The letter is L

Holly Kyzer to C Labeff
Carl Labeff to Fortino Labrada
Rafael Labrada to Jennifer Lacefield
Jerry Lacefield to Carl Lacey
Carole Lacey to Grace Lachowsky
John Lachowsky to David Lackey
Dean Lackey to Paul Lackey
Preston Lackey to Leon Lack
Lois Lack to Alice Lacy
Amanda Lacy to H Lacy
Halton Lacy to Roger Lacy
Rosie Lacy to Henry Ladd
Homer Ladd to Athena Ladet
Kimberly Ladgett to Ken Lafaro
W Lafarra to Eola Lafex
Alex Lafferty to M Laffoon
Mary Laffoon to Daniel Lafrance
Don Lafrance to Dennis Lagrone
Electa Lagrone to Duane Lahti
Greg Lahti to Clay Lair
Craig Lair to Robert Laird
Ron Laird to Eugene Lake
Francis Lake to Sue Lakey
Virginia Lakey to Lori Laman
Owen Laman to A Lamb
Al Lamb to Courtney Lamb
Curtis Lamb to A Lambert
Albert Lambert to Carol Lambert
Carolyn Lambert to Dewey Lambert
Don Lambert to Helen Lambert
Henry Lambert to Joe Lambert
John Lambert to Mary Lambert
Melissa Lambert to Rocky Lambert
Roderick Lambert to Donna Lambeth
James Lambeth to Jerry Lamb
Jewel Lamb to Margaret Lamb
Marie Lamb to Ruby Lamb
Ruth Lamb to L Lamer
Pauline Lamer to S Lamkin
Charles Lamkins to Monica Lamon
Bonnie Lamons to Leah Lampirez
J Lamp to Willis Lampkin
Aubrey Lampley to Allen Lancaster
Alma Lancaster to George Lancaster
Glenna Lancaster to Marty Lancaster
Mary Lancaster to Albert Lance
Alice Lance to Susan Lance
Tim Lance to Dolores Land
Michael Landdrum to Darryl Landers
David Landers to Philip Landers
R Landers to Robert Landgren
Jerri Landgrif to Johnie Land
Jon Land to D Landreth
Deanna Landreth to Carolyn Landrum
Charles Landrum to Geo Landry
Granville Landry to Wm Land
A Lane to Buddy Lane
C Lane to Doug Lane
Douglas Lane to Hugh Lane
Hunter Lane to John Lane
Johnathan Lane to Mae Lane
Malcolm Lane to R Lane
Raleigh Lane to Suzanne Lane
T Lane to Pamela Laney
Peggy Laney to Howard Langdon
James Langdon to Wayne Lange
William Lange to Jim Langford
Joan Langford to Wendell Langford
Frank Lang to Johnny Lang
Joseph Lang to Dianne Langley
Don Langley to Jerry Langley
Jessilyn Langley to Michelle Langley
Mike Langley to Tracy Langley
Truett Langley to T Langrell
Walter Langrell to Brandon Langston
Brian Langston to Ellen Langston
Elmer Langston to Johnny Langston
Jose Langston to Rachel Langston
Ralph Langston to Jack Lanham
Joan Lanham to Lewis Laningham
M Laningham to Sara Lankford
Shirley Lankford to Darren Lansdale
Floyd Lansdale to Evelyn Lanthorn
L Lanthrip to Glenda Lapasinskas
Lape to Elam Larabee
Regina Larabee to Doug Larey
F Larey to Jackie Larison
John Larison to Shirley Larkin
J Larkins to Barney Larry
Brandon Larry to Herman Larsen
Inez Larsen to Dewey Larson
Don Larson to Lori Larson
Lorrina Larson to Berthola Larue
Betty Larue to Shannon Larue
Spring Larue to T Lasater
Tod Lasater to Debbie Lashley
Dennis Lashley to Tommy Lasiter
Wayne Lasiter to James Lasley
Jeff Lasley to B Lassiter
Beatrice Lassiter to Paul Lassiter
Pauline Lassiter to Jackie Laster
James Laster to Samuel Lasuzzo
Dianna Laswell to George Latham
Glen Latham to Aaron Lathan
M Lathana to Keven Latimer
Lanny Latimer to Christy Latta
Daniel Latta to Michael Latting
P Latting to Tony Laub
W Laub to Karka Laughan
Chad Laughard to Ronnie Lauhon
Ivan Lau to Teri Launius
Terrill Launius to Lorence Lauver
Gary Lauwers to Morris Lavender
Nick Lavender to Charles Lavoie
Frank Lavoie to Gale Law
Gene Law to Frank Lawhorn
Grady Lawhorn to B Lawless
Betty Lawless to A Lawrence
Ada Lawrence to Byron Lawrence
C Lawrence to Delbert Lawrence
Dell Lawrence to Gary Lawrence
Geneva Lawrence to James Lawrence
Jamie Lawrence to Kathy Lawrence
Kay Lawrence to Malcolm Lawrence
Marcia Lawrence to Ralph Lawrence
Randall Lawrence to Tanika Lawrence
Tate Lawrence to Cheryl Laws
Clyde Laws to Alfreda Lawson
Alice Lawson to Charles Lawson
Charlotte Lawson to Ed Lawson
Eddie Lawson to James Lawson
Jamie Lawson to L Lawson
Lakeysha Lawson to Melissa Lawson
Melynda Lawson to Roger Lawson
Ron Lawson to Virgina Lawson
Virginia Lawson to Tony Law
W Law to C Laycock
Edwin Laycock to James Lay
Janet Lay to Scott Laymon
Steve Laymon to R Lay
Ramie Lay to Michael Layton
Micheal Layton to Luis Lazo-Anaya
Elias Lazo to Dan Leach
Danny Leach to Lauren Leach
Lawrence Leach to Tamara Leadabrand
Thomas Leadabrand to Bernadine Leake
Beth Leake to Beverly Leal
Donna Leal to Wyvetta Leanard
C Lean to S Lea
Sam Lea to Angela Leatherwood
Carl Leatherwood to Burnis Leavens
Donald Leavens to Dorothy Lebeuf
Marion Lebica to Rick Lebow
Robt Lebow to Paul Leclercq
C Leclere to Clifford Ledbetter
Clint Ledbetter to Jill Ledbetter
Jim Ledbetter to Ricky Ledbetter
Robbie Ledbetter to Thelma Leder
Whitney Leder to Stephan Ledford
Timothy Ledford to A Lee
Aaron Lee to B Lee
Barbara Lee to Bobby Lee
Bonita Lee to Carrie Lee
Carrol Lee to Henry Leech
Herbert Leech to D Lee
Dale Lee to Dennis Lee
Denver Lee to Gene Leeds
Leon Leeds to Evelyn Lee
Ewell Lee to George Lee
Gerald Lee to J Lee
Jack Lee to Jean Lee
Jeanette Lee to John Lee
Johnnetta Lee to Keith Lee
Ellis Leek to Larry Lee
Latoyia Lee to Lucille Lee
Ludie Lee to Mary Lee
Mashunda Lee to Oneil Lee
Opal Lee to Robert Leeper
Perry Lee to Richard Lee
Richie Lee to Peter Leer
Ruby Lee to Shueylin Lee
Sid Lee to Theresa Lee
Jeffrey Leeth to Virgil Lee
Virginia Lee to Yun Lee
Yvette Lee to Kevin Lefler
Lance Lefler to C Legate
Chris Legate to James Leggett
Jeanne Leggett to A Legrand
Andy Legrand to Don Lehman
Doris Lehman to Valerie Lehn
Hoang Le to D Leigh
Dana Leigh to B Leipold
Bettye Leird to Bob Lekdavanh
C Leker to Pam Lemaster
Scott Lemaster to Eric Leming
Gary Leming to Frank Lemley
G Lemley to Barbara Lemmons
Beverly Lemmons to Jack Lemonds
Joe Lemonds to Gene Lemons
George Lemons to Yvonne Lemons
Thomas Lemon to Mary Lendennie
Tanya Lendennie to Carl Lenggenhager
E Lenggenhager to Marolyn Lenser
A Lenshaw to Daniel Lentz
Darrell Lentz to Angela Leonard
Anita Leonard to Ellen Leonard
Elmo Leonard to Julia Leonard
K Leonard to Rickey Leonard
Ricky Leonard to Joseguadalupe Leon
Shelly Leonka to M Lephiew
Mark Lephiew to Ida Leriche
Arnoldo Lerma to Henry Lesieur
Ted Lesile to Joe Leslie
John Leslie to Kerry Lessard
Richard Lessard to Carroll Lester
Charles Lester to Joan Lester
Joe Lester to Steve Lester
Steven Lester to Triue Le
Trong Le to Robbie Leu
James Leus to Gene Leverett
Geraldine Leverett to Christy Levey
Elizabeth Levey to Queen Levingston
Rochelle Levingston to Avonna Lewallen
Barbara Lewallen to S Lewallen
Samuel Lewallen to T Lewellyn
Terry Lewellyn to Alton Lewis
Alvin Lewis to B Lewis
Barbara Lewis to Billy Lewis
Blanche Lewis to C Lewis
Caldonia Lewis to Chas Lewis
Chase Lewis to D Lewis
Daisy Lewis to Derrald Lewis
Dessie Lewis to Earnest Lewis
Earnestine Lewis to Etha Lewis
Ethel Lewis to Gary Lewis
Gayle Lewis to Harvey Lewis
Hattie Lewis to Jack Lewis
Jackie Lewis to Jeffrey Lewis
Jenna Lewis to Joey Lewis
Johanna Lewis to Katherine Lewis
Kathryn Lewis to Laquitta Lewis
Larry Lewis to Linda Lewis
Linden Lewis to Maggie Lewis
Mal Lewis to Mike Lewis
Mildred Lewis to P Lewis
Pamela Lewis to Ralph Lewis
Randall Lewis to Robt Lewis
Rod Lewis to Saundra Lewis
Scott Lewis to Taiwan Lewis
Tamara Lewis to Truman Lewis
Tuwana Lewis to Willie Lewis
Williemae Lewis to Peter Libby
Richard Libby to C Liddell
Carle Liddell to Tom Lieblong
V Lieblong to Tamara Lieven
Alvin Lievsay to Cherri Light
Cherry Light to Jo Light
John Light to Kathrym Lightsey
Kayla Lightsey to Margo Ligons
Michael Ligons to Balinda Liles
Barbara Liles to Jerry Liles
Jimmy Liles to Wilma Lile
Wm Lile to Edith Lilly
Elaine Lilly to Tony Limberg
Billy Limbert to Bradley Linam
Carlotta Linam to Dianne Lincicome
Amy Linck to Tom Lincoln
Valerie Lincoln to Larry Lindelof
Craig Lindelow to Laura Lindermann
Rhonda Linderman to Clyde Lindley
Connie Lindley to Donald Lindon
Barbara Lindow to Dejuana Lindsey-Thomas
Barbara Lindsey-Verser to C Lindsey
Cal Lindsey to Doris Lindsey
Doyle Lindsey to Hoyle Lindsey
Huie Lindsey to Johnny Lindsey
Joseph Lindsey to M Lindsey
Malvin Lindsey to Ron Lindsey
Roney Lindsey to Willie Lindsey
Windle Lindsey to Charles Lineberry
Linda Lineberry to Robert Linfor
Kermit Lingard to Jerry Lingo
Joe Lingo to Gary Linker
Gene Linker to Brandy Linn
Brian Linn to Kimberley Linn
Kyle Linn to Larue Linson
Lonnie Linson to William Linton
Wm Linton to Arnold Linzy
C Linzy to Marvin Lipford
Nola Lipford to Pat Lipps
Grejuana Lipschitz to Gary Lipsmeyer
Hansel Lipsmeyer to David Lisenbee
Tammy Lisenbee to Roger Lisko
Stephen Lisko to Raymond Liszewski
Janet Liszka to Lamonta Litsey
Larry Litsey to Bobby Little
Bobbye Little to Edna Little
Elizabeth Little to J Little
Jackie Little to Mattie Littlejohn
Monica Littlejohn to Myrio Little
Myrna Little to Shawn Little
Shelli Little to Julie Littleton
Kelly Littleton to Donna Littrell
Eleanor Littrell to Rickey Litzsey
Rosie Litzsey to Lydell Lively
M Lively to Anna Livingston
Anthony Livingston to Lester Livingston
Linda Livingston to Monette Lizarraga
Ramiro Lizcano to Beth Lloyd
Bill Lloyd to Gloria Lloyd
Gregory Lloyd to Margaret Lloyd
Margie Lloyd to S Lloyd
Sandra Lloyd to Anne Lobel
Richard Lobell to Alvin Lock
Amanda Lock to Allen Lockeby
Carlos Lockeby to P Lockert
Richie Lockert to Andrew Lockhart
Andy Lockhart to Judie Lockhart
K Lockhart to Wilma Lockhart
Zella Lockhart to Carol Lockridge
Daniel Lockridge to Sharon Lockwood
Stehanie Lockwood to Cindy Loe
Dale Loe to Tommy Loe
Chas Loetscher to Bruce Loftin
Bryan Loftin to William Loftin
Wilmer Loftin to Alvin Lofton
Ann Lofton to Terri Loftus
Vick Loftus to Dickson Logan
Don Logan to L Logan
Laddie Logan to Sue Logan
Sugar Logan to Dennis Loggins
Donna Loggins to Willie Logsdon
Jennifer Logstdon to Delbert Loid
Jamie Loik to J Loman
Lucian Loman to Beatrice London
Belinda London to Stacy Lonford
Nancy Long-Pappas to B Long
Bailey Long to Brian Long
Brinda Long to Chas Long
Chelsea Long to David Long
Dawn Long to Elizabeth Long
Elmo Long to Greg Long
Gregory Long to Lonnie Longino
P Longino to Janet Long
Janette Long to John Long
Johnie Long to Larry Long
Latisha Long to Madeline Long
Mae Long to Christy Longnecker
Cindy Longnecker to Perry Long
Phillip Long to Rose Long
Rosemary Long to Steven Long
Stewart Long to Wanda Long
Ward Long to Charlene Lookadoo
Darrell Lookadoo to A Looney
Afton Looney to Helen Looney
Irene Looney to Steven Looney
Susan Looney to Jeffrey Looper
Jennifer Looper to Ivan Lopes
Luis Lopes to Eduardo Lopez
Elber Lopez to Jose Lopez
Joseph Lopez to Orlando Lopez
Oscar Lopez to Lynn Lopit
M Lopolito to Chip Lore
Dennis Lore to Robert Lorenz
Robt Lorenz to Paul Lor
Phia Lor to Kathleen Loss
V Lossman to Don Lott
Donald Lott to R Lott
Randy Lott to Billy Loudermilk
Carolyn Loudermilk to David Loughridge
Frances Loughridge to Sarah Loum
Terry Loum to Robert Lovaas
Sharon Lovaas to Bobby Love
Brandon Love to Debbie Love
Deborah Love to Henry Love
Herbert Love to Kim Love
Kimberley Love to John Lovelace
Joseph Lovelace to Harl Lovelady
Harvey Lovelady to Arivell Loveless
Ashley Loveless to Tommy Loveless
William Loveless to Don Lovell
Donald Lovell to Leonard Lovell
Lillian Lovell to Eric Lovely
Lisa Lovely to Phyllis Love
Q Love to T Love
Taka Love to Ervin Lovett
Timothy Lovette to R Lovett
Ralton Lovett to Jesse Loving
John Loving to Dean Lowder
Erin Lowder to Brent Lowe
Bruce Lowe to Elwood Lowe
Emma Lowe to Joyce Lowe
Robert Lowejr to Mary Lowe
Matt Lowe to Roy Lowe
Royce Lowe to David Lowery
Dean Lowery to Jody Lowery
Joey Lowery to Richard Lowery
Rick Lowery to Talana Lowe
Ted Lowe to Chas Lowrance
Dana Lowrance to Marty Lowrey
Melvin Lowrey to Dicky Lowry
Donald Lowry to Ed Lowther
Theresa Low to Bobby Loyd
Brenda Loyd to J Loyd
Jack Loyd to Melissa Loyd
Mike Loyd to Jim Loy
Josh Loy to Shane Lozon
Jesus Lozoria to Angel Lucas
Anita Lucas to F Lucas
Felecca Lucas to Ken Lucas
Kenneth Lucas to Robert Lucas
Roberto Lucas to Kay Lucero
Leticia Lucero to David Lucke
Michael Lucke to Becky Lucky
Bob Lucky to Thomas Lucy
William Lucy to E Ludwig
Elaine Ludwig to Scot Luebke
Susan Luebke to Denny Luellen
L Luellen to K Luhrs
Cindy Lui to Charlton Luker
Chris Luker to Wm Lulky
Florence Lull to Ricky Lummus
Stan Lummus to Walter Lumpkin
William Lumpkin to L Luna
Leonardo Luna to Marjorie Lunde
Gene Lund to Daniel Lundy
David Lundy to Leon Luningham
Lindsay Luningham to Charles Lunsford
Charlotte Lunsford to Jonathan Lunsford
Judy Lunsford to Wilma Lunsford
Wm Lunsford to Henry Lupo
Bill Luppen to Barton Lusk
Bill Lusk to Antoine Luster
Ashley Luster to Grace Lusty
Jimmy Lusty to George Luther
Glenn Luther to Vernon Lutrell
Bettye Lutrick to Tuyen Lu
Alan Lutz to Paul Lux
Richard Lux to Chad Lybrand
Charles Lybrand to Murry Lyerly
Phillip Lyerly to Archie Lyles
Argentry Lyles to Joe Lyman
Jos Lyman to Carl Lynch
Carol Lynch to Greg Lynch
Hal Lynch to L Lynch
Ladonna Lynch to Robt Lynch
Rocky Lynch to Arvadell Lynn
Ashleigh Lynn to Glenn Lynn
Gloria Lynn to Rachel Lynn
Randy Lynn to Jayne Lyon
Jesse Lyon to Scott Lyon
Cynthia Lyons to Jo Lyons
Joann Lyons to Robert Lyons
Roger Lyons to J Lytle