanski
Kimberly Wolanski to C Wolfe
Carmela Wolfe to Nancy Wolfe
Nathaniel Wolfe to Frank Wolf
Samuel Wolff to Sherman Wolf
Herbert Wolfson to H Wolownik
Bruce Wolper to Leroy Womer
Michael Womer to Chessa Woodall
Dolli Woodall to Barbara Wood
Betty Wood to Kevin Wooden
M Wooden to John Woodin
Leigh Woodin to Cedric Woodlen
Jackie Woodlen to Priscilla Wood
R Wood to John Woods-Larkai
A Woods to John Woods
Joseph Woods to D Woodward
David Woodward to John Woody
M Woody to Roger Woolfork
Wayne Woolhiser to Pauline Wooten
Rufus Wooten to Lawrence Wootten
Mary Wootten to Cynthia Workman
Dale Workman to Judi Worley
Judy Worley to Cheryl Worthen
Latoya Worthey to Michael Woyden
Richard Woyden to A Wright
Adell Wright to Bruce Wright
Bryant Wright to Daisey Wright
Dallas Wright to E Wright
Ed Wright to I Wright
Ilana Wright to K Wright
Karen Wright to M Wright
Madelyn Wright to Randolph Wright
Raven Wright to Steve Wright
Steven Wright to Clinton Wrigley
Cory Wrigley to G Wulff
Karen Wulff to Amy Wyatt
Angie Wyatt to Larry Wyatt
Leroy Wyatt to Robert Wyka
Bonnie Wyke to M Wynn